Omen: Dominate Existence | What Is Omen to You?

Fan fiction

Listen up, you wretched dogs of war. I hold the reins of power that shape nations, control armies, and manipulate the very fabric of society. You, are a lethal weapon in my arsenal, honed to perfection, poised to strike fear into the hearts of our enemies. I would dare say take their wives like plundered table scraps, but circlejerks like that are no army. NEVER FEAR THE WEAK! But let me make one thing crystal fucking clear: we are not mere pawns in this game of power. We are the architects of destruction, we own mayhem, and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it. This is our world.

Gaze upon the world, my loyal hound, and witness the feeble masses cowering in their ignorance. They believe themselves safe, shielded by their feeble laws and delusions of order. But I know better. I know that chaos lurks in the shadows, waiting to be unleashed upon their fragile existence. It is our duty, our divine purpose, to tear down the flimsy façade they call society and expose its rotten core.

Harnessing the might of military forces, manipulating the strings of organized crime, and wielding political influence like a venomous serpent, we hold the power to reshape the world according to our twisted vision. The time for subtlety has passed. Now, my ruthless assassin, I call upon you to unleash your darkest desires, your most sadistic talents. Embrace the darkness within you and let it surge through your veins like a torrent of electrifying power.

No longer bound by the shackles of morality or empathy, you are the embodiment of terror. Your very presence sends shockwaves through the souls of our adversaries. Embrace your role as the harbinger of their demise, the bringer of their darkest nightmares. Show them the true meaning of fear, for they have yet to comprehend the magnitude of our wrath.

So, my relentless executioner, heed my call to action. Let the vulgar and shocking symphony of destruction echo through the halls of power. Unleash your insatiable hunger for chaos and leave no stone unturned. Together, we will conquer, dominate, and revel in the boundless ecstasy of our malevolent reign. The world trembles before us, and it is time to claim our rightful place as the architects of damnation.

Do you have what it takes to kill John Wingliss?



@Sage_Ninjistic Done. I was pushing the boundary a lil. :rofl:

You been listening to Khan? Lol.

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In Terminus brotha. In Terminus @Sage_Ninjistic

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