Newbie here seeking advice

Hello everyone

Pretty new to subclub joined as I was intrigued by the forum and loved what I read. So thought if signing up. I am looking at growing spiritually and also focusing on manifestation and the ability to remote heal. I would also like to maximise the first order discount. So wanted to know if there is a good bundle that helps me achieve the above.

Also are there specifics to listening to the audio’s and I read on a thread that all audio’s are zero point by default. Just wanted to confirm that too.



Growing Spiritual- Alchemist,Sage Immortal,Rom.

Manifestation -Ascension Chamber (Free Titel) and Minds Eye or for money R.I.C.H.

All the best to your Journey


I like the suggestions of @Dragon-Lesson and would like to add Mind’s eye to the mix. Because you’re new, with RoM he means Revelation of Mind. You’ll get used to the abbreviations in no time.

Also, in the following weeks, a new program will be released called Revelation of Spirit. One of the most spiritual titles they say, but it’s heavy for a beginner.

You could use LBfH for a while. It’s a free product that gives you a good feel for the subs. Please don’t underestimate the power of these subs. I remember people were telling me that when I joined the sub club and I was like “Yeah yeah I have been working with subs before, I can handle it” I was so wrong lol.

Looking forward to you’re new adventures and experiences. If you have any more questions, please just ask. Good luck!


What is LBFH :slight_smile:

It’s an acronym for Love Bomb for Humanity.


Lol, I helped one guy understand RoM by writing out the full name, but wrote LBfH without writing down the full name :nerd_face:


For manifestation specifically, consider listening to :eye: Mind’s Eye and the weekly booster :bow_and_arrow: Ascension Chamber. You can take also take a look at :lotion_bottle: Alchemist and :infinity: Sage Immortal. Then you can consider adding either :arrow_up: As Above or :arrow_down: So Below. Since you are an energy healer, it seems that :arrow_up: As Above would be helpful in terms of generating that ‘higher’ healing energy you need. :thinking: Revelation of Mind (ROM) I would not recommend. It does not fit your goals at the moment and you won’t be able to go for a refund as it’s for advanced users.

Read all the objectives of the titles suggested above and see what fits with your desires. If I were to handpick it for you, I’d go with :infinity: Sage Immortal + :eye: Mind’s Eye + :arrow_up: As Above + :bow_and_arrow: Ascension Chamber. However, since you are just starting out I’d recommend just going with one title to get a feel for it. As others have suggested, consider running :heartbeat: A Love Bomb for Humanity (LBFH) to see the real world effects of running these subliminals. Do write a journal, I personally would say it’s as important as running the subliminals themselves.

Yes this is true. Most titles have been updated to Zero Point v2, a few titles are still in Zero Point v1. There is no difference in the listening schedule for both. Please do read the instruction manual that comes with your purchase. Here’s a support article on how to listen to them.