On the rise - How I got here: What it did for me so far


I was looking for something to assist in my rebuilding process when I discovered Subliminal Club.
in 2014 I had a Traumatic Brain Injury. I stopped working, and had disability coming in for a while, but the longer the case dragged on the more screwed up everything got. In 2016 my wife of 16 years died. She was a non smoker, but had lung cancer mistaken for pneumonia. It wasn’t the cancer that actually killed her. In the meantime I was still in treatment for the TBI and this caused everything to bottom out and I lost everything. I ended up crashing where I could while trying to assist with my father who had suffered several strokes. He died in 2019. I ended up moving out of state to try to start over. Lived off of what was left of a settlement from the TBI which wasn’t much, but the insurance company was doing everything it could to get me to give up.
I had used subliminals before, but this was back in late 80’s early to mid 90’s. Essentially what could be found occasionally at Tower. In the 90’s through 2000’s I was involved with Remote Viewing pretty heavily so I was exposed to a lot of stuff like hemi-sync via Monroe etc.

Anyway. I came across Subliminal club and Emperor intrigued me and I started using it.
over the course of a year I went from zero to starting to take back control of my life and rebuild. I leveraged skills I already had and have been working on new ones as well as modifying existing things aiming toward new use. Soon, I was making more money with a way better time/profit ratio than the job I was injured on.
No more of the 9-5 trap. One of my goals, never again.

Emperor helped get me to put plans into action and produce results. It gave a confidence boost (which has been a struggle), and kind of got me organized. I use A daily planner/list which is also part of my strategy to stay on track which I had picked up at the brain rehab clinic because of memory issues. It integrates well into my manifesting plan as well.
One impact I noticed with Emperor is that it didn’t do much for my personal relationships. It gave a bit too much of an IDGAF attitude toward people, which has it’s place, but I didn’t like how dismissive I was becoming of a couple people.

Everyone who was in my household got kind of interested and started wanting these products. They have all done pretty well and moved on.

I have tried adding various things for weight loss and fitness. I gained a lot of weight with inactivity and comfort eating after the brain injury. Spartan didn’t seem to do much for me other than make me finish household chores faster and more thoroughly. I did end up losing 30 lbs from walking and moderate exercise, but it didn’t feel like spartan really contributed much since I was doing that before I started using it. It didn’t feel like it made things any easier there or motivated me much specifically for that.

I tried Wanted, for a couple reasons, but I ended up gaining tat 30 lbs back and buying a bunch of shoes and hats for some reason. things I would never actually wear. I actually bought a wizard hat too but that may be because I added in Sage for a time. Kind of ended up with a long beard and wizard hat, oh, and a bunch of Birkenstocks… Sage was great for writing though, I recorded my thoughts in the form of poetry, it was very odd, but kind of fun and oddly relaxing.I felt like Nostradamus. Not sure how accurate my prophecies are yet though.
It kind of makes me wonder what combining Sage and Chosen would do. Weird urges to start a cult?

I find this all fascinating and fun, even with ones that don’t necessarily do anything for me. Some of that could be the way my brain (has/is) rewired itself. I am sure the TBI has an impact here. I notice a fast drop off with the subs when I stop for example.

Currently running:
Wanted ZP (resisting urges to buy shoes and hats)
Just added Ascension Chamber for once a week.

Current projects

Back in school for linguistics and creative writing.
Refining my effort/time to profit ratio.

Financial security - No 9-5 Trap optimal effort/time to profit ratio.
Control of my life (I did lose control and decisions were made for me. Never again)
Healing. Physical and emotional.
Finish Novel
Be less fat.

Contemplating Beast unleashed ZP. I used the ultima a few times, but didn’t notice anything. Not sure I have the attention span or retention to use multistage. I have a bunch more that I didn’t mention here too.

I realize I am a bit scattered and all over the place lol.


I’m very very curious about one thing

First off your story inspired me and was beautiful to read, you’re truly a warrior

My curiosity lies in the statement of “Spartan didn’t do much for me since I was walking and doing exercise before j began running it” so my question is: out of the 30 pounds you lost, how many were after beginning Spartan?

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I should probably reword that…
About 10-12 lbs, My run with Spartan was 90 days and my weight loss stagnated. (that last 10-12 was the first week after adding Spartan) There were positive benefits, but not in the main area I wanted. I also had a huge urge to get back to Jiu Jitsu which stopped with the pandemic (Great therapy for anyone with a TBI btw)

My stagnation could be for multiple reasons that have nothing to do with Spartan itself, my brain chem/hormones are a bit of a mess which is common with my condition. Exercise and dietary changes can easily alter those in anyone.

Have you looked into Qunatum limitless It will be beneficial for your situation healing, cognitive function, brain chemistry it may be a good foundational program to assist in rebuilding it may also help with your Astral projection as well my friend is listening to it currently and the first loop she had an out of body experience. I admire your perseverance and strength. Congrats to you on not giving up and good luck on your journey.
You may want to look into Alchemist as well there are 3 versions one includes Astral projection and dream program and the Supreme includes all that plus as above so below for energy cultivation
For companionship love bomb or heartsong
Fitness : emporer fitness may be a good option ive read a few journals with some good reviews I’m thinking about trying that eventually


Sorry for leaving you here

Spartan isn’t as good as emperor fitness stage 2 for your specific goals


I did try combining Quantum Limitless with Emperor on a 30 day run. I don’t remember what happened lol. I could probably give it another shot.
I have been considering Emperor Fitness for a while. Estacy of Gold too.

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Still thinking about Emperor Fitness. Actually the Boxing and Muay Thai titles look intriguing too. I can’t take head shots anymore, but I do need the work for coordination and balance.

havent used those, I have used EF for 1 year and a half, and spartan for 5 months

Spartan might have failed you due to the fact that it felt like a strong archetype program and requires a LONG shift in perception and periods of mental toughness

emperor fitness was smooth and to the point