NewLease; Growing Up


I missed out on a lot growing up and I am at that point where I believe that I am ready to let that go and move on. I’m ready to accept that I am an adult with responsibilities but that doesn’t mean I can’t live a happy life. I was trying to figure out whether it should be Stark or Emperor. I listen to Stark last night and Emperor the night before. I’ve decided on Emperor because I need to work on myself in terms of maturity. In terms of dating and relationships if something happens then something happens but I’m not focusing on that and won’t be for a while.


Good to see that there’s a trend on here that sees mature personal growth as worthwhile. Emperor is the crack code.


I agree. First SubClub sub I ever bought and the one I always come back to. This time its the one I’m sticking with.


@NewLease what happened to your profile pic? For a second I thought this was another user!

Let me guess...

Your lease on the old photo was up :smiley:


lol just needed a change


I’m at that part of reconciliation where I feel nervous. Just have to ride this out.


Last night I felt the urge. My mind was telling me that Emperor wouldn’t help but I didn’t listen. Right now I’m feeling relaxed and content. Just a while ago though a painful memory just popped up and I guess I have to come to terms with. I feel Emperor already working to let it go.


Last night I went to bed early and this morning I woke up early and couldn’t fall back asleep. Still feeling the temptation to switch subs but I know it’s reconciliation. Before it was switching to StarkQ now it’s Daredevil. The paranoia of being alone forever is also there and trying not to let it get to me.