Newbie Intro Story & Questions (Emperor Sub)

Greetings, I haven’t tried subliminals before, but have had good results with meditation, journaling, and various mindfulness techniques. Self improvement has always been a part of my curiosities and interests in life, kind of a DIY fan in that way.

A few newbie questions for folks with more experience in this and then I’ll share general info about me at the bottom if anyone wants to hear it :wave:

Questions: I’ve read the user guides and ZP recommendations, etc. but have a more basic question about what sort of practice techniques might be recommended (or just popular with experienced practitioners)

  • Do you listen to a cycle “meditation style” (seated, eyes closed, minimal distractions) or as you go about your day, go for a walk, hit the gym, etc?
  • Do you try to visualize things relevant to what you hope the sub will help with? Chill with a no-mind state? Something else?
  • Do you start the day with a loop, or do it just before sleeping?
  • Any thoughts on trying the experimental ZP vs the “current” iteration? (I’ll be running just Emperor)

I gather that there’s “no wrong way to do it” but I want to fully engage with and make the most of the process. Thanks in advance, everyone, for sharing your experience with a beginner. For my part, I’ll commit to 2-3 months of listening per the recommended frequency and document my experience in a thread.


A little about me:
Late 30’s, bachelor’s degree, slim but should be more physically active, happily married/together (incl. dating phase) for15+ years, father to a preschooler, working a 9-5 tech job making a, “far from 6 figures,” yet tolerable income that, if I pay attention, should allow me to retire by 62-65.

Life is good, but my work is just a financial means to an end. I’m pretty much at my income cap with my current employer, and while I could probably bring in 25K/year more by the end of my career, I’ve become keen on the idea of starting a small (probably online) business and owning all the risk and upside that entails…since my income isn’t super high I’m hoping it won’t be insanely hard to replace or exceed it over a ~5 year window.

I have a hobby that I’ve made content about for 5 years, which became monetized after ~2.5 years–it earns me a few hundred bucks a month, which I’d like to grow and either do full time, or use as leverage to spin up another revenue stream…though I’m only a small % of the way there right now.

Since my side hustle started as a hobby I have a lot of natural curiosity, interest, and skill in it, but the massive combo of becoming a dad and COVID together really threw me for a loop and I’ve struggled the past couple years with putting in the amount of work needed to further grow my side hustle, it’s been plateaued as I work on getting my motivation and focus back in order (now that I’ve integrated parenting into my life, haha)

So…that’s my story and why I chose to pick up the Emperor subliminal. I’ve already got a small side hustle with a little bit of traction, I’ve tasted success with it before, and I’m seeking tools to help me get back in the swing of really getting after growing my audience and earning capacity again. I just gave Emperor my first listen tonight. I’ll figure out where to post a thread on my experiences with the sub in a day or two.

Till then, thanks for reading and be well!


Good opening for your journal, also mad respect for having the buster sword as your profile pic


Haha, thanks! It seemed to fit, props for recognizing it.

Silly question, but after leaving this intro up for a while can/should I somehow transition it to the journal category? I was just gonna copy and paste the content into a new thread in the right category (minus the question)


Yeah you can copy and paste it if you want, the section will be Journal - Major Programs. You can start anytime you want.


Welcome to the forum!

I’ll do my best to answer your questions.
If something is still unclear, just ask again.

You can do it any way you want.

Visualization can be helpful, but is not required.

It depends on whether the sub makes you awake or tired. In principle, it doesn’t matter when you listen to the sub, but everyone has their own preferences.

Emperor experimental is the ZP v2 version, which is the latest. So you should prefer this version.

I wish you much success with the subs.

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I was looking for “ex avalanche member” in his bio… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@PenBlade welcome to the forum!

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How’s life?