Nice to meet you all


My name is Adgors, I’m 25 and I’m from Romania.

I just bought Diamond yesterday and listened to it 2 times as per the instructions but after searching the forums for a bit I saw someone say it’s best to listen to it once per week so I guess that’s what I’ll do from now on.

I do have a question. I suffer from severe social anxiety and an inferiority complex. After looking through the programs I came to the conclusion that it would be best to do a minimum of one cycle of Ascension. Do you have any other recommendations?

I loved the vibe of the community while perusing through the forums. It’s really nice meeting you all!


Welcome to the club. I wish you much success.
Ascension is a very good choice to start with.


Welcome @Adgors!

Yes. Ascension is an excellent title for our new members. It lays a foundation for masculinity, productivity, confidence and other traits that are necessary for every man.

Please go ahead and run Ascension and DIAMOND. Am sure they will serve you well.

Here are the listening instructions:


Thank you for the replies. I will run a cycle of Ascension - Diamond.

Sorry if that’s not how you write a stack, I’m still new and don’t know the ins and outs of the forum😅.


Welcome to Subliminal Club. Thanks for giving us a try. @Lion 's advice is sound. That’s a good “beginners” stack to go with and I think you’ll like the results. Note, Diamond is mostly used for enhancing active sexual relationships. If you’re looking to attract more romance, you’d need something else. Ascension has romance and sex scripting, though.


Haha don’t worry about it. You will learn fast by reading the forum.

Also feel free to ask questions and read the supporthub (the link with the listening instructions). Lots of information there.


I do have a gf. Long story short when we got together I could last for about 5 minutes, then as things progressed I went up to 30-60 minutes and now I cannot last more than 2 to save my life. I have no idea why and it obviously impacted our private life to the point we have sex less than once per month. That in itself is impacting my stamina and making me doubt myself when it happens. I thought Diamond could help. Should I have chosen something else? Thanks for your reply.

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Ah, gotcha. Yes, Diamond is a good choice in that situation. Use it about 2 hours before sexual activity (you can even listen together if you have consent). I can’t guarantee anything (hence the 30-day refund policy), but we had people messaging support telling us that they had ED and low stamina wiped out in a week or two.

In a situation like this – and I hate to get graphic or overstep boundaries – one of the best ways to use Diamond is to engage in a lot of foreplay. Diamond’s effects on that are profound and builds up so much sexual energy that everything else just falls into place.


Would stacking Paragon with Diamond help fix PE and ED even better?

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Hey @Adgors welcome!

I’m curious, since you live in Romania, have you ever seen Andrew Tate in person?

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You didn’t overstep any boundaries. I live by the code “I don’t get off untill she does” so if it helps in the foreplay aspect too it will be awesome.

Hey @JaySolo , thank you!

Untill your comment I wasn’t even aware he was in Romania. He was just some guy I heard about on the internet. What is he even doing here out of all the countries in the world? xD

Think I should add Paragon to the stack. It would contain only 3 subliminals so I guess it would work but idk…kinda afraid of too much healing too fast

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I’m not even sure if Paragon would do what I’m thinking when stacked with Diamond. Would be cool if so.

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And I’m sorry for 4 replies in a row but I don’t know how to do a single one in which to respond to three persons😅

If you highlight a bit of text you want to respond to, it will bring up an option to “Quote” that highlighted section in your reply. Can do that with as many as you want in one post.


@Adgors Yeah he lives out there, apparently your country seems to be the most Christian compared to most countries of the words; churches everywhere, family values, etc. I was just curious lol.

Good luck with your journey, remember we’re here to support you with whatever you need!

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Oh wow. So simple yet so “hidden” xD

@JaySolo it’s only “Christian” if you come to visit it. Sure we have our bunch of hardcore Christians but they tend to be in the older generation. Yet curiously we now have a cathedral in construction (the biggest in eastern Europe I’ve heard) even tho orthodoxy doesn’t do cathedrals like Catholicism. But it’s nice money to launder so there’s that.

Thank you very much. Good luck on your journey too!

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Nice to meet you too

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@Adgors To be very detail oriented… that is, listen to 1 or 2 loops of Diamond approximately 2 hours before sexual activity.

If you were to listen to Diamond for 2 hours (about 8 loops) before sexual activity, well we’re not sure what would happen, but it might not be good. :grin:

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