Weight-loss Title Suggestion


Can we PLEASE have a subliminal dedicated to safe, effective and permanent weight-loss. A large portion of the population is struggling with obesity and other weight related complications. The reality of the situation is that being over weight is the manifestation / symptom of deep seated, unresolved psychological issues (trauma; distructive coping mechanisms and the like). A subliminal that deals with components like:
*Healing (targeted at removing what caused the initial weight gain)
*Positive attitude towards weight loss (weight loss isn’t linked to negative feelings of deprivation, hunger, sadness, isolation, hardship etc.)
*Guidance in developing and sustaining a healthy lifestyle in the long haul
*Motivation to eat well and exercise daily
*Finding new ways to deal with life’s stressors
*Rebuild one’s self-esteem and self-confidence
[This is just a sumary]
From personal exprience I can say that Subliminal Clubs’ products are HIGHLY effective, and a subliminal aimed at weight loss would undoubtly help thousands of people!

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Spartan is geared toward physical health/weight loss/ muscle gain and eating better.


Thank you @Niles. From the “Spartan” description I gleaned that it was geared towards males, seaking to improve physical performance and build muscle. Regarding a weight-loss sublimal, I was thinking along the lines of the other extreme; say a middle aged woman, with bad knees, who isn’t looking to pick up a new sport or pack on the muscle. Or an individual who’s weight is constantly yo-yoing because they go through cycles of narmalcy and binge eating. Perhaps someone that grew up poor, seldom having enough to eat and now unwittingly over-eating for fear of going back to that impoverished state. I could go on and on, but what I’m getting at is a unisex sub made specifically to combat the (sometimes very complex) causes of obesity, and keep it off in the long-term, because let’s face it; as long as problems aren’t dealt with at the root…


A female version of Spartan then. Call it Amazons.
Because exercise is needed for effective weight loss.
The subliminal will encourage exercise, not insist that the listener must “Get more muscular than The Rock”.
So people will find an exercise that they enjoy.
As for those self sabotaging behaviours, there’s are other products like Regeneration that can help.


I wouldnt be surprised if Fire and Sovereign have already anticipated a requirement for a female version of spartan apex. Lets see what they have to say.

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