Overcoming Subconscious Fears

Subconscious fear refers to fears that are deeply rooted in our subconscious mind and influence our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors on a subconscious level. Unlike conscious fears that we are aware of, subconscious fears often operate beneath our awareness, making them more challenging to identify and address.

These fears may stem from past experiences, childhood traumas, negative beliefs, or even societal conditioning. They can manifest as anxiety, avoidance, self-doubt, or limiting beliefs that hold us back from reaching our full potential. Until we bring these subconscious fears into our conscious awareness and work through them, they can continue to impact our lives and prevent us from living authentically and fulfilling our goals.

Dealing with subconscious fear requires a combination of self-awareness, understanding, and practical strategies.

Common Subconscious Fears

Now, let’s examine some common subconscious fears that many of us struggle with:

Fear of Failure: This fear can paralyze us, making us hesitant to even try because we’re afraid of disappointment or embarrassment.

Fear of Judgment: Worries about what others will think of us can lead us to play it safe and conform to societal norms, stifling our true selves.

Fear of Change: We often resist new opportunities or possibilities because we fear the unpredictable nature of change, opting to stay in stagnant situations.

Fear of Not Being Enough: Deep-rooted beliefs that we are not capable, deserving, or worthy of success, love, or happiness can undermine our self-esteem and confidence.

Here are some steps I’ve compiled to address and overcome subconscious fear:

Self-Reflection and Awareness: Take time to reflect on your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Notice any patterns or recurring themes that may indicate subconscious fear. Engage in self-reflection practices such as journaling, meditation, or seeking the help of a therapist or life coach to gain deeper insights into your subconscious processes.

Identify triggers and beliefs: Pay attention to situations, people, or events that seem to evoke fear or anxiety in you. By identifying the specific triggers, you can start to understand the underlying beliefs or experiences that may be connected to them. Challenge and question these beliefs to determine if they are based on facts or if they are outdated or distorted interpretations.

Healing past traumas: If you suspect that past traumas are contributing to your subconscious fear, seek therapy or counseling. Professionals can help you process and heal from traumatic experiences, allowing you to release the associated fears.

Visualization: Use visualization techniques to imagine yourself confronting and overcoming your fears.

Gradual exposure: Gradually expose yourself to situations or triggers that evoke fear. Start with small steps and gradually increase the intensity or duration of exposure as you build confidence. This desensitization process allows your subconscious mind to become more comfortable with the feared situation, reducing fear and anxiety over time.

Remember, overcoming subconscious fear takes time and patience. Be easy with yourself throughout the process. Each step forward, however small, is a significant accomplishment in your journey towards conquering subconscious fear.

These insights and strategies were gathered from my offline journal. I hope that this has been valuable to you on your journey to conquer your fears. Understanding and taking action through these fears can enhance your experience with Subliminal Club’s subs and empower you.

What’s your favorite Subliminal Club sub that you’ve used to work on overcoming your fears? Your experiences and insights matter to our community, and sharing your thoughts can inspire and support others on their path.

Feel free to share your ideas, techniques, and success stories. What worked for you in managing fear and anxiety? Your input can provide valuable guidance to fellow members.

Remember, Subliminal Club is more than just an audio; it’s a supportive community dedicated to personal transformation.


Interesting thread, weird it didn’t take off :thinking:


:thinking: Not sure.

Picture this- you’re standing on the edge of an uncharted territory, and your comfort zone is the boundary that separates familiarity from the unknown. Beyond that boundary lies the potential for growth, transformation, and reaching your aspirations. Yet, stepping across that line is anything but easy.

Your comfort zone is like a fortress built by your subconscious mind. Its primary mission? To keep you safe. This may sound reassuring, but it’s also what makes it challenging to take action beyond your current boundaries.

The hesitation to step out of your comfort zone is often fueled by subconscious fears. These fears can manifest as self-doubt, anxiety, or a sense of impending failure. Your subconscious mind views any step into the unknown as a potential threat to your safety.

Your subconscious mind prefers the known because it’s predictable and safe. It’s like a well-worn path in the woods; you know every turn, every tree, and every obstacle. Stepping into the unknown is like venturing into a dense forest without a map.

So, how can you overcome this internal resistance? It’s about gradual expansion. Instead of leaping into the deep end of the pool, you dip your toes into the water first. It’s not about taking giant steps; it’s about taking small, calculated actions that challenge your comfort zone very slightly.

Let’s say you want to become more assertive. This requires facing the fear of judgment or conflict. Start by expressing your opinion on a minor issue among close friends. Observe how your subconscious fears react. As you repeatedly engage in these small assertive actions, your subconscious mind begins to adapt.

This process is similar to desensitization therapy. You’re gradually exposing yourself to the perceived threat (in this case, assertiveness) in controlled, manageable doses. Your subconscious mind, over time, realizes that these actions don’t result in the catastrophe it anticipated.

As you persist, you’ll notice a shift within you. The fear lessens. Your comfort zone expands. The unknown becomes less intimidating. Your rewriting the script of your subconscious fears.

So, why is expanding your comfort zone so essential? Because it unlocks personal growth, transforms you into a more resilient individual, and propels you closer to your goals. It’s about rewriting your subconscious fears’ narrative. The discomfort you initially experience is merely the guard at the gate, signaling that you’re on the right path.


Listening to subliminals, taking action and avoiding things that lower my inner state towards fear/anxiety.

Example of these things:

  • Pornography (abominably destructive).
  • Twitter/IG/TikTok videos full of people fighting and doing extremely stupid shit.
  • News which is basically a constant influx of depressing negativity and outrage inducement while strengthening a subconscious frame that you’re powerless.
  • “Informative” videos based on dating toxicity, culture toxicity or just any kind of dumb toxicity really to hijack your emotional response and get you reactive.
  • Redpill videos which are nothing more than informational videos on why you should hate yourself, feel inadequate and constantly compare yourself to others.

The cherry on the cake is once you realize that absolutely none of this bullshit is related to your goals. You are essentially pissing away massive amounts of time, focus and energy into complete nonsense.

The cherry on the cherry, is once you do some spiritual work and begin to understand just how powerful your mind is and just how much interplay there is between your internal framework (being affected by all of the aforementioned things) and the reality that you experience.

It will quickly become apparent why most people’s lives are complete dog shit and of low quality in an endless loop. Wealth, relationships, sex life, health (physical and mental) and so on. Their span of attention on a daily basis is in the palm of an outside force… nothing is on behalf of themselves.

They’re not seated in their personal power or applying any of it… and so their life is a complete 1:1 reflection of that.

Subliminals are tools to help you get back up to speed, start kicking ass and laser beam your reality.

I don’t overthink things, I just apply those 3 things and it works for me. Subliminals are very effective.

Subliminals + Taking Action
Avoiding things that lower my inner state towards fear/anxiety
= XP surplus

XP surplus over long period of time means your internal framework is constantly getting better… and since your internal framework = your life… your life is constantly getting better.

SImple mathematics. This is what works for me and is full-proof in my opinion. I’ve been doing it since the beginning and I’m still doing it… I’ve just went up in every area and I’m still going up.

It’s just math as in 2 + 2 = 4. It’s impossible to not get better. Math is not debatable.

Not “special”, not “blessed with high flow factor”, not doing some “trickery”… just living by simple math, being consistent and following basic protocol (taking action). Also, not getting in my own way.

Yeah, so this is what worked for me and is still working. Cheers.


This pretty much sums it up.^

Confront your fears, overcome them, realise they are nothing more than an illusion played by your mind.

You are now free from your fear.

You gain strength and power from knowing you have overcome a fear you have. You have now a greater capability to overcome other more deeply rooted fears.

You have now reached a new level.

Study your fears, why are you afraid, face them dead on, overcome them, reach new levels, continue the cycle. Take pleasure in confronting your fears and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Enjoy the journey.

Genesis… kind of makes me feel like this process is a joy.

It is all a labor of love for those who can appreciate and savour the successes.

This is the Spiritual aspect, to do the inner and outer work, to become more creative and more of a creator, to govern your creation and impact the world positively.

Your creation is your responsibility, if you have a house and household, the more materials your garner, the more businesses you start, the bigger your business grows, the more life you have to govern, the more problems will arise, the more complex these problems will become, life will be more difficult and you will need to grow evermore wise and capable to handle them, and handle yourself so that you are a governing your creation well.

Climbing Jacob’s Ladder…

The subconscious is plagued with many fears that need to be faced and overcome if you want to reach greater heights and stages of experience and life.


One thing I forgot to add is that when I listen to subliminals, many times I felt anxiety and fear in the form of recon. Felt it many times on Khan, Primal Seduction and WANTED.

That’s just part of growth and leveling up… it’s always temporary.

You have ups and downs because things are happening in your internal framework. Many times I felt like complete shit.

I just trust these processes and know what’s going on. I stick to my protocol and keep moving… things get better.

In fact, when those things are happening… I double down on my protocol even more because it’s important to be present during those periods.


Have you tried also WB?

Your approach of using subliminals, taking action, and avoiding negative influences is like a threefold shield against fear and anxiety.

Fear often appears as an illusion, and as you rightly mentioned, overcoming one fear can lead to greater strength in facing others.

Fear is not objective, because one person may have a fear towards something external, that both may share a reality in and the other person feels no fear whatsoever. Thus it must be an illusion, and illusions are always mental, as with illusions one person may experience it, and another person may not experience the illusion and perceive the same existential reality uniquely differently, therefore to overcome a fear is to liberate yourself from restrictions and limitations as fear is almost always confining.

So if you face the fear, and overcome the fear, the fear now loses its power over you, as you see the reality that lies beyond this fear, you begin to see that it is not real, because you have disempowered it with your own grit, determination, and courage.

Courage definition

“The state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger, fear, or vicissitudes with self-possession, confidence, and resolution; bravery.”

Courage is the emotion one needs to hold if you are faced with such a fear, as it will support you in overcoming it.

I like this topic a lot, this knowledge is so important because fear is something we all experience in different aspects of our lives, and a good understanding of it and the proper means and knowledge to overcome these fears will allow us greater freedom while helping to liberate us from the suffering that naturally results from fear.

All of this is coming to me after listening to 30 seconds of Genesis too, totally relevant to the objectives of that program.

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Fascinating. The idea that fear is subjective and can vary greatly from person to person highlights the intricate relationship between our minds and the external world.

I’m curious, do you have a personal experience or a specific example where courage played a significant role in overcoming a fear?

what would happen if you considered that fear might not be as confining as it appears? How might that shift in perspective influence your experience of fear and courage?

Sure, I’ll give an example that is recent and also mentioned on this forum. Just take a look at the Wanted Black thread where I went in a little more detail about my recent experience with a one-night-stand.

This is a fear of the unknown!

I had one-night stands before, the difference was mostly that it was always with girls I already knew and had a connection with, and experienced mutual attraction with, one thing usually led to another and it was never planned.

30 seconds of Wanted Black, 30 minutes or so later this girl dm’d me and we started chatting, conversation went sexual very quickly and she made it very clear she was down to fuck.

Never seen her before, had to visit the city she was temporarily staying at a hotel room while she was finding a flat to stay at, as she was an international student that just moved her a few days ago to study at the local university.

I insinuated she waited for me at the train station in case I did not like her I could still disappear lol!

This is all new to me, no experience, so much randomness, and definitely not my style of romance and dating. But I figured it would be a proper challenge for me, and I’m not obligated to have sex with her if I do not want to it would have just been a free night at the hotel.

I had a fair time.

So this demanded I’d be courageous and face the unknown.

Now you see, the next time I’m in a similar situation I would be far more relaxed having at the back of my mind (subconscious) the experience I already had. It would no longer be unknown for me, and this fear would not be there for me anymore.

Especially not visiting this same girl again.

I really had to get out of my comfort zone here, I will now do this in other areas in my life so I can grow more free and become an individual who can face any situation and be calm, collected, and in control of myself.

Pythagoras said these most wise statement “no man is free who cannot control himself”

This includes mastering your fears, self-control is the ultimate power because you are control of your own destiny, of your own impulses, of your own will and desires, you have the say over your own being–and nobody else.


Study philosophy and existentialism if this interests you.

All our emotions not only fear are subjective, how we relate those to the external, objective world, the one you see without you, the world of things and objects, is absolutely individually unique to everyone.

Yes and the mind is super fascinating, I agree, when a rich person sees a ferrari what he thinks and feels compared to a poor person? It is incomparable.

Thoughts and emotions are not objects you cannot find them in the physical world, how can they be proven by science today? They can only find the neurotransmitters and the chemical reactions in our body, because the body is an object and so are the molecules of the chemicals that are generated and triggered. But those are only expressions of your thoughts and emotions in the physical world.

The thoughts and emotions are actually not visible.

But we can perceive them otherwise. Perhaps in the future, some device will be invented to perceive them visually who knows?


Well, that’s quite the experience there, isn’t it? :wink: Your example of facing the fear of the unknown is nothing short of fascinating. Stepping out of your comfort zone like that takes a special kind of courage and an adventurous spirit.

Emotions and perceptions indeed vary uniquely from person to person, shaping how we experience the world around us.

Courage emerges as the alchemist, transmuting uncertainty into the gold of liberation.

Yeah, I have to clarify this otherwise people start fear-mongering and developing a “landmine” mindset. You end up with these cracked out tin foily hat type of maniacs that start having panic attacks because “oh no, I was in the vicinity of a television and now I’m programmed”. I’m not trying to feed that. That’s not healthy… that’s just mental illness.

“Avoiding” was the wrong word, it’s more that I choose not to participate.

If I sit in front of a screen and watch fear-mongering news for 20 hours a day… do you think that it is going to influence the subconscious mind? Of course it will. Funny part is, it’s not even real lol.

To be honest with you, you don’t have to become a “professional negative influence avoider.”

Subliminals are effective enough to where you can just run them and use common sense. The development that you experience through the subliminal and taking action should automatically have you changing what you focus on.

For example: Someone runs Emperor and their interest in watching mindless and distracting TikTok reels begins to dissipate. Instead, they have more of an urge to focus on actualizing their goals.

The main killers based on what I’ve seen in other individuals and evidence all over the internet, is pornography is super destructive for various reasons I’m not going to get into. Other than that… most people will naturally be okay as long as they’re not doing something insane like a spree of senseless focus and self-bombardment of extremely negative, violent and depressing content based on fear and low self-worth. Example: Watching news for 20 hours straight.

In other words - just use common sense.

This is all my opinion based on my own experience and what works for me.


That reminds me of ppl during the “pandemic” :joy:

It’s probably unwise to go that route of discussion, lol


Yeah, good call man. I just had a flashback when I read that.

This is really old, but might be useful…

The way I personally handle this is:

You don’t want to be up in the “recon clouds”.

Imagine your state is like the heaviest rock ever. Being grounded and present is a state that facilitates internal movement. Avoidance and coping suppresses internal movement.

Don’t be feeling anxiety from the internal framework processes moving around due to the subliminal working it’s magic and then drown yourself in pornography to escape the discomfort. See, this is the type of stuff that creates lackluster or circular progression.

I personally embody a mindset of forward movement, goal-post movement, endless growth and extreme groundedness.

In my experience, when I become extremely heavy and present while in recon… I move through it significantly faster. I’m also paying attention my internal state. If I’m experiencing recon… that alerts me that it’s time to double down and get serious. I’m never going to be doing emotional coping mechanisms or frantically scrolling like “doomscrolling” or whatever.

At the end of the day, things need to be faced in order to get out of one’s comfort zone, have shifts and allow for the experience of new things.

One way to be grounded and present is by focusing on your goals and taking action. Also, being okay with internal discomfort.

This all only if you experience that type of recon - some people don’t and everyone is different. I personally do. Just thought I’d share some advice on it, if someone can relate.

(note: this might be irrelevant because it’s based on my experience with older tech. Newer tech is way smoother for me in terms of recon)


Philosophy has like thousands of school of thought, which one do you recommend exactly? Existentialism? Do you have some ressources you can share?