Panacea, an esoteric surgery — A Paragon mini-Journal

Hello there and Welcome.

I have decided to start a Paragon journal to keep track of my physical improvements.

To begin, It has been around half a week since I started running this program and I am baffled, amazed and amused, to say the least.

When Paragon hit the digital-shelves (it would be incredible in the future to have specialized stores with physical copies of the titles, like a futuristic apple-store, though it is counter-intuitive to do so, financially wise) the testing reviews were too astonishing to not be tempted to test it on myself, and boy am I glad I did so.

            **Week 1  15th of January > 22nd of January** 

Immediate effects so far of mere few days of usage.


My lungs feel purified and the breathing pathways have been magically purged. I have been struggling with breathing as long as I could remember, as Asthma runs in my family and I grew up in a house that I would describe is a chimney - A house with a dedicated smoke-room. This is the fourth day of usage and I hadn’t the need to use any nasal strips so far. Saving me up to 30$ a month!

Conscious breathing is turning to become an effortless endeavor, inhaling larger air quantities faster and easier than I would normally do so. It feels as if I still have my breathing aid on. Heck, I would still check my nose if its still glued on top lol. Makes me wonder how I survived this long and also proud of my fitness efforts for all these years. Can’t wait until the gyms open and the snow to melt down to test this beast while on running.

Sleep Quality:

I rarely get great night sleep without some form of sleeping aid, be it herbs or melatonin. But thanks to the Relaxing effects of what feels like a 15mg of melatonin capsule (high-dose) or a low dose of Morphine, the last couple of days, I slept peacefully, hell, I even had several dreams! a great feat for my sake. I would usually twist and turn, ebb and flow on my bed, I have done so much less and at higher loops, its even less so. I’m waking up refreshed, with less soreness.


Lower backpain has lessened, and so has my right shoulder blade and my tennis elbow. Once more, I am looking forward to heavy lifting once the gyms open up. Recovery has been accelerated so it seems. Furthermore, I found myself needing less stretches through out the day.

Spine seems erect naturally and so is the golden member :rofl:

My teeth are quite sensitive to hot & cold beverages and food; the pain tolerance has increased - or its less painful when consuming them. I wish I had this file last couple of years, could’ve post-poned my root canal a bit more. I have dentist appointment in a couple of weeks, I will be sure to inquire about my teeth quality.

I feel like I left out a category but it should come back to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Total Paragon doses over the past 4 days:

Day 1: 3 Loop
Day 2: 2 Loop
Day 3: 1 Loop
Day 4: 1 Loop
Day 5: 2 Loops

A lot of the improvements that I had noted above were after Day 1.

Observations: State of being is more relaxed and my body is more mellow as opposed to not using it. The more loops the higher the relaxation effect. I observed this fact the previous day when I did not get the chance to listen first thing in the morning.


Dragons, Alchemists, Emperors, Khans, Lords and Gentlemen;

Combine Primarch with Diamond and any other titles that includes any form of physical shifting, you will not regret it the least bit.

Upon using Primarch on day 1, I had been using Diamond on the same day and the previous days, though I did notice the effects of diamond before hand; but upon introducing Primacrch, the effects of diamond became so prominent and obvious, I ceased my activities in that moment in admiration - excuse the narcissistic thought, if you will :smiling_imp:

I will be collecting more data as we go, until we get a concrete confirmation.


Yes, please collect data so we can all benefit… and you can too!

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You got it :+1:

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Started another Loop.

I was refreshing my memory by checking up the definition of Paragon (A model of excellence or perfection) and one of the examples used is:

  • a perfect diamond of 100 carats or more.

What a nice synchronicity, hehe.

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Been 21 minutes into this loop and a minor headache has been released.

Probably a recon thought, but, I can’t help but wonder if this is a placebo. Which is not, I am just blown away :slight_smile:

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Yesterday, I continued with the same regimen as the previous days, A loop before sleep and another sometime throughout the day. However, this should be day 7 and I have decided to take a break of subliminals. I truely need a washout, haven’t been getting enough rest day… I keep pushing myself too hard; I will have to wisen myself up in preparation of the custom that I will be undertaking.

On another note: Paragon is THE shiznet - the bee’s knees and other 1920’s slang


elephant’s adenoids , cat’s miaow, ant’s pants , tiger’s spots , bullfrog’s beard, elephant’s instep , caterpillar’s kimono , turtle’s neck , duck’s quack , duck’s nuts, monkey’s eyebrows , gnat’s elbows , oyster’s earrings , snake’s hips , kipper’s knickers , elephant’s manicure , clam’s garter , eel’s ankle , leopard’s stripes , tadpole’s teddies , sardine’s whiskers , canary’s tusks , pig’s wings , cuckoo’s chin , butterfly’s book.

Breathing is still smooth and I am impressed by my flaccid size and engorged sizes when using the Hydropump, in fact, blood is flowing exceedingly rapid with one pump.

I am definitely getting larger down there. Furthermore, this may be an indirect effect of SubliminalClub’s holistic approach, but I found myself seeking better food options and exercises in correlation to the issues that I am seeking improvement upon, in such case, respiratory aids and sexual aids - Zinc rich foods.

                    _**END of Week 1**_


  • Improved sleep quality: I can’t tell whether there is a deep sleep module, though I suspect so; however, the improvement has arisen from muscular relaxation effects. I, the subject, seem to change my sleeping position less often during the night due to discomfort and obstructed breathing, resulting in a refreshing awakening.

  • Male organ of Love: Rapid induction of blood flow during and without sexual. Merely thinking of something sexual, energy in its forms is directed below. Whereby the size has obviously increased, including erect and non-so.

  • Rapid on set muscle soreness is a worry of the past; though, I will need to gain more information once I have access to a Chest, Leg and Shoulder press - a gym. However, I am not getting tight or sore as much and needing less body stretches, despite the cold weather.

  • Lungs feels like they’re regenerating; breathing difficulty is decreasing. At this rate, I will be saving money on Nasal Strips.

  • Headaches: Definite alleviation of pain. I wonder if this subliminal would affect Subliminal induced headaches though. Seems like a potentially painful notion. I will give experiment on myself once I get one of those, which is quite rare, perhaps from my diet and supplements.

Consensus: Impressed beyond description. Though it may be the mark of a weak minded man to take his beliefs as true for the whole; i will take my chances and recommend this Subliminal to be included in everyone’s possession.

Post note: I will be taking note of my skin and whether it is rejuvenating even faster than it actually is. This will be a difficult thing to do as I am not the best candidate for that, my skin is not stubborn and is already susceptible to pre-Paragon improvements from digestive and skin food. Further more, I would like to note further effects on height and muscle gain but the former will require some time and the latter a gym. Finally, my teeth. Such is all that comes to mind at this moment.


Well, Ask and Though shall receive.

I was listening to some music with my earbuds and I’m getting ear pain - I have started a dose of Paragon and shall re-assess the effects by the 30 minutes mark. Though this is not a reconciliation induced head-pain; but what the hell. In the name of science!

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It has been 2 hours since my last post. I ended up listening to the whole loop.

I hope this fascination never ceases. I feel much better. Cerebral pain was slowly becoming milder and now its gone as I am writing.

I will be using Paragon when I get ear pain again for further testing. :metal:t2:


Maybe a Virtual Brick-and-mortar store, once VR takes off more.

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Ha, that would be an exciting experience! :thinking: You’ve opened a new door for me; Virtual experience e-commerce stores. Imagine there would be a new VR equivalent of Ali-express, Amazon or any other big names but with a vr option - A virtual bazaar where you could visit people’s store. Damn, the future’s looking exciting.


I have changed my journal’s name out of inspiration of its epitome of excellence.

I used play an MMORPG called Guild wars where there was a profession called Paragon; when the game launched its second installation Guild Wars 2, that class was revamped into what is now known The Guardian, which is a healer-warrior. But I find this new title would more heightening. My mind probably likes it… incoming recon :rofl:

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I like the way you put words, thoughts, and ideas together, @Phoermes . It’s a talent.

Kind of reminds me of the inimitably named @user9437773791397760. (Shout out to you, wherever you are.) The two writing styles are completely different, but both indicate very singular thinking and sensibilities underneath.

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Thank you saying that. Made my day :smiley: I often wonder if I am making any sense. Wind me up and watch me go lol :+1:t2:

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Today is a rest day from subliminals for me.

I will have to say that I noticed that my sleep quality was not as excellent as when I used Paragon. Some soreness in muscles, however that could be caused by late night strenuous activities. On the other arm, My right shoulder still feels great. Tennis Elbow not as painful as it used to (caused by bad form from power-lifting), however, left shoulder now is asking for attention - jealous heifer. Part of me hopes that it persists until after I come off the rest days to test Paragon :stuck_out_tongue:


This song is my anthem for Paragon.

Gojira - Esoteric Surgery

You have the power to heal yourself

All illness can be healed
the cell regenerates
disambiguated situation
There is a secret code
in the structure of the mind
You have the power to heal yourself

Flesh bodies mute and blinded
roaming uncertain, lost
infected misinformed
Releasing a black enormous insect
out from the chest
archaic form disease

Esoteric surgery a dissection of the soul
Unsuspected precise power
on the wounded astral body
projected beam of light

All illness can be healed
the cell regenerates
disambiguated situation
There is a secret code
in the structure of the mind
You have the power to heal yourself

Suspended floating in empty spaces
Descending swift like a fire running down
Obstruction disintegration life force
overcoming all circumstances
Release the pain



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Ow, link didn’t pop up.

Thanks ! :smiley:

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