OldChap The Alchemist


Hello gents. It has been a while since I wrote on here. I always read up on your experiences with my morning cup of tea, and now after a few months it is time to give you an update on how my life has been developing.

The past few months I have spent on Alchemist, the full 4 stages. Akin to Emperor, it has been a wild ride! From the first loops to the last loops, it required action and was an emotional rollercoaster that was completely, absolutely worth it.

After my successes with Emperor in growing my businesses even higher (and yes, they are even more profitable now) and moving past my horrible divorce to enjoy beautiful times with some truly astounding women, I found something was lacking. The money was there, the women too… Some deeper inner calling I heard, as if someone was calling out my name from deep within. I knew Alchemist was recently released, so it was the first stop I took to resolving this inner mystery.

I decided to follow the basic structure presented, Stage 1 was the first. Now, I’ll tell you, it is aptly named. After 3 weeks, my study room resembled a library. Copies of old books, of different scriptures were laid strewn on my tables and on the floor. Hours upon hours! My back was killing me. I read it all, but this feeling like I was missing a critical piece of information never left me. I contacted @SaintSovereign and @Fire, hoping perhaps the creators of Alchemist could shed some light, similarly to how they did with Emperor.

They did, and in the documents they shared with me I found the exact piece I needed to create a practice that felt right. A spiritual discipline of my own that truly allowed me to connect with my inner light and dark. The inner calling was even stronger, like a magnet, and most importantly, it felt right.

The next few months I ended up completely focused on my discipline. Stage 2 and Stage 3 filled in and somehow worked in conjunction with my discipline, focusing my movements and awareness in just the right amounts. The reconciliation was truly astounding at times, with negative feelings sometimes permeating my mind. I remembered my Emperor days, and simply continued. With every chapter of reconciliation, I noticed when it ended how my state changed. Lighter, kinder, in indescribable calm. I couldn’t help but think of my ex-wife now and then, remembering how calm I would feel in her arms and feeling sad she would not be able to feel such peace.

Now, I continue my discipline. My life is profoundly calm, and I have found my ever-growing inner calling. I somehow constantly end up helping others with the same inner calling, and I recommend to them to do the same thing I do… Use Alchemist and dig in! It takes time and work, but you look behind you and see it all came together easily.

Thank you Subliminal Club and this great community for your insights and knowledge. Thank you @SaintSovereign and @Fire, both for your work and your advice.

Now, it is time for me to jump on the journey of Quantum Limitless. There are profound projects waiting for their creation.


Always excited to read from you.
I wonder, did you stop listening to emperor when you started alchemist?
This part confuses me a bit because on the one side I think the results become permanent after a certain period of time but on the other side I always thought you have to keep listening to maintain results.
Anyway, which you much strength, joy and excitement for your next adventure!


Thank you my friend.

Yes, I stopped. I found the SC subliminals to affect me in a way that causes me to grow in my own way, to become my own person and walk my own path. This simply goes against the possibility of a subliminal wearing off, because you yourself have changed. There is nothing to maintain at that point, you are simply being you, and what once required you to take conscious action and put in effort now becomes a part of who you are.


Excellent post. Thank you for sharing.


You’re quite welcome. Always love hearing about your successes. Also shows that subliminals can help you regardless of age.