No More Random Thoughts [ROS,QL,EOG]

It’s so an unusual Journal thread I am opening Today that too After So many days break from journaling.
In this Journal I will write about my journey to Control My Own Thoughts. I am tired of Random thoughts at any time & keep daydreaming about them, without any real action to solve a significant problem. Or to achieve something out of it.

It is just like I am satisfying my lost ego

I daydreamed a lot in my entire life but, ROS showed me my issue.
Ok, I am ambitious and want to do good with my family, Friends, My myself also. But I always think about them at any time, & it actually messed up my life & makes me an obsessive depressed person

I have made a few categories of my thoughts
Making Categories Of Thoughts

  • Wealth
  • Seduction
  • Study
  • Friend
  • Respect
  • Fame

& I just do not want to think about them but achieve whatever I am imagining
By using

  • Imagination = guided meditation with my own desire)
  • Focus & Attention = thinking about actions I have to take & Reaction I will get or Simply perform action
  • Good Feelings = Feeling happy & good while performing visualization
  • Action & Motion = simply perform little action

little action is for all other things & Major activities is for my new career preparation & Current Jobs

This is something very unique I have done earlier

Why I am doing this, & what mistakes I was doing before, It’s so clear. But I am expecting different result with this strategies, Lets See What Happens

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Life is sorted
Now I got real meaning of the above sentence

I made a sheet and notedown what thoughts I am getting
What action should I take to sort out the issue?

I tried 1 action and when I failed i realised do i really need this

Then now I can see how many things are pending that this bullshit things keep popping up

Now i can give my focus and attention to some other things