Pacman Ascended Mogul to Khan


Hey peeps
I have been running ascended mogul for the past two weeks.
I run one loop each from Monday to Friday and take the weekends off.
Noticable results/improvements

  • i feel very productive at work and even at home. Energy levels are increased.
  • started intermittent fasting and still doing it daily.
  • i dont feel like sitting on youtube as much as i used to. The music i used to listen to doesnt interest me anymore.
  • at the workplace i dont feel like talking for no reason and i dont like some co workers company. I also dont feel the need to be part of a group and socialise.
  • Fear of management members have faded and i can speak mind when ever i feel there is a need to.
  • i can easily pick up when someone is degrading me or disrespecting me.
  • i also feel other people i come into contact with are not in my class…this sub def gives a very high status.
  • some ladies cant look me in the eye…they very shy…but look at me when im not looking…lots of second glances and stares.
  • my anger and road rage has really gone down…i rather avoid that person or situation than mess with my mood for them …simply cause they not worth my attention…
  • i am also very particular about the way i dress and look.


Just one loop of Ascended Mogul each day, M-F? Which Strength?


Q…im still using the Q and not custom
And yes Monday to Friday and i take weekends off.


Noticable results/improvements

  • created a daily to do list.
  • working on a training programme which will commence today.
  • will start restructuring and improving my CV tonight.
  • added one personal hygiene habit to my daily routine.
  • started reading up on podcast and will download later and replace all my music with podcasts.

just something i have noticed through trial and error…the faster you make concious changes in parallel to the sub you are running…the faster the sub works and changes happen


I remember a few years back, I had been “planning” to figure out a way to rearrange my office layout to give me more space for my computer and Arduino hobbies/projects.

Had procrastinated for a long while…finally took a page out of “One Small Step Can Change Your Life” by Robert Maurer…combined with a tad of Neville Goddard.

I finally decided “enough is enough”…closed my eyes…and just asked mentally “What do I want my office to look like when done with the rearranging so it will support the activities I want to do?”

within 3-5 seconds, I saw the completed renovation in my Mind’s Eye (no relation to the sub :wink: )

Then I asked, “What one small change can I make to my current office setup to bring it closer to the vision in my head?”

The tiniest change I could see making was putting a plug strip into the outlet near where my computer would end up living on the desk. So I did that.

After that, it became easy to see whatever the next ideal step would be and just do it. So I did.

The entire office reno was done in 2-3 hours :slight_smile:

Your paragraph in italics reminded me of that.



Found it!

Really glad your doing a journal.



  • listen to one podcast by Tony Robbins…regarding debt and how to come out of debt…
  • i wrote down my monthly expsense and identified gaps that need to be closed so i can save money…and probably invest.
  • cv restructuring part one has been completed.
    Researched key words to put into cv. Still searching for more infor to adjust cv and polish it.
  • i identified some monthly debits that need to be cancelled asap…and will be done today.

all progress from each post has been kept nothing lost


Took the weekend off and thinking of taking Monday off as well so it will be three days off. It seems that subs process on off days …well for me i have found that.


  • i have created an offline journal which i put in all ideas that come to me especially business and income ideas.
  • one business idea came to me during the off day. Which i got recorded in my journal.
  • the rate at which i can get work done be it physical or mental work is insane and i dont tire…i can go on and on and on until i tell myself hey lets rest alittle.
  • i started giving charity and helping others.This will be my everyday goal.
  • im going to plan my days on paper from today…all the things i want to achieve for that day will be on my handwritten journal.
  • my interest in women is decreasing i rather focus on myself and make money.
  • still staying away from music and watching more of Earl Nightingale, Jim Rohn etc. These videos will help me better my life.
  • some things in my diet i am going to avoid and completely cut off…i also noticed that my body fuel needs are increasing drastically…and it makes sense for me to perform optimally i need increased nutrition.
  • i cant be unproductive anymore…its like i am operating of a different power source…like steriods lol


I was going to journal the same findings this weak on my journal…it seems having another off time besides weekends helps to boost the new Q subs.


Infact im going to take mid week breaks…


How many days?


Three days in total…Wednesday then Saturday and Sunday


Im thinking of adding emperor : HOM to my stack…
Any ideas,recommendations?

Thanks for the help


Read the book. Helpful for you if you are good at visualization.

Anyway, maybe you will want to read this about Napoleon Hill.


I really dont know what to believe now…
Could you recommend some self help books?


Sorry, nope. I can’t recommend other self help books but can share with you George Carlin’s quote. :smile:

“If you need self-help, why would read a book written by somebody else? That’s not self-help, that’s help! There is no such thing as self-help. If you did it yourself you didn’t need help.”


I see you are doing well with Ascended Mogul anyway.

I have stopped reading self-help books after realising everything is within me. I am not going to make other writers rich by buying their books since 99% of the time they don’t know what they are talking about.

Lots of books in the world to read other than “self-help” if you are a book lover.


That made so much sense!
Thanks @King
I think i was looking for that!


I wont mond reading to develop myself and learn


Every book will teach you something.