On the subject of experiencing and change

@Malkuth Wrote a post here that I felt deserved its own place in the forum for more discussion.

The power of experience. How we can’t always “get” something until it’s in our reality. Even then communicating it back to someone doesn’t always convey that full paradigm shift you may have experienced. Additionally those with early life experiences that set them up to understand concepts intuitively but not consciously exist in separate tunnels of reality. We all exist in the world, but our experiences can differ greatly.

I think this scene in the Matrix says a lot with a little on the nature of experiencing things for yourself

I also thought it would be interesting to sum up our own feelings in as few words as possible at this moment in time to show the variance in our current mindsets on this journey. How we’re personally experiencing reality at the present moment. Not THE REALITY but A REALITY. And along with that what we’d like to be experiencing instead.

For me I’m experiencing. Uncertainty, doubt, hopefulness, confusion, fear, oppression.
What I want to experience. Joy, alignment, power, security, freedom of expression.




Add to this the reality that Experiencing itself is continuously evolving and unfolding–dancing amongst and between paradigms–and our situations are revealed to be quite kaleidoscopic.

There’s not just one door. Not just one Reality-revealing pill.

The Matrix is an allegory and a metaphor for a kind of eternal moment of evolutionary Shift; occurring over and over again; like the beating of hearts.


Current state: armored in liminality.

Hiding out in the In-between

Where I want to be: Resilient, Capacious, Able to handle more pain and pleasure without shutting down

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I realised that ever since I started running Quantum Limitless, I had been actually working towards my desire of wanting to “experience” other realities.

True, nothing beats the real Quantum-jumping, Matrix-breaking, reality shifting experience where you wake up one morning in your desired reality, but that seems to be only achievable either through advanced spiritual practice, advanced imaginary practice or an assumption of your desired lifestyle by abandoning every single limitation of the 3-D world.

So for me, I begin my journey by reading the lives of other people in my self-made ebook, and aim to learn how to better strengthen my sense of imagination and empathy.

Having said that, I think more frequently these days about how everyone and everything is an expression of our emotional imagination.


Yes freedom to move between those realities is often what I struggle with. That is an experience itself I’ve yet to encounter. Finally having a deep core knowing there’s not a rubber band ready to snap me back to what I’ve experienced for a majority of my life

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You have the choice to choose your reality moment by moment.

The old you can pass away and the new you arise in a few seconds.

Everything is always arising and passing away. The problem comes from the clinging to the old the aversion or the craving of the new

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Choice vs ability. That’s the difficulty. It’s not enough to intellectually understand you can choose. It has to be a deep knowing. How did you cultivate that and are you freely able to choose?

Pretty much able To choose unless exhausted.

I even played around with putting a negative feeling in the emotional body and my energy got super low . Then put a high frequenxy emotion energy spiked again.

But also one of my most insane experience was at a nightclub I had Been stomach sick for 3 days had No energy What so ever and We went out.

I felt unattractivr unworthy. Then something in me switched Why feel like This . If i’m the master of my reality i can just choose to be the most attractive person in the world .

And I kid you not 5 seconds later girls start mass approaching me. And figting for my attention.

But that mega switch I can’t Do at Will yet.

But i am getting there through dilligent neural pathway rewiring deep meditation and understanding dependent origination.

I can However freely go into a state of love or peace or joy .


And Im quite sure the subs help as well. With the subconcious so my concious and subconcious is more aligned.

Now im trying to make the super concious aligned as well. Not fully There yet .

Would be so cool to live in god conciousness permanently

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Inspiring stuff man. Yeah I’m still trying to understand what blocks I have that prevent this. I don’t think I’ve fully shed my years of conditioning where I felt powerless and hopeless. Also some blocks to happy states, fear based protective mechanisms.