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hey all ! i am new to subclub , my family friend uses them with very good results and he sent me here. i havent ran anything yet. i wanted to come here first to get opinions. i dont really care so much on manifestations right now as my life is relatively good in terms of money and i have 1 girlfriend.

my issue i need to resolve is i am basically 24/7 un grounded and unaligned with my thoughts. even during sex i just never feel present and it does not feel good. when i eat i dont feel present. even when i walk i almost feel out of my head and not in my body(even off balance at times) if that makes sense? and just overall feel weak. the weird thing is also i dont really feel stress like i know what anxiety feels like and had a shit ton when i was younger but now i dont have those feelings but it seems this was the aftermath of it all?

look forward to opinions on whats subs can fix this


Welcome to subclub! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I’m also new here, have you tried meditation? It helped me a lot to be in the present.


Welcome to our community and good luck.
For not feeling present, look at this product. This one has this feature to live in the moment.

  • Live in the moment, learn how to appreciate the “small things” and use those moments of bliss to help achieve your goals.*

also this one

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Hey, welcome.
Ur issue seems to be un-groundedness and un-mindfullness.
Any emotional healing title could deal with this issue: Healing Archives - SubliminalClub
I recommend going with Sanguine: The Elixir — Supercharge Your Emotional Healing for instant yet profound results. It’ll give u good taste of efficacy and quickness of Subclub.

Although this is definitely not medical advice and just my opinion as a health and nutritional coach, is sounds like you may have copper toxicity, which can happen in many ways but it is primarily from eating too many plant foods. Meat is very grounding and is high in zinc, which is the antagonist to copper. You may want to look into the carnivore diet as it is very grounding as well as supplement zinc for a time to see if this helps. I have seen this kind of thing (being very ungrounded) over and over with those on a vegan or vegetarian diets. Taurine, the amino acid, is also very grounding and most people are deficient in this unless they eat enough meat in their diet. Some vegans I coached (who refused to eat meat) started to supplement zinc nd taurine and it helped them a lot.

Good luck!


Or mushrooms.
As a high-protein vegetable, mushrooms are a great source of many essential nutrients, including copper. Raw shiitake mushrooms, native to East Asian cooking, come with 20% of your copper requirement per cup . However, when they’re cooked, this content increases to 1,152 micrograms, 128% of your daily needs.

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i have tried before but able to do more then a minute :). i will keep trying

thanks for this. so i am now on a high meat diet. i notice when i eat breads and stuff i get worst and even more cluttered feeling?

this looks good as well considering i have a nature walk right by my parents

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Way of Nature is a good choice I think. Of course, doing things in nature also helps, like sitting against a tree relaxing, or walking/working barefoot in the garden.

Most of it comes down to the mindfulness principle of checking in with your body. Whatever you’re doing, see if you can describe what your body is feeling. If you’re standing, try to really describe how the floor feels on the soles of your feet. Is it warm, cold, soft, hard, comfortable or uncomfortable.

Paying attention to your breathing also helps, mentally following the breath as it goes in and out, slowing the out-breath down, doing ocean breath (ujjayi in yoga).

If your attention is on what’s happening in/to your body, it can not be anywhere but on the ground and in the present. With practice it becomes easier over time until you start noticing textures of everything you sit on, walk on or just touch. And you can feel which of you nostrils is dominant (your nose switches between them every 45 minutes or so).

Qigong has lots of grounding exercises as well, also exercises to deal with the shifts which happen during the change of seasons which can make people depressed or hyperactive.

And in the meditation department, simply imagining a tree or mountain, trying to imagine the part below the surface as well. Trees and mountains are often seen as representations of the ground. Or touching a tree and considering how many years that tree has been growing to be there at that size, how much effort and energy it has taken.

If you’re into crystals, Hematite or black Tourmaline are known to be very grounding and usually not that expensive.

Ravenscout’s advice is interesting, I’m one of those people which rarely eat meat, vegetables are king in my diet. But I do eat slow, aware of how the plant came to be, which automatically tunes me in to the earth. I also make my own mineral water with mineral stones from deep, deep underground.

Basically my challenge is opposite from yours, I generally get “stuck” in my body and my habits. Like an Ent, slow to change.

PS Welcome! :slight_smile:


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I think any of the major programs might be able to help you. Your problems sound interesting. It sounds like you might be a bit emotionally numb? Disconnected from your life?

You said that you don’t care about manifestation, but are there any goals that you have? Fitness maybe? A goal and a sub that targets that goal might spark a change, snap you back into life and get you into the moment.

You could also try running Paragon either by itself or alongside an emotional healing title like Sanguine Elixir as there may be something physical going on with you.

On that note, have you seen a doctor to see if anything physical is going on?

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