Noob needing help to choose between programs & how to start

Hey everyone,

I’m a noob to the subliminals world, and I’m looking to purchase and use for the first time. The community here seems incredible and I really am intrigued with the positive feedback throughout, plus the community engagement of the founders adds a significant amount of legitimacy to the product in my eyes.

The common idea from my research is that I should be going for either Ascension or Ascended Mogul as a first subliminal, with Limitless being an option as well. Just a bit of background: I’m in my mid-20s, working at a bottom-level sales job, live with my mother, coming off a breakup from a 5 year relationship, currently on break from work because I was diagnosed with severe depression. I want to change my life completely (and have already taken the steps to do so), my priorities are that I want to be able to socialize with others again (after being a recluse for the last 4 years), I want to become independant and live by myself in property that I purchased, I want romantic relationships, I want to learn additional skills on the side to make myself a better employee so that I could move up in the company but at the same time I’d like to start side-streams of income so that I could eventually quit my job and make my own money. I think the romance can be pushed aside for the time being, while I focus on making enough money to live by myself.

I noticed on the sales page for Emperor that it includes all of the modules included with Ascension and Ascended Mogul. I also noticed that Ascended Mogul includes all of the modules from Ascension as well. My question: are these modules exactly the same across those packages? Does Emperor include Ascension and Ascended Mogul as well, or are the modules that they share customized specifically for Emperor? I’m just trying to save money, so I would rather buy Emperor than Ascended Mogul if it also includes everything in Ascended Mogul but for the same price. I would use the Emperor modules only after completing my necessary goals at my job.

Another question: Khan Multi-Stage looks fascinating to me, the idea of breaking myself down and building myself anew would be ideal. I have read though that many people don’t consider it to be a good sub for beginners, because of its time commitment. To what extent is it similar to Emperor in regards to its ‘idgaf’ attitude, because having something similar to Emperor would be counter-productive for my job.

Primal seduction looks like a great option for the future (once I can live by myself again), but the way Khan seems to combine PS with Ascended Mogul at stage 3 is very interesting for me. Limitless is also very intriguing, to increase my productivity and ability to learn new skills. Any thoughts and suggestions on what to do?

Thanks for your help.

look i jumped into khan straight away as my first product but every veteran here will tell you that ascended mogul is the best beginner program ever, trust us you’ll get what you want and more from it, and the smaller script is more specialized in very foundation based things (belief in yourself, confidence)
and then choose either khan or emperor.

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If you’re a noob to subliminals, don’t overthink it, go with Ascension or Ascended Mogul. The rest is almost certainly too powerful for you. Ascension or Ascended Mogul will help you establish the necessary foundations to jump to Emperor or Khan in a few months.

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Some great advice above. Definitely, Ascension and AM are great subs to start with. For me, healing was very important, so I started with RegenerationQ. Did that for 4 months, then I moved on to Khan.
My parting advice is stick with one sub and do it for at least 4 months. Don’t create a stack for now.

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What is the difference between Ascension and Ascended Mogul, if Ascended Mogul also includes everything in Ascension?

Is there even a point to get Ascension ever, since Ascended Mogul includes everything in Ascension? Wouldn’t the same logic apply to Emperor? This is what I’m failing to understand.

Ascended Mogul (AM) has both Ascension and Mogul in it. As AM is bigger, it takes longer for results to happen on AM compared to Ascension only.

Ascension would be good if all you want is the modules from Ascension only and want fairly fast results versus AM.

Emperor has Ascended Mogul + Sex Mastery + Quantum Limitless Lite and other modules. It is a packed subliminal.

Larger subliminals like Emperor take longer for results to appear. Feeding the mind with more food takes longer (my analogy).


Start with Ascended Mogul, run it for a year and it will give you an excellent base.

Don’t try to run before you can walk.


To add to that:

Ascended Mogul isn’t a “beginner” sub, if you don’t have a strong masculine foundation, it will tap your ass until you do.

If you stick with it, you’ll feel rock solid strong inside, others respect you, money manifests and women start to notice you. Works fast.

I’m using it and I’ve been a SubClub member of 2 years.


Hey man, what would be the absolutely beginner sub on here in your opnion?

First, get rid of the concept of “beginner” subs. Ask yourself “what do I need?”, then look for the fastest way to get there. Bigger isn’t always better.

On Khan I realised that my foundation sucked. So I returned to Ascension 3 times. Even with AM Qv2 I’ve just hit some crappy recon.


Yeah I know what you mean. I’ve been thinking of Ascension even though I bought Asc Mog 2 years ago. I reckon Ascension would fit better at this stage of my life. Sth light that’s not dense and deliver quicker results.


Very interesting stuff, thank you for that. All of these different subs are so intriguing to me, it’s like I want to try them all but with what you’ve said, maybe it is better that I take things slowly.

With that said I still want to purchase many at once to save money in the future (through the first order discount), I’m thinking an Ultima and a physical subliminal. The Beast Unleashed seems ideal for the latter, the Ultima is where things get a little tricky. A socializing Ultima like True Social is intriguing but so is a productive Ultima like Limitless Executive. Again, I don’t intend to use these now but later, but am I really biting off more than I can chew by trying to decide this right now (considering that you yourself have been on one sub for the better part of 2 years)?

How about starting with Ascended Mogul?

You want to rise in your job, is that correct?

If so, that might be better suited because Emperor is more if you want to start a business.

The Ascended part of Ascended Mogul should also help build a foundation for more complicated subliminals.

This is a more conservative approach. Sure you could experiment with adding more, but starting off slow might be better. Qv2 is very strong. Start with 1 loop a day.

Yes exactly, and I agree. I will be starting with Ascended Mogul but what I was looking more for is potential plans that I could purchase in the future that I would want to purchase now.

I pulled the trigger and purchased Ascended Mogul, Power Can Corrupt and The Beast Within/Unleashed. I don’t expect to touch PCC for awhile, but it’s good to know that I have it at least. The Beast is going to be for workouts and Ascended Mogul is what I will be using daily. Should I use 1 loop of each every day (one for AM and one for the Beast before/during my workout)?