Paging Hermit - Great Conjunction (ignore if you are astrology-phobic)



Astrology types are currently all abuzz about the upcoming ‘Great Conjunction’ of Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of Aquarius, on 21 December 2020.

Any wisdom, opinions or random comments from you are requested and much appreciated.

And also from anyone else who is conversant in such things, of course. Just paging @Hermit because I know he is knowledgeable.


A very rare and unique alignment, in fact, the last time such a conjunct occurred was in 1623. I am already feeling its presence, the energy is astounding and it will dissolve reality as we know it, entirely. If you’d like we can go into further detail but as we all know, it is extremely popular and you are likely to find a lot of information on the internet.

One thing to keep in mind is that the bigger the planet, the larger its influence (energy), yet the closer a planet, the more efficient and potent an energy can affect something. The last time Jupiter and Saturn were as close, was around 800 years ago.


I have no clue what you’re talking about but I’m very open minded.

So tell me what does this mean?


Saturn is home in Aquarius, as it’s its regent. Jupiter will great amplify Saturn powers and my bet is that we’ll see a worsening of the pandemic situation.

Restrictions will become more severe, which, in fact, is already happening in many places around the world. I credit this to the approximation of Jupiter and Saturn.


Not an astrological comment here.

Not sure if the Chinese successful landing on the moon recently and the collapse of the Arecibo Observatory telescope coincidentally mean anything in terms of the direction of space exploration.

Anyway, I hope NASA will make an announcement soon on 21 December 2020.

Perhaps NASA has a surprise for us.



More relevant to this topic…and something interesting if you are into Chinese metaphysics.

Apparently what western people refer to the Grand Conjunction on 21 Dec 2020, is the completion of a 20 year minor cycle.

One major cycle, yuan (元), is made up of three minor cycles. One major cycle is 60 years. One minor cycle, yun (运), is 20 years. One full cycle is 180 years.

The 60-year major cycle represents the conjunction between Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury.

I don’t see any point to in speculating how things are change after 21 Dec 2020- they could be worse or they could be better or nothing could happen- but the 2020 happens to be the Chinese gengzi year, which sees all sorts of disastrous events. The Opium War, Boxer Rebellion and Great Famine all happened in the Gengzi Year. And these events all ushered in a new era in Chinese history with significant events shortly after the Gengzi Year ( Treaty of Nanking, Xinhai Revolution, Cultural Revolution).

Of course, what I just described above is more applicable to the Chinese traditional worldview and their interpretation of things to come with the Grand Conjunction may not be something that other cultures would agree with, feel any relevance or want to explore more.

After all, a lot of astrology is culture-bound and interpreted through the lens of particular community with a particular experience.

My question here is that, was there once an experience shared by everybody in the early days of humanity?

Something tells me there was.


Very interesting. First time I’ve heard of this. I too expect Period of 9 to start in 2024

In regards to this conjuction, I still don’t know what to expect. Perhaps it’s the cherry on top of this year, or hopefully it’s benign and the worst is over.

I’m hoping that 2021 is better than 2020 that’s for sure.


VERY interesting that the Great Conjunction happens on the same day as the Winter Solstice. What are the odds of that?

That also makes me wonder if I should do something different on that day.


My guess is that nothing significant will happen so I guess you can continue doing what you want to do.

I bet 50 dollars that on that day,

  1. Extra-terrestials will not make an appearance
  2. No gods or deities will descend from the sky
  3. The coronavirus will not suddenly disappear
  4. World leaders will not announce that they want to give up nuclear weapons
  5. The End of the World will not arrive
  6. Everybody in the world will not find himself miraculously healed of all illnesses

Life goes on and the sun will still shine on that day, and the birds will continue to chirp as usual. So continue to wake up in the morning, get your coffee and prepare to go to work or school and go back home to have dinner with your family.


I don’t look to astrology for any predictive value; would love to read the psychological & spiritual interpretations and implications of the Great Conjunction.


I agree with all except number 2 and 5, which happen every day anyway.

I also predict that you’ll have $50. (Unless you were betting without actually possessing that money!)


I beta huge dissolution of stuckness will happen and an incredible amount of positive change and energy will be released as we go through this alignment

And as we progress on our respective subs/ stacks :slight_smile:


It will eventually but unfortunately most likely not in our lifetimes


Our world ends when we go to meet our maker.

The end of the world may come later than that.


And possibly also with every exhale

Every graduation

Every break up

Every loss

Every lesson learned, insight gained

Every metabolic cycle (or circadian cycle)

It’s possible that we’re creating and recreating our world constantly in an ongoing effort towards constancy and continuity…

Or… maybe not :rofl:


Hmm…this is interesting.


All I thought about with this post was The Dark Crystal


For your interest –


Thanks, friend. Am making time to watch.


There are so many different videos about this conjunct, all of them spoiling so many different interesting approaches to how it could turn out, I just happened to have come across this only earlier so do not expect it to be the most extraordinary video you’ll find.

@Malkuth, you’re welcome :slight_smile: