Nile’s Iron Throne and Daredevil Journal


First post in probably close to a month, I want to start doing regular posts to keep myself in check and making sure I’m staying true to my goals. I’ve been running Primal Seduction since it’s released and than started including DareDevil shortly after it came out as well. This has been working really well for my current lifestyle (full time bartending right now), although lately I’ve started to feel social aspect of the subliminal over power the sexual edge a bit so I’m going to be using Iron Throne instead of Primal Seduction. In the past I’ve had a lot of success with Iron Throne dedicating huge amounts of time to bettering myself in the pick up/dating area.

Since starting SubClubs seduction stacks, I began with Primal and S&S before PS was released I’ve went from a non existent sex life living in a new town knowing absolutely nobody, and being flat broke- to now having a great social life, regular casual sex with a few different girls, a job that I love, and the highest self esteem that I’ve had in a long time. Everything’s honestly been going pretty great, but at the same time I can’t help but feel like I’m falling into a routine, and off of my purpose. I feel like there comes a time when life tests you with comfortability and gives you everything you think you wanted, but deep down there’s something missing.

I’m not sure what that purpose is yet, but I know it’s not getting caught up in a routine of bartending, sleeping with girls that I feel I can do much better than, partying at hitting the gym. I’m okay with it for the summer as I have a comfortable living situation, am able to save money for my next move/travels, but I will be doing some serious reflecting over the course of the next week to get some clarity on what my next step should be.