Panacea, an esoteric surgery — A Paragon mini-Journal

Still on rest.

Something to report however. Eczema: two day ago some eczema formed under my eye and neck. Next day (yesterday) it started clearing out. Today, it’s completely gone. I haven’t had a bout of eczema in quite some time but it never faded away in just two day. Good stuff


@SaintSovereign @Fire

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Alrighty then. Though its day 11, I will be starting “week 2” from today. Focus on Paragon predominately until my custom on February. Damn, I am missing Stark. I have had 7 days on, with 3 days rest.

Going for 6! loops today and a Loop of Diamond for testing :smiling_imp: I think that Diamond’s scripting is interlacing with Paragon; if so, this would be interesting for future subs.

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              **_Start of WeeK 2 - 26/01/2020 > 02/02/2020_**

Rest days observations:

  • Sleeping difficulties: I had a strong urge to take a dose of Paragon, as sleeping wasn’t as restful on days off, nor did I wake up as refreshed. Paragon should be marketed for as a sleep aid as well, or use its technology in developing a sleep aid title, or take its modules or simply upgrading Deep sleep and Dreams to the new technology.

  • Respiration: breathing wasn’t as smooth.

  • Muscle pain: slight tightness and soreness.

These symptoms are expected to be resolved with longer time on Paragon.

On my second loop of Paragon, will introduce Diamond after the third one.

I am wondering if there are subliminals on the mainstore that I could combine with Paragon for testing; nothings coming to mind aside of modules and EF/Spartan, but I cant seriously train atm.

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Any of the aura-focused subs should be good to stack. Since Paragon would work to heal the physical body pathways that go into auras. Libertine, Aura Q, and so on.

Should also work well with Limitless or Quantum Limitless.

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I see :thinking: I will keep that in mind, think would be too much with Diamond?

I have decided to cease using my hydropump or any penile exercises so that it may not affect Diamond and Paragon and see what happens - eliminate the variables


nah, should be great with Diamond especially. To heal the physical stuff that goes into having a diamond cutter


Diamond cutter, that’s a good one, rofl


3 Loops Paragon, 1 Loop diamond so far.

Physically feeling great; mentally, I feel angry and pissed off, like a teenager :slight_smile:


I ended up listening to 5 loops and maybe 13 minutes plus diamond. Sleep was excellent but I ended up having a sequence of disturbing dreams and I suspect that I am having some recon, my head is in a bad place. Think I will stick to 3 loops a day, maybe 4.

On another note: I have come to notice that my right leg, which I broke two decades ago and never fully healed despite physical training, is feeling different, better. Feel like the Bones connecting to the hips are molding or something; the leg itself is becoming more flexible and aligned correctly.

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Is there any way you can objectively measure or record this?

I’d need an xray imaging and pre-imaging :stuck_out_tongue: What do you have in mind.

All I noticed is a new thought arising regarding how my standing and sitting positioning have changed. I have always been conscious about my right leg over widening and I’d have to correct it. Now, this thinking started from Paragon, for I have stopped using other subliminals. Oh, also, when I when I am laying down on my bed, again, my right leg is straight up.

I will do more testing when I get the chance to do more running, for I remember running was more difficult after it broke; sports have never been the same after the accident, and it didn’t help that after several month of taking of the cast (from the femur - quadriceps) that I ended up fracturing my three toes on my foot.

I am bit disappointed to admit this, but my physical training since the epidemic has suffered massively, barely any Yoga, or weightless training and I haven’t done any hep flexing in the past three weeks. As I write this, I am getting the encouragement to pick myself up again.

One more thing, I have asked my girl about this and when I brought it to her attention she immediate reaction was “Oh, yeah!”, " you do look grounded" and she followed by showing me my usual leaning posture, not sure leaning is the right word but its all that comes to mind so far.

If you have some suggesting for objective measuring I’d look into it.


Day 2 of Week 2

Starting first loop, aiming for 3 with one diamond; and RICH, if I end up getting it tonight. I will be getting a custom of DR and Alch/mind’s eye in the following days, let’s see what else arises.

A side note, I have noticed that I am more self-conscious about self-ailments, possibly because I am directing my energy into Paragon and physical healing. Still astonished by the respiration, sleep quality, skin and muscles.


First loop done. Weirdly, I am experiencing some time looping from yesterday’s 6 ultimas. Didn’t take any thing that would cause that. I find myself stopping mid-conversations and whatever I may be doing have this strange feeling and thoughts that this has been done and said and I’ve seen it before. Kinda bringing up my solipsistic living nightmare. Eh, maybe my awareness is on a high. Still interesting


@Fire and @SaintSovereign might be interested in documenting this. However, please wait to see what they say. AND also do NOT do anything that might cause you any financial strain.

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I’m long due for a full physical. May do it in the summer, long waiting time here for medical checkups that are not emergency. I’d have more time on paragon by then. Will also do eye exams then. Kinda excited lol. Question is, should I reveal my secret weapon? Getting ahead of my self

Going for the fourth loop! Whats with me and jumping straight into the deep end?

Great posting and results
love the gojira song :slight_smile:

Apologies if I missed this or asked this already, I can lose track sometimes

@Phoermes but what method do you listen to ultima …headphones or speakers and what kind?

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