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Hey, name’s Josh. Was recommended to come here by someone in the community. As far as my goals go I want in order of my personal priorities: Get into relationship with a girl I want, become a social leader among my friends, make more money at my job, and remove my self limiting beliefs.


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Hello Josh! Welcome to the best subliminal audios and community hands down!

Get yourself Ascension and Love Bomb for Humanity (LBH is free).

Run them for 2 cycles and journal over here daily so that we can help you. Please follow listening instructions to the letter and take action. Your success is guaranteed!


What do you recommend to do after 2 cycles with Ascension and LBFH?

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Ascension is the foundational subliminal. LBH though new is also what I would consider very important for laying a good foundation in a world which is split away from true love.

After laying these foundations, it would be advisable to list some clear goals and choose a subliminal based on them.

For example, you want to lose weight or train in a sport, run Spartan.

Wanna increase your learning skills? Limitless.

Improve your finances? Ascended Mogul.

Run a business solo? Emperor.

Don’t know what to run based on your goals? Ask the forum lol.



good explanation. thank you.

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