NK Ultima test results


Welp, jumped on the next big thing. For a list of what I’ve been running up until this point you can find that here:

Listened to one loop of Ultima A this morning. I made the mistake of reading other journals before letting myself truly experience it for myself. I’m always weary of letting other people’s experiences influence my perception but I was bored and forum surfing lol

Feeling a real sense of “not giving a shit”. Had a conference call with my network marketing company. In my other journals I’ve mentioned how I am not fond of my coach/trainer. He is a nice guy and a good salesman. All that said, he’s a lousy trainer. The coaching calls are a constant barrage of “look how great this company is why aren’t you more excited and selling more blah blah blah”. I honestly think this is why most of these companies do so poorly and have such a bad rep. It’s not necessarily bad products or bad business structure (network marketing/direct sales vs. traditional corporations), it’s lack of proper training. People don’t get taught the soft and hard skills needed to go out into the field and sell. All these companies are traditionally known for their cult-like hype up meetings and you feel good but you learn nothing.

During the call he introduced some ridiculous new meeting(“training”) schedule where it was like the 1st and 3rd Tuesday but the 2nd and 4th Thursday, every Wednesday and Saturday but the 2nd and 3rd Saturday are specifically about one thing. I physically laughed out loud at how preposterous it is (thankfully our mics were on mute).

At the last meeting he asked everyone to send him a message stating what our intentions going forward are - whether we would be full players, part-timers, or sometimers (people who put up numbers once in awhile but aren’t really in it to make a lot of money). I have every intention of being a full player but I don’t want my teams plugged into his. I want my people to build in my own culture. A culture of winners who hustle and train each other to win big. At first I was going to text him requesting a conversation to negotiate it out. Then during the conference call I had a thought along the lines of “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.” So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to put up numbers, I’m going to build a team, and I’m not going to plug them in. Give them the benefit of all the training I’ve amassed over years through consistent skill drills training. Have them start to put up numbers, then bargain from a position of strength.

So yeah, that was my day so far. I’m feeling quite energetic considering I smoked some herb long ago but I’m not sure if that’s the sub or me reading it in other journals and letting it reflect in me psychosomatically. I didn’t sleep well at all last night so it’s more than a bit peculiar that I’m this energetic at all. It feels like my brain is on overdrive a little bit.

NB: this was written while listening to my second loop of Ultima A :crazy_face:

Into the dark dark yonder - Neurokinetic's custom journal

Please post again a few hours after you’ve finished listening – roughly 3-4 hours. I think you’ll be surprised. :wink:


T-20 minutes until done play through so I’ll come back with another report in 4 hours I guess :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay we’re now 4ish hours after my second listen and 10ish hours after my first listen to Ultima A.

I’ve spent most of the day inside today watching training videos which is pretty par for the course. I feel like I have a greater sense of focus and energy. Very concentrated. Other people have written about feeling motivated, that wasn’t so much my experience. But I didn’t feel fatigued going through the training videos like I do normally. Considering I slept awful last night, I’ve had no coffee or sugar today, I’d consider this level of energy to be abnormally high


Day 2
Okay, it’s been about 3 hours since listening to Ulima B. Nothing overly abnormal to report today. I do seem to have a good amount of energy and sense of focus again today. Some things seem to be “clicking” in terms of stuff I’m learning/less brain fog.


Keep in mind that you’re not looking for anything “abnormal,” just an increase above your baseline. Anything above your baseline could be considered results.


By abnormal I definitely mean a change from baseline. What I meant is that the results were not so drastic that it could immediately be defined (“Holy crap I woke up with a 13-inch kick stand between my legs!” - a hyperbole but you understand the point). Levels of focus and energy are noteworthy since I’m still smoking weed and normally would’ve had at least one nap by now :stuck_out_tongue:


Day 3
Listened to Ultima A for one loop this morning. This was my first time listening using headphones. Felt a slight tingling sensation throughout my body when listening. I applied to some random job postings this morning. Found 2-3 positions that looked interesting and/or stable (either or both would be a welcome change). One of the applications was exceedingly complex and off-putting. Immediately after logging in to their portal I was turned off from completing the process. However something in my head said “do it”. So with very little resistance I ended up going through and completing each step of the process.

Possible “manifestation” but this morning I was thinking about a sales pitch and in it I was going to include a bit about how other financial institutions have tried to recruit me away from my company in the past. Later in the morning I received several phone calls from a third-party recruiting agency about working for one of the 5 major banks in Canada. I’m undecided about whether I’ll even consider contacting the recruiter back as I’ve specifically not gone to work for these banks in the past on purpose for my own specific reasons.

More focus, more energy. Feeling very awake today as I have been since I started testing. I did end up taking a small nap yesterday late afternoon but it wasn’t very lengthy and was more than likely caused by weed burnout. I’m almost out of weed, maybe a bowl or two left to smoke. Tomorrow will be my first day of going sober for awhile which will be nice I think.


Possible manifestation #2 today lol

Last year my father passed away. Earlier this year one of his “friends” attempted to sue his estate (me and my sister as beneficiaries) for $10,000 - claiming some debt was owed. We asked for proof and when we were given nothing of substance to prove the claim we declined to pay the “debt”. After filing a civil suit with the courts and dragging out a long process he finally decided to drop the suit (most likely he realized he had no case). After some back and forth with his legal representation, we were all set to have the case dropped. Then at the last minute he backed out again and fired his representative, saying he was no longer dropping the suit and representing himself moving forward. After firing his representation he again contacted us saying he was dropping the case. When it was time to go to court he did not appear, the court could not offer a ruling in our favour but they fined him for not appearing and said if he didn’t pay the fine we could have the case dismissed. Then Covid happened and the courts shut down - pausing the whole situation.

Fast forward to today:
My sister calls and says she got an email saying he’s once again dropping the case. After a brief conversation about what she said to the new person he has hired to represent him this time, I discovered that person whom he’s retained is a former law school colleague of mine. We studied together all the time. I helped her with computer issues on more than one occasion. I’m calling this a manifestation because the odds of him hiring this one particular person (especially out of all the people who graduated with my class that year) are astronomical. Very much looking forward to contacting her tomorrow and surprising her with the fact that it’s me she’s on the opposite side of (and how thankful she’ll be that she’s not taking me to court, I was consistently at the top of our class without even trying).


Day 4
Listened to Ultima B this morning with headphones. Today is a bit of an off day because it’s my first day off weed. Getting up this morning and not getting stoned first thing was an interesting shift. I’ve been on a “no bullshit” kick today, calling out several people on social media for peddling unsubstantiated conspiracy theories.

Focus and drive seem to be up today again. I keep looking for things to do. There’s a definite sense of restlessness looming over me since I woke up this morning. Not sure if it’s Ultima or lack of weed causing this.


Day 5

Listened to Ultima A this morning on my speakers.

It’s been a weird couple of days. Still trying to recalibrate now that I’m weed free. Eating and sleeping has taken a shift. Yesterday I had more no BS attitude. I turned into a keyboard warrior on social media. Now I’m pretty vocal, active person - but I never engage in heated debates with strangers on the internet. It’s something I’m mostly not interested in (or wasn’t before).

I started working out again this morning. To my surprise, I was able to do a full pull up from hanging rest. This is something I was incapable of doing prior. The last time I worked out was weeks ago. For me to all of a sudden be able to do a full pull up from hanging rest vs starting from half way is a huge deal for me - especially after not working out for I think more than a month.

More focus. More drive. I’m in a place of overwhelm right now where I have a LOT of resources of available but I’m not sure what direction to take. This is causing some halting in action, but I expect to get around it shortly.


Day 6

Listened to Ultima B this morning on speakers.

Feeling more relaxed today then the last few days but this could easily be my body readjusting to the lack of weed. Since quitting a few days ago my average heart rate has gone up dramatically. Unsure if this is normal or not as I’ve never stopped smoking before while wearing a Fitbit tracker. While not a lot of “action” was taken today, a lot less time was spent wasted. I meditated, exercised, watched course training videos, read a declassified CIA report on energetics (really interesting stuff in which they verify a lot of things like binaural beats and astral projection), and will probably work on music and start a new book tonight - basically anything to avoid TV and social media. So while not taking the concise massive action steps which I could be taking, I feel like I’m making incremental steps toward that.

I’m setting a new goal of leaving my house for a minimum of an hour a day. This hour can’t be groceries or anything like that (because I’ll use my car). I choose to go for a walk for a minimum of an hour every day. At the start, wearing headphones will be allowed (maybe for the first week or something) but as I progress I will take the music out and force myself to interact with the world. The next step after that will be striking conversations with strangers and practising the skills and techniques I’ve picked over the last few months.


Is this report available anywhere? I’m interested to read it.



I am geeking out at 10. Energy Entrainment. Thanks for sharing.


Day 7

Listened to 1 loop Ultima A

I was debating whether or not to take a rest day today as I believe this is the last day of stage 1 testing, however I decided “fuck it” and listened on my speakers. I changed media players (from Winamp to Windows Media Codec player). After it was done playing I felt a little tired so I went and took a nap. A couple of things to note. I feel MUCH more energized now, very wide awake. This is definitely above board. Secondly, I slept like a log. Unfortunately if I sleep less than 3 hours my Fitbit can’t track stages of sleep (REM, light, deep, awake) but I feel that it was a very deep sleep. I woke up once briefly and slept so deeply I thought I must’ve slept for at least 2 hours, when I looked at the time it had barely been an hour! Then I fell asleep again, had another deep sleep and woke up thinking it must’ve been a few hours again, this time only HALF an hour had passed. Finally, and the part I’m most excited about, I had a dream! The first very vivid dream I can remember having in quite some time. It was only a brief moment, I dreamt a friend of mine had sent me a weighted blanket made from an animal pelt he hunted. What I found most interesting when I woke up is that I remembered the numbers on the label (15 lbs). Numbers are notoriously difficult to read in dreams so I was quite happy about this.

It seems my ability to solve problems is increasing. I’ve always been a pretty good at navigating around problems and “out-of-the-box” thinking. But it does seem somewhat amplified.


Day 8
In anticipation of upcoming stage 2 I decided to take a rest day or two (depending).

Not a whole lot to report today. I slept pretty terribly last night. Having issues with the heat while simultaneously having problems with my a/c and fans being too cold (what must I do to win?! haha). Yesterday I went for a short walk, today I tried going for a light jog. The heat made it exceedingly difficult to jog, I also believe I didn’t wait long enough between eating lunch and going for my jog. Haven’t had a midday nap in awhile which can either be attributed to quitting weed, the subs, or both - it’s impossible to say. Working on accomplishing more, trying to keep the motivation going and solving how to get the most done in the least amount of time.


Day 9
I’m currently listening to Ultima 2A. I’ll do another post in a few hours to assess any changes. As a baseline assessment though: I’ve been pretty productive today. I did some online course work, I cooked breakfast for the first time in ever, I’m reading consistently and am now halfway through a book I started a few days ago, did laundry and did work in the garden that I’d been putting off all week. All in all, I’d say pretty good day so far without the subs. Interested to see how I’ll feel after the fact.


Day 9.2
Been a few hours since listening to 2A. Can’t say that I am noticing a difference as today was already so productive before listening. I may have burned myself out for the day before listening. Perhaps I’ll see a more incremental difference tomorrow. Only time will tell.


Day 10
I wanted to post these two screenshots. The first is my worst sleep from last week while doing the stage 1 test as recorded by my Fitbit. The second is my sleep last night, first night on stage 2.