On The Blacklist


I bought a title back in early February, and wound up requesting a refund because it gave me headaches and I wasn’t going to listen to it anymore. Now I understand that there’s like a 30 day “pause” placed on you after getting a refund, but it’s been over 2 months and I’m still barred from making anymore purchases AND none of my emails have received replies since mid Feb hence I’ve taken to the forum. Is this some sort of punishment for getting a refund? You’re just black-balled and nobody responds to your emails?


Let this be a lesson to anyone who thinks they’re going to defraud us via refunds.

In February, we refunded your money because after a few days of usage of the singular product you purchased, you complained of headaches. However, clearly you continued to listen to the product after you refunded in February, because on March 20th, you posted the following on THIS POST:

“From personal exprience I can say that Subliminal Clubs’ products are HIGHLY effective, and a subliminal aimed at weight loss would undoubtly help thousands of people!”

I’m attaching a screenshot just in case you try to edit or remove the quote:

In other words, you stole the product. You asked for a refund citing “headaches,” then continued to use the program and receive benefits. I’m actually amazed that you’ve somehow concluded that you’re the victim here.

In either case, I’m letting it be known that both @Fire and I are now taking a hard approach to piracy and those trying to defraud us. We release good products at a very sustainable price, we take customer requests and feedback well, and we listen to our customers about what products they want.

We appreciate every customer we have and stand by our 30-day, no questions asked guarantee. But when it’s very obvious that you’re a potential threat to our business that we’ve spent an incredible amount of time and energy building, we will do what it takes to protect ourselves.

You’re not “blacklisted,” we simply do not want serial refunders as customers, and in this situation, you’ve demonstrated the type of behavior that we’ve seen occur multiple times – buy a product, make up a reason why you need a refund, get a refund, make another purchase, repeat.

If you want to remove all doubt that you are a legitimate customer, agree to repurchase the title that you continued using and receiving benefits from after refunding, and I’ll remove the purchase block.


Raymond Reddington spotted… sorry, I just had to…


So you think you live in the land of the blind and you are the one eyed king who can fool Sovereign and Fire ?. I have news for you pal. Wake up smell the coffee.

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