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Hey guys,

I bought PRIMAL + Rebirth today and thought I’d start a journal to document the effects.

I plan to start with PRIMAL only, listening to the masked version at night on sleep phones. Times when I am alone in the home office, I will also run the ultrasonic version on a speaker. I thought ‘Rebirth’ would be a good addition further down the line, so I took advantage of the 30% discount code and bought it in the same transaction as PRIMAL.

I’ve had experience with subs and they work well for me. It’s only been from one provider and the subs were focused on emotional healing. I like the sound of subclub’s products and combined with the positive reviews and fair pricing, I decided to give it a go.

I always felt like there was something within holding me back in life. A fear of the judgement of others. A fear of not being perfect. A fear of living life. A fear of being me. The emotional healing subs have helped a lot, and I am a lot less concerned about what other people think and do. But it’s not enough, I want to build myself within, I want to be confident, I want to be strong, I want to unleash my true inner self and become PRIMAL! :wink: But anyway, that’s where I am at. I’ll give you guys an update in a few weeks.


About 4 days in. Been having some sexual dreams the first couple of nights. One I met these young women on a tropical beach and they ended up having to help me pull my shirt off because it was stuck from all my muscles lol. Other dreams have been very weird too and I’ve noticed some sexual insecurities being slightly present.

Last night I had a bad experience, waking up, feeling like I was going to have a panic attack. I took the headset off, felt like I needed to delete primal and I couldn’t go back to sleep. I decided to run a loop of the rebirth stack module and strangely enough it calmed me down and I fell asleep. That same day, I ran the primal ultrasonic almost all day. Perhaps I had too much exposure, resulting in the reaction. I feel good today though, so I’m not sure what to make of it.

My plan from here is to no longer use the ultrasonic track during the day and stick with the masked version while I sleep, with the addition of the rebirth track:

  • rebirth x 1
  • primal x 10
  • rebirth x 1

About 8.5 hours of exposure and I think rebirth module might help things along. I probably have a fair amount of emotional baggage. I’ll keep you all updated with any news.

Edit: I forgot to mention that listening to the ultrasonic track during the day kind of makes me feel docile and stoned while it runs. I’ll stick with the above stack and increase exposure in the future if needed.


First run of the new stack with rebirth was good. No bad reactions and feeling decent today. I think more than anything I dislike the sleep phones. And when I change sleep positions I kind of need to wake up and move my phone. Kind of annoying. I might buy a cheap and basic MP3/FLAC player and put it in the headband. I wish I could run ultrasonic on speakers while sleeping but I don’t want to expose wife to the sub, so I’m stuck with the headphones.

I noticed when I woke up I reflected on a previous event in my life that would normally make me cringe in shame but today I felt nothing, almost like I was seperated from the experience/trauma. Yesterday I felt more affectionate with my wife, normally I can only feel that way if I am horny and want sex but this time it was as if I could see her beauty more than usual. She has been hitting gym and getting in shape though for a fair while now and is looking good which probably helps too. I have started doing the same, getting back in shape this year. The new sub would be good for that but I know I can do it without assistance through diet and exercise. So primal will be the main stayer.


Had a few more dreams last night. They were like end of world type stuff where there were no street lights on or power anywhere. Very dark, very scary but also exciting. Was looking after my wife in the dreams, but my kids weren’t present.

Had this weird thing happen though that I wanted to write about. Somewhere between dreams, I started to be able to hear a voice in the masked track. I listened more closely and the voice became very clear. But the things that were being said made no sense. Like shit about puppy dogs for example. I can’t remember exactly what I heard but I’m not sure what to make of it. I never had that experience with subs before. I have read of people having similar experiences and I think it was my brain interpreting the sounds into words in an altered conscious state. I actually think I was still asleep, because I remember thinking, I got to write this stuff down (what I was hearing) but I couldn’t move or wake up or do anything. I went straight back to sleep and did not hear voices again. Hearing voices is not a good sign, but as far as I know, or as much as a human can be, I am mentally sound. I might chalk that one off and put it out of mind for now and continue moving forward with the sub.

The sleepphones also came off my head a couple of times. I don’t think it was for long but who knows. Unless I somehow end up being single, then I will just have to deal with getting used to wearing them.


Switched subliminal use while sleeping:

  • 8 x loops primal
  • 2 x loops rebirth

It felt much more manageable. The sub might be more powerful than I was used to using. Had a lot of dreams last night, many I was angry by the way I’ve felt let down by others in my life.

During the day, at times I notice a surge in confidence and a care free attitude towards joking around with people. Feel less scared to say the wrong thing and have even been witty at times.

It’s nice to notice these effects so early on. I think after months of use it will be pushing me in the direction of who I feel I should have always been.

I can definitely feel the difference when rebirth track started this morning. I half woke up with a nice feeling before falling back to sleep. I think my subconscious is having a harder time processing the programming in primal. It’s almost a relief when the loops end. Will keep it going though, hopefully have a breakthrough soon.


I have noticed more improvement in the social skill area. I am more confident with physical interactions such as hand shaking and pats on the back. I have not used physical touching with any female because I don’t communicate that much with the opposite sex to observe any changes. But I seem to be getting along better with the guys, kind of feeling like less of an outsider and more part of the group. It’s good stuff.

There has been no weird reactions to the sub since I started running 8 loops of primal followed by 2 loops of rebirth. I am thankful there have been no more voices in my head, that kind of freaked me out a little bit but it may have been just a dream. I am used to the sleep phones now and they stay on all night. I think the sub is having a positive effect but also cleaning up my diet, exercising and nofap may have also helped improve my anxiety levels and quality of sleep. I am excited that the subs are going to be upgraded too at some stage. I am looking forward to that.


Day 13

Did the personality testing last night and found out I’m an INTJ. After reading about this personality type it gave me a good insight into why I always felt like an outsider and have had difficulties connecting with other people. It seems like I’ve needed to imitate various social cues rather than having them innately programmed. I did think I may be on the spectrum, but testing for that came back negative.

But it seemed to help me accept and understand myself on a deeper level. I had some wild dreams last night, a lot even going back to childhood experiences or situations. Something felt like it released through the dreams because today I have felt super relaxed and chilled out. My wife couldn’t stop touching me and kept saying how sexy I looked. When I was walking down the street this morning, one of my wife’s friends walked past. I was in another world and did not notice her until she said good morning in an offish tone. I said hi and asked how she was but it was all a little awkward and instead of reflecting negatively on myself, like I normally would, I walked on thinking oh well, who gives a fuck.


Can u share a link for this test

#9 is the one Saint posted in the New Dawn thread.

I also tried

I range between ENTP and INFP depending on which test I take.

By the way, I’ve been running Primal too, Openmind. I’m at the 2 week mark currently.


It was the Myers Briggs personality test. I have no idea which site has the better test but I did two of them from the sites below and they both gave the same result of INTJ.

I checked out a few different websites that do more in-depth analysis of different personality types and it seemed quite accurate. It’s interesting for me because I might be able to look into ways I can better improve myself as an INTJ.


Hey that’s cool. We posted at the same time just about. I will check out humanmetrics test later tonight.

How have you found Primal?


BlockquoteHow have you found Primal?


I’m settling into it. Been having a few intense dreams lately but i’ts hard to remember them. This morning I had one about chasing down some dude in a hotel. I’ve never played a subliminal as frequently as I’ve played Primal. I’m doing a minimum of 15 hours every day. I haven’t been journaling everyday like I should, but at this point, I’m just running it to prepare for Emperor.


Thanks for the info. I am observing a similar settling in period, although I ran a subliminal from another producer before this one without much of a break. I am not sure what effect, if any, this has had. If it has had an effect then I should notice things going to a new level in another couple of weeks. The other producer whose sub I was using suggested in their FAQs to take a 30 day break between their subs and the subs of a different producer. I thought this may have been a deterrent tactic to avoid losing business, but who knows.


The test scored me INTJ too. Damn… it felt a bit different that test, I thought it might produce a different result but nope.


An other popular test in Mbti community is the keys2cognition test

The reason this test is quite popular is because it measures all cognitive functions, instead of only I/E-N/S-T/F. The latter is the way a lot of tests decide your Mbti type which is less accurate. The Humanmetrics test is quite accurate for most people. The 16personalities test is seen as less accurate.


Day 18

Felt like I slept all night working through layers and layers of self acceptance and self forgiveness. The dreams were so powerful and emotional. The final dream while the rebirth was playing was about a girl who broke my heart but in the dream we were both being really playful together and I could tell that she loved me. I don’t understand all of the dreams but I know they were a positive thing. Felt like some type of breakthrough. Is this self acceptance/forgiveness a part of PRIMAL? Maybe it’s part of connecting to my sexual self. I’ve also been doing well at nofap, no idea if the sub is helping but no relapses, sex only.

Hopefully those dreams helped to release some shit and I can begin feeling more comfortable. I know the sub is doing something because I am experiencing less worry about what people think of me. If I have a negative social interaction with someone, I no longer get stuck replaying it through my mind and feeling bad about myself. Feeling more resilient and in control of myself. I think learning about the INTJ personality type has helped with the insights and progress. Kind of lifted a weight off my shoulders, making me more accepting of feeling different and not worrying about it so much.


Out walking this morning feeling so good. Was thinking how much I’m changing already using PRIMAL.

It’s changing the way I think, it’s changing the way I feel, it’s changing the way I act, it’s changing the way I fuck.

I started the sub with the goal to improve my communication with others. Now I don’t even care about having positive interactions. It feels good, and is also ironic because by losing the urge to impress others, I’m having better interactions with people anyway. It’s so cool how the subconscious works this stuff out. Wow, I love this sub. A part of me also hates going to bed, knowing I’ll run PRIMAL all night, but I see this as a positive, because it means there’s plenty more potential for growth.

It does tire me out a bit though. I sleep more and never wake up feeling fresh. But perhaps in time this will improve. I want to run the sub for atleast 100 days.

Edit: and I kind of know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea so to speak, but now I think; well those people aren’t my cup of tea either, so fuck em. Lol. Good stuff.


Each day is getting better than the last. I do sometimes feel that slight hesitant nature especially if I am challenged by someone assertive but man, this primal and rebirth combo is seriously doing good things. I am so much more calm around other people now. I am becoming free from the negative mental feedback loop, where I’d get down on myself based on assumptions of how others perceive me. I think that’s what is making the biggest difference, something in the sub is breaking those thought patterns and nofap is like the booster.


Noticed a weird thing happening lately probably the last 3 or 4 nights. No matter what time it is, or how tired I still am, I wake up at the exact moment the first loop of rebirth starts (which is the last 2 loops after 8 loops of primal… What could be the cause of this? Am I scared to face something that the module is digging at? Both are masked version tracks using sleep phones.


I finally slept through rebirth this morning as I was exhausted and I had this powerful dream where I went back in time as I am now and spoke to myself as a child. I can’t remember exactly what was said but it was good advice that went deep. Today I am feeling a bit out of it, but my social anxiety is probably at an all time low.