NewLease; Khan Journey

No time frame for this one but I’m not switching, and I’m not stacking anything until I achieve all the Objectives on the sales page neither.

My listening pattern is the full 15 minutes once a week. First loop was Khan TB Feb 5th, 2023.

Yesterday the feeling that I made a mistake was strong yesterday but at night I felt a release before bed. Hard getting to sleep though and also sleep paralysis. Today feels smooth, feeling chill, nothing to complain about.


Keep going :clap: it’s worth the long haul bud :ok_hand::sunglasses:


Man, I thought emperor gave people a hard time here but lately almost everyone including the advanced users seem to be gettin their ass kicked by khan. Best of luck, telling you from experience that khan from stage 1 to 4 is incredible


Will do :+1:


I hear you, I’m sticking to it :+1:


Feeling humble today. On my way to work bad memories came up but didn’t try to ignore them. Instead I embraced them and let them humble me further. I did stupid things and I was a brat. I think I have just started coming to terms with that.


Some little things I have noticed:

  • I’m not as obsessed with my appearance. I have a beer belly that I need to get rid of but it doesn’t bother me a much.
  • I made a mistake which was small but I was about to beat myself up for it but caught myself by saying “You’re Human, relax!”
  • I have noticed how entitled I actually am. I’m will to really work for what I want. When this first hit me it was in regards to women and sex. Typing it out now I realize it other things as well.

I felt chill this morning. A little anxiety too but nothing to complain about. Just got back into the office after having lunch and I am feeling something big being worked on. Felt it on the ride back to the office too. Like sick but not sick, best I can do to explain it. Something is being cleared.


Been a while, but nothing much to report. I know a lot is taking place in the background though. Every now and again I go back and read the journal Honest Review Of Khan and I always enjoy it but there isn’t anything to learn from it that I didn’t already know. Taking action is how you get those results. Just got to do it.


Yesterday I was reading Amash journal, not for the first time. What a coincidence. :slightly_smiling_face:
But Amash also had an unusually high exposure time with the subs. He had hundreds of hours with q in a very short time. You listen to ST1 once a week. Maybe you should increase your listening time? Or have you ever had any problems with recon?


Reconciliation has been a problem which is why I listen once a week lol. I did listen twice last week as an experiment though. Let’s see how that goes.

Maybe going back to the recommended listening pattern might be a good idea.


I would try it and if there is any sign of recon you can lower the listening time to 7 minutes for example until you can tolerate it. I think its better than lowering the overall days.

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I’ll give it a try.

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Here is my theory on why I had to play Limit Destroyer while going through Khan St1.

Archery is the perfect example for this demonstration :ok_hand::wink:

My conscious mind wants to become Khan, so I put the arrow on my bow and pull back and that creates resistance right?

So as I felt that resistance (recon), then I played Limit Destroyer and Bang :bangbang: (Release) the arrow and hit the bullseye :dart:


It’s so easy, I wouldn’t go without it :clap::sunglasses:

I feel like part of are subconscious has resistance to becoming a knew person and Limit Destroyer releases that “ I Can’t Do That” Mentality that we’ve become so accustomed to that hinders our goals that we desire so much.

And that’s why I would recommend adding Limit Destroyer to your Khan Stack, but separate the you play your stack to let the subliminal breathe and integrate :ok_hand::wink:

As a matter of fact I know they added minor scripting in Chosen From Within…

“As Chosen From Within follows a more healing oriented approach, we’ve developed a number of new technologies (yet based upon the wisdom we’ve acquired in creating other products). For example, Chosen From Within features rewritten and upgraded scripting from Rebirth merged with rewritten scripting from Limit Destroyer. This synergistic combination allows for an incredibly potent, dual-approach novel way of dissolving the internal limits preventing you from reaching your leadership goals.”

I would love to see Limit Destroyer/ Rebirth scripting added to All V3 titles when they upgrade them and watch the the results skyrocket :rocket:



Stacking with stage 1 is something I will think about, thanks.

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I decided to start listening to a loop every other day and then 5 days off. It’s been a week and I think I am seeing a difference. Been having dreams, an episode of sleep paralysis. I think I feel things clearing for me. I terms of taking action I decided to really try and break myself down. I created a BetterHelp account and I have already been assigned a therapist. My first appointment will be on Monday. Lets see how it goes.


Was supposed to go out tonight, but saw the IG story of where I was going to go. Everyone looked like they were having a good time and I know if I went I would just sit at the bar by myself. Now I just want to stay home.

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A lot happened on Monday, so I had to reschedule my appointment with my therapist for Friday instead. Khan TB is doing what it is supposed to do. Been having dreams, feeling horny a lot. Just a while ago I felt sad. I felt like I wasn’t being me, I wasn’t being who I truly am. But then I thought to myself, what if I feel this way because I am suppose to change, suppose to be doing things differently? What if I would be better in the future and that I am only sad now because the parts that I held on to for so long are finally being let go? Parts of me that have been holding me back? I’m not happy being who I am yet this who I am is all I know, and its starting to change. I want to be someone who I can be proud of and live a life that I can be proud of. Its hard letting go but switching subs is just going to give me more of what I’m already getting which is nothing. Khan was designed for the stubborn and I am stubborn. I’m staying the course.


Finished my first therapy session not too long ago. I spoke and I was honest about what I hoped to achieve, what I wanted to change, who I wanted to be. Was honest about my anxiety, my fears. I was honest about hurt feelings. It was a good session.


Why only a loop per week???