New User Submitted Support Article: How is ZP “better” than Qv2?

Check it out here: User Submitted Article: How is ZP "better" than Qv2? - Subliminal Club Support Hub

Thanks to @Malkuth


Amazing article and post.


It really must be something for a forum user’s post to become a support article. :slight_smile:


Does that mean that the purpose of the sub becomes our reality or that our subconscious makes it our reality?


@SaintSovereign does the endorsement of this post as an article confirm that one can legitimately run a title for just 45 days and that’s good enough for permanency? Malkuth here had pointed out the possibility of integrating 12 programs in 6 months which means each program is around only in 1 rotation.

It may seem ‘slower’ or ‘frustrating’ to you when you try to imagine it now, but 6 months from now? When you’ve smoothly integrated up to a possible 12 different programs? You’ll realize you’ve been on the express train the whole time, thinking you were riding the local.


The question of permanency is going to require time. Initial observations indicate that ZP has a very HIGH level of permanency, however. I ran DIAMOND ZP maybe… a week. Still getting results.


This is great news, makes things like running through the entire SC catalog actually feasible :slight_smile: :joy:


It hits on a deeper karma Level
Like goes deeper in unconscious more than the Q, it is called zero point like the zero point where your identity is shaped. But I am not sure
Because we have the karma of a single celled organism, so I cant agree nor disagree
And also the guy said 12 programs in 6 months
He means we will get major results in two months?

Even ultimas gave long term results, no doubt that ZP rivals that level of permanency, if it doesn’t surpass it altogether.

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Its more permanent than Q titles
Ultimas are nothing in permanency compared to ZP

This sounds wonderful. Potentially, I will keep my old stack with me. Like limitless and sage. Would be great.

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“When you have a bow and arrow that never missed, you had better consider well where you shoot…”



Well for whatever physical shifting it would seem normal to stay that way after the ‘’ enhancement ‘’

And for skills gained, well it does take a lot time to forget how good you were at something, and even if it happens it doesn’t require much time to get back on Track, but even better here you just listen to loops, there is no hard work to start again.

I think you can safely assume effects are reallyyyyy really long

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Speaking from my own experience, if you’ve had a different one then fine.

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You are talking from your 1 experience or maybe 2
But I am talking from experience of many testers who tested and saint said that it more permanent than Q

I still get the dick growth and “hardness” from Wanted and/or Diamond I ran over 4 weeks ago.
As well as the physical shifting every now and then.

Washouts are definitely necessary!


Alright cool

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The more I think about this, the more I realize how much the permanency of ZP has affected my stack plans. I’m thinking of running all these programs I otherwise would’ve not had space for.

Thoughts @Malkuth? Are you working with several 45-day stacks? Dare I say, only one title might be common among several stacks.

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Not yet. My immediate objective prior to ZP was to work through Dragon Reborn (like you did before me). That’s not the kind of objective to alter lightly. So that’s still what I’m doing now. I was actually contemplating dropping everything else (including ZP) and just focusing on my Dragon Reborn run. But, no, I’ve decided to keep working with that Zero Point Effect™ :wink: It seems to be integrating and helping.

After that, my main focuses are the 2 Qv2 customs that I built back in May. (Tried to run them then, and felt that I wasn’t ready and should run Dragon Reborn first.)

So, ZP titles in my stack are (for now) serving the functions of Results Enhancers and Processing Facilitators. But the main direction of evolution is still being established by my Qv2 tracks.

Out of respect to the ZP guidelines, though, I’m still, of course, following the 26-day listening schedule. 3 weeks of every other day exposure, followed by 5 days of subliminal rest. Then: Take stock. Course correct, if necessary. Resume listening.


saint, how much time did Qv2 take in testing before releasing

compared to QZP ?