Next Custom Modules/Cores That Should be Made

  • Grappling/BJJ/Sambo Core
  • Chess
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Cricket
  • I agree
  • I don’t agree

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I would love a custom Futbol/soccer sub. Everything from on the pitch skills, with intelligent mind, to maintaining a healthy body


I am wondering how subliminals work for team sports.


I think a mixed martial arts Core that morphs to which ever martial arts you are practicing or using would make a lot more sense then specific cores to each martial art or fight technique.

Same thing goes with sports honestly, for the most part all sports have similar aspects from different angles. It would make more sense to have something for peak god level physicality that you can morph into any sport you play.

Only my opinion lol.


Don’t different sports require different skill sets and abilities?

E.g. A good runner uses his legs more than a table-tennis player. A diver doesn’t need as much stamina as a swimmer.


That is why the sub would morph using certain modules to your needs. But like i said most sports have similar aspects from different positions. Most sports you have to be at your peak and continue to push to be the best in all aspects. I am talking sports like the big ones not table tennis lol, didn’t realize that was considered an actual sport. I was talking running, volleyball, basketball, soccer, rugby, football, swimming, and others. Which all of those use their legs a lot and need stamina.


Table-tennis is an Olympic sport.

Why didn’t you mention baseball or cricket? Not much stamina and not much running. Just standing around half of the time.

Or golf.

Perhaps, it is possible to be good at more than one sport. Michael Jordan was good at golf and baseball too.


Language Mastery X for language acquisition Reading/Writing/Listening/Speaking all languages. C2 level or higher.

Software Engineering X, everything to do with software including data structures and algorithms, programming languages, logic, etc… Complete mastery and practical as well. Apply theory to practical real life/real world solutions.

I have many more ideas.


Spartan should be good for all the sports and physical and mental toughness. That being said, having weapon x titles is very beneficial.


More Weapon X titles would be nice like I stated above. In regular store and q store.


Nikola Tesla Subliminal (Hardcore Electrical enginnering)


Nikola Tesla did way more than that. Truly one of the greats. He spoke 8 languages. When he went to France, every city he went to, which appear to be many, everyone thought he was born in that city. To me, that is impressive.


Billards too. I want to be able to pull off a 9 rail escape in snooker.


This should really be part of the Q Modules Requests thread :stuck_out_tongue: