Nice picture banks

Hi everyone,
I was curious about the pictures that we can find on the Q customs shop
@SaintSovereign and @Fire , are they from a free liscence image bank ?
Because this last week I’ve been on a binge about searching for such great looking image and it would really help me if I knew what the source of those would be

Also I’ve seen that both @BlackSheep and @AlexSQ currently have images that appears on the Q store too. Where did you find those, are they just random online pictures you like or just straight out taken from the Q store ?

It would greatly help me to know more
Thanks in advance :pray:t2:

I’m alkready of the classical site for free hd pictures like unsplash and etc…
Have you find them there or somewhere else ?
Or maybe was it on a paying site, I wouldn’t mind either

Adobe Stock photo, you’ll have a nice bank of pics!

Edit : Basically anywhere on the web just look for stock photo.

I just took the pic from the Q store.

Some of them I found on the website 500px by a guy called kevin carden. You can purchase them.

I guess this is also what SC did.


Ma mhen I am aware of adobe stock photo ahahaha but most of them are overpriced on that site
Usually you can find the same one on other site for 1/3 of the price

But still thanks for the input !

Thanks his work looks superb !

If there are other source could either saint or fire mention them ?
No stress of course


This guy knows the ways of Photoshop :wink:

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More than knowing the ways of photoshop
He’s good at grafting feelings and deepness to the pictures

Wich makes them really powerfull and eye catching

@friday I saw the covers of your wanted khan custom, where did you find the images for it?

Helmut Newton foundation