NOTICE: Subliminal Club on Hiatus


After the release of Beyond Limitless, we’ll be taking a three-week hiatus from creating new titles and focusing on another update of our current titles.

When we concluded our yearlong development phase before launch and saw the amazing results our subliminals were getting, we knew we were going to get hit HARD by piracy (and that’s exactly what’s happened). We felt that for us to continue our mission, we had to create a counter measure. That counter measure was in the form of anti-piracy scripting.

The anti-piracy module is conditional – it only kicks in when you’ve pirated one of our programs. We tested the conditional scripting extensively and it works exceptionally well, only hitting those who meet the target requirements. Admittedly, the scripting is quite aggressive in getting you to like our company and products, and hopefully, purchase what you’ve pirated. Once you’ve become a customer, the scripting turns off.

That being said, over the past six months, this community has begun to flourish. Thanks to you, we’re building a real platform for self-development and growth. @Fire is almost done with PrimalTech v2, and we’re going to take the opportunity to not only upgrade as many products as we can (some may not be compatible), but also remove ALL anti-piracy scripting from ALL our products.

This may be a mistake, but as we move forward, it’s not the way we want to generate business. We want to provide genuine value to our customers and establish subliminals as the premiere method of self-development.

Post questions, comments here.

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Wow Primal tech v2 already that is awesome. Which means everything will be upgraded again at some point in the next few months?


Next few weeks, as we remove the anti-piracy scripting, we’re going to upgrade to Primal Tech v2.


Well that is pretty awesome. You guys are really supporting your programs a lot more then most companies. And that is greatly appreciated.


So do I understand correctly that you’re anti piracy script primarily works on getting people to like your products? And it doesn’t prevent those who pirate them to experience results?


@SaintSovereign is there any other scripting influencing behaviour in a manner not advertised?


The anti-piracy script urges you to provide us with value by liking and talking about the products. However, once you purchase the pirated product, the scripting shuts off. Contrast this to one of our competitors, whose anti-piracy scripting “makes you uncomfortable in however your subconscious chooses” (what does this even mean) until you purchase.


No. But every subliminal producer has anti-piracy scripting. We will be the first popular producer to remove ours.


@SaintSovereign anti piracy is fine. I can even accept not announcing it immediately to test it for a while, but I expect openness and transparency. Trust is a fragile thing, especially for a product line like this.


Thanks for your honesty. I guess each of us using subliminals is the only one responsible for its effects. At the end of the day we don’t know what it’s there. It’s a matter of trust in a way, but also common sense. If we notice some weird effects and they continue, we can just abandon listening. No harm done (most of the time I guess). Everything is a learning experience. It’s a risk I’m gladly willing to take, though.


I haven’t done this and don’t plan to, but if I cross-reference your forum email with our customer list, are you going to be up there? We are alchemists, we are self-explorers, but this is a company, we provide value, we expect value. No other producer has given exact details on their anti-piracy method, and we’re announcing that we’re removing ours.


@SaintSovereign does your anti-piracy script prevent users from getting results?

by the way, it’s a bold decision to remove it with announcing, but I believe it won’t harm your business, and as it is your goal to help people. I believe in the law of universe. The more you give, the more you get in return. Thumbs up for SubClub :slightly_smiling_face:


No, you can still get results.


The fact that anyone would even consider pirating something that is a obviously affordable shows a complete lack of respect and personal integrity


01-11-19 @ 9:30 PM;
@SaintSovereign; Ok so if your anti-piracy script doesn’t stop people from getting results, why did you implement it into the scripts in the first place?
The whole purpose of putting the anti-piracy is to prevent people from using your products without paying for the hard work you put into them. So if it allows them to get results, then it seems like a waste of your time. Time that can be better spent in further developing PrimalTech.


How much testing did you do for the anti-scripting? 10+ people?

Will you release the exact lines that you will use? So we can make an educated decision on whether we think that it will pos/neg effect us?

As a side note. It’s your company and do what you believe is in your interest. I do think that you are paying waaay to much attention to that channel where all that bs was shared. That is a small amount of people. Focus on growing it mainstream rather then preventing a few people from listening to it.


Making the script not work for pirates means getting a bunch of people screaming that the product didn’t work, which would be quite irritating.


No, because there won’t be any lines – we’re removing all anti-piracy scripting. That was the point of the post.


:muscle: Misread.