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Hi Forum.

Don´t know what I can say about myself that would be of any value to the reader, besides being a young man who is starting completely over in his life. (network, money, women, happiness etc.)

No rookie in shadow work but still lot of internal and external work to do and despite some shitty circumstances, very big goals.

But for now I´ll focus on:

  • Healing of traumas, limiting beliefs and self esteem. Reclaiming me and my power.

  • Moving into my own apartment

  • Becoming fully financially self sufficient.

  • Getting into decent shape + fighting abilities

Everything else will follow.

Currently running LBFH (very good btw!) and will do so for the forseeable future.

I´m tired of my self sabotage, this sub already helps tremendously in working through the root of it.

From what I´ve read here, LBFH, EoG first stage and Emperor should be a good combination to become independent, financially and emotionally. Any other suggestions or somebody who run this before?


Take care and keep growing everybody. It´s very satisfying to read posts from people who are serious about their personal development :fist_right: :fist_left:



Take a look at Ascension Mogul and Rebirth. That would be an excellent pair to start with and achieve the goals you mentioned. EoG and Emperor are aimed at much more than that and that could potentially slow you down.


Thanks, I´ll check it out. SC has so many products, it´s like being a child in a toy store.

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Yeah, I know that feeling well too much. :blush:
I created some guidelines regarding choosing your stack that may be of use to you.

Running three subs is challenging yet really plausible and people run it in many different ways but what I’ve learned works best is finding your Holy Trinity and sticking to it as long as necessary to let them do the required work and aid you in your endeavours.

  1. The first and most essential sub should offer the swiftest transition between your current self and your ideal self. In my case it’s Renaissance Man since it fosters my natural gifts: empathy, ease in connecting with people, sense of aesthetic, creativity and imaginative mind. This sub is aimed at becoming an empathetic and soulful alpha that rallies people to his cause to achieve great goals together (it covers my ideal self 100%).
    Running this title is the easiest and most natural way to becoming who I want to become (my ideal self) and what I want to achieve (greatness as a poet, writer, orator, free thinker, influencer). This sub should stay in your stack permanently unless your ideal self concept and the vision of your dream life changed or you could make an upgrade switching to more targeted sub. That’s why that concept and vision should be thought through thoroughly and revised from time to time.
  2. The second sub should offer working on the most immediate/essential missing links on the way to becoming your ideal self and achieving your goals (dream life). In my case it’s SE as there’s still some negativity towards people in me and some obsolete defence mechanism that causes it. On top of that, it also helps with self-love I need more. This sub should stay in your stack as long as it’s necessary to fix those missing links it helps you work on and then it’s about running another sub to work on the next most immediate/essential missing links on your path. It requires of you a lot of introspection to learn on your missing links and how the work on them is progressing.
  3. The third sub should offer optimization towards your ideal self and your dream life. Something to give you a boost towards what you want to achieve. In my case it’s QL as improving my brain helps me walk towards my ideal self swifter as it’s based on cognitive capacities and certain skills QL is helping me develop. The third sub needs to be run till what you want to optimize is at the level that is satisfactory.
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I have run all of those subs at different point of time. They’re all great. Empeor can be a bit tough if you’re just starting out. My recommendation is : run LBFH and EOG stage 1 for a few months to clear as much mental and emotional junk as you can then add Emperor or the next stage or EOG.


First would be definetly LBFH. Think I should run this for half to a full year to set a solid foundation.
In my experience everything depends on self esteem, so this would be my number one.

At least one sub to clear money beliefs. I can´t really imagine working 9-5 and since using LBFH I feel even more drawn to start my own business.

@ksub I am sure Emperor isn´t gonna be easy to handle the first months, but something draws me to it, more than to other titles.

But going for a targeted clearing first, surely would help.

I´ll read into everything and try to come up with a solid stack the next days.

Thank you both!



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Spot on