New user to the forum Breathing Jaguar

Hi I’m new to the forum but not to subliminals. This will be my introduction.
My name is Joshua. I’m 28 years young. I’ve been using subclub’s since last year. I started with the sub Khan thinking it would hit all the areas in that I’m struggling with. I did all of the khan stages in order with great results. This year my current stack that I’ve been doing is Khan, wanted, and Heartsong.

A little more about myself.
I started my spiritual awakening at the age of 21 through the use of ayahuasca. It was the catalyst for my awakening. Im am thankful for this plant medicine. I started my healing journey with a dark night of the soul. I was very depressed and addicted to PMO at the time and this heaviness got me searching for the truth. I had visions and dark dreams about my shadow. It felt like amnesia had lifted from my soul and I started to remember who I really am. I am. Started to mediate daily and joined the Native American’s church. Here I did countless peyote ceremonies and brining light and healing to my life a family. This medicine was a great teacher for me. Bringing me gratitude and appreciation for all the things in my life. I felt lighter and more happy. Got a handle on my addiction to PMO seeing that it was stemming from the guilt and shame of being sexually abused at a very young age. Also it gave me healing from my missing biological father. I forgave him. He is not my life but I’m am thankful still.

When I turned 24 my addiction and depression started to rear it ugly head again. I turned inward and meditated for hours and hours. I then meet this old wise woman who read Akashic records. Shen gave me a free reading and I gave her a beautiful crystal in return. This reading gave me all the answers I was looking for. She then told me that I was highly sensitive. That I have this genetic trait of HSP(highly sensitive person). This made me truly understand my spiritual gifts. I asked her how I can change my life. She recommended Abraham hicks. To which I then started to study her books and videos. I immediately applied these teaching to great results. I was finally in control for my emotions and recognized them as my guidance system. I felt great and light. I felt so much joy that I cried and laughed for 15 straight minutes. I felt so good.

When I turned 27 I was introduced to Access Consciousness and took a class to become a BARS practitioner. This class changed me and got me to become so aware of my own chi and power and potency. This energy work clears all points of views and judgments. Then I found out about Neville Goddard and started to study him along side Abrahams teachings. I started going energy work on others whenever I could. I also started to do chi gong through Mantak Chia’s teachings. My HSP made me extremely good at following energy and chi. I was a natural healer and shaman. What other spiritual gifts am I not acknowledging now, that if I would, would totally change my reality for the greater possibility.

Now I work with a ayahuasca shaman and a chi gong master body worker and an access consciousness energy worker teacher. I have many mentors and teachers. I am really blessed to be where I am now. How does it get any better than this?

Through my energy work I started to work with entities and my energetic teammates. I talk to them all the time. I’m highly aware of the spiritual realms and all the different kinds of entities is fascinating. I facilitate and clear the entities and they contribute to my life. I fired all my demons because I’m the boss entity of my life now. What else is possible with entities now?

So here is the question that I’m constantly asking. What else is possible with these powerful and potent subliminals? What choice can I make to create more ease joy and glory in my life? If I was truly being me, what would I choose? And how does it get any better than this?


Welcome, @BreathingJaguar. I see that you are an advanced soul in terms of spirituality. The main store title Alchemist comes to mind when I think of you. I think you would progress even more with that.

Plus there is a title called Revelation of Mind releasing soon which could also suit you.

Kudos on doing Khan, WANTED and Heartsong. Hope you will open a journal up and share your experiences. I think it will help others too.



Welcome, brother.

That is a great name. And it’s very fitting, beautiful, and funny that the first excellent user to greet you on the forum was @Lion . Good omen. :wink:

Your journey is awesome and inspiring. Happy to be sharing part of it with you.

Walk well!


Thank you Lion I feel you. You are an earth angel. I had a dream early in my spiritual awakening. It was about a great big lion chasing me around the dreamscape. I was fearful of you running away from you. Just when I thought I got away, I turn a corner and there you were, I turn away to run but you took a great leap towards me and took me into your arms. As you caught me your transformed into a beautiful woman angel with wings. You took me into your arms and lifted me up higher into the heavens. I look at your face and she said “we are here to save you”. I surrendered and woke up suddenly. I wept tears in the night. I felt so thankful and realized that I was running from my own power and potency. Since then the lion has been one of my power animals that I work with. I look forward to sharing my experiences with this forum and you.

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Thanks for the greeting I feel so welcomed. I truly am a part of the greater brotherhood. From your picture I feel that you are very light. Light blue. Baby blue. What does your name mean? I will be sharing more of my wisdom on the forum here. I feel like I can give a very unique and light perspective. My wish is to help others to ease, joy and glory.


Malkuth in Hebrew means Kingdom.

In Kaballah, or Jewish mysticism, Malkuth is the root Sefira. The Sefirot are configurations and altitudes of Insight, Consciousness, and Energy. Since you are a qi gong practitioner, you can think of the Dan Tian or the Xue Wei/Acupoints. They are way stations that organize and mediate the energy of Consciousness as it flows through the systems.

Malkuth is associated with the archangel Sandalphon, who grounds and establishes. Sandalphon facilitates the flow of beauty into manifestation, and is the friend, teacher, and patron of musicians. Sandalphon is depicted in my avatar image.

in the Cosmic perspective, the King or Emperor is the lowest of the low. And to be the lowest of the low is a profoundly great honor. To hold the line and to hold the frame and to bear witness as so many mysteries and miracles dance and swirl above.

And I’m learning to land and stand on the ground, to walk on the Earth, and to build my Kingdom.

:heart: :pray:t6:

Thank you for asking, @BreathingJaguar.

I think you already are.


Thanks for your deep insights. I feel the brotherhood and communion with you. Holding us, caring for us and supporting us. I see you for who you are and feel you through the medium of the internet. The meek and the humble shall inherit the kingdom of god. There are some very deep and spiritual people on here. I like that about this forum. I feel like I can bring bring some great questions to this forum. Like.
I wonder what else is possible with us in creating a greater and lighter future?
How can we create a phenomenal change through this forum?
How can we work together in a more harmonious ways that creates a different reality beyond this reality?
I wonder what subclub can create with questions rather than conclusions and judgments?
What can we choose today now that would create greater abundance for all of us?

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Welcome my spiritual brother :heart:. I think ROM and ROS combo will be interesting for you when it’s released.

The possibilties of mind and spirit is just so interesting to explore.

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I can’t wait until I make a spiritual custom with those 2

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Thanks for the warm welcome brother in spirit. Hey you are the some who was talking about that loving kindness meditation? TWIM right? I did that meditation and boy oh boy do i feel deep love and compassion like never before. Really powerful and a fast track to enlightenment.


Also I have purchased RoM and listened to it for the first time. Check out my Journal for more details. It was amazing. Really aligns with my soul. It fits like a glove. Gels with me perfectly.


Yea that was me glad it helps you go through the Jhanas :slightly_smiling_face: