New user here, any advice would be greatly appreciated

Been putting off writing this for a while, finally said fuck it, no reason for me not to do it when i could be receiving some helpful advice.

So currently I live with my parents, 21 years of age. I dropped out of college after failing miserably for years. Think i might have ADHD, though i haven’t been diagnosed.

I basically have zero internal motivation to do more/be more. All day all i do is browse the internet ,watch anime and fantasize about being successful/famous, though i gain little satisfaction from it. It’s like I’m okay with the way things are, though deep down I know i’m not. I do have moments where i deeply realise how fucked up things are and try to change, though they’re shortlived and I always end up going back to default.

So, the areas i’m looking to work on is as follows;


Right now i don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. Can only afford one sub at the moment, so it definitely needs to be wealth focused. And i’d prefer the wealth to be made through entrepreneurship.

Self confidence, Self esteem, Alphaness


Definitely feel like i was emotionally neglected as a child. Always felt like the odd one out, like i was adopted. Never felt like i was loved and important in my family. Still have memories of my siblings saying hurtful things to me as a kid, or being shutdown/not being taking seriously when voicing my opinio ns.

Before i used to have moments where i deeply felt lonely/ felt hate towards my family, but i haven’t had one in a while now. Right now i feel emotionally numb, like i don’t think there’s anyone in my life i can say i love or care about.

Finding direction/passions
Currently i feel apathetic towards life. No goals i want to achieve, no passions, no nothing. Can’t remember the last time i felt excited about anything. Feels like i’ve lost touch with who i am/what i want.

So out of all the subs i’ve seen, i do fancy Emperor. Though i’ve read that it might be too much as a starter sub so i’m leaning towards ascended mogul?
Dragon reborn looks to be the ideal healing sub though i read that it isnt a beginner sub. So yeah, i guess that’s it, looking forward to see your opinions/ suggestions.


Well before healing you might enjoy creating some feeling of getting forward or at least fire within yourself, that same fire you’ve just ignited right now making that post

Emperor seems like a perfect kick your ass sub like you need right now
And very good to reignite that masculine flame you’ve lost touch with by touching many aspects

Ascended mogul seems pretty cool too if you really want more the aspect of entrepreneur and focus

Plenty of people here have gone through similar stuff

Anyway welcome lad, you’ve already done half the work and the hardest step by admitting to yourself that you want more, now it’s a matter of keeping your momentum

Expect it to be challenging and take some time, if you persist you’ll come victorious out of this life you despite because here you’ll have all the tools you need to fuel that desire of growth once and for all
The rest is up to you

Be prepared and yet I can swear to you it’s easier than staying in regret like you have been for so long, it’s just a matter of time before you become an unstopable machine of progress


I’d personally recommend running Ascension solo for awhile

Few parts from it that might interest you:

  • Develop a sense of endless ambition, passion and drive.
  • Unleash your sense of inner power, grow your independence, willpower and confidence.
  • Embark on an inner journey to discover who you really are and what you want out of life.
  • Transition into a new life of power and success.

Not a sub recommendation. But I would recommend finding one person on YouTube in the internet marketing space. Pick one of their videos to watch. Then watch it.

The only person I’m following right now in that space is Miles Beckler.

Just pick a short vid by any of them. Watch it. Find something that at least shows ideas of how to make $ beyond a 9-5 job.

Ideas may just eventually spring from there and help you find an inner fire.



Please see @Pilkington post above.

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This one might also be a good starting point to get some ideas:

I follow Miles too, as well as Hayden (this guy). I tend to pay more attention to Miles but when I watched this video I do recall liking it.


I would go with Ascension too. Fear not. You are still young and have time to level up.

Meanwhile, allow me to share a Youtube channel that gives invaluable advice on how to improve yourself in your “boys to men” phase. Between 18 to 35 is when men become men. Add his advice to Ascension (plus other subliminals over here) and you will reach where you want to be before you know it.

Welcome to SubClub!


Welcome congrats on your journey! I know you stated you only have enough $ for one sub but i would definitely suggest to add sanguine to whatever else your running it’s one of my favorite subs it will get you in a positive mindset while you are conquering your obstacles. Good luck​:four_leaf_clover: :partying_face:


@robocop, Greetings and welcome to Sub Club. There are many wise people here to help you adjust. Have a great and blessed journey in the Sub Club family. All the best.:+1:


@robocop :point_down:

@Malkuth what your intuition says sir ? Mogul ?

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Ascended Mogul. Definitely. All the way.

@robocop You can only afford one program right now. Ascended Mogul (AM) is the one that will give you the most bang for your buck.

On the one hand, it will start to strengthen your internal frame and structure. On the other hand, you’ll strangely start finding money and money-making opportunities opening up for you.

(Actually, I would have recommended RICH as your first program, but I think you may need the Ascension element in AM to help you take action.)

I’d say this:

Run 1 play period of AM. That’s 21 days of alternate day listening, followed by 5 subliminal-free ‘processing days’. Know this: the rest days when you’re not actively playing a subliminal are equally important, sometimes MORE important than the days when you’re exposing yourself to it.

Keep writing here during those 26 days. Complain. Philosophize. Whatever. Just express yourself. For the more private stuff, keep an offline journal.

See what happens moneywise. Try not to be desperate; just curious. As much as you are dissatisfied and numb at your parents’ place right now, it does nevertheless provide you with a safe place to incubate. And @robocop, Incubation is exactly what you’ve now started to do. This may sound far-fetched right now, but it’s going to be good.

Run AM and you will find that over the next 2-3 play periods, some money will come. Probably not the freaking lottery, but some money. It may “come” in the form of the idea to mow somebody’s lawn or pick up deliveries or you may just get some weird gifts or opportunities.

Once you get enough of that money to buy a 2nd subliminal, I’d invest in Regeneration.

Now the idea will be to do 2 play periods of Ascended Mogul and then alternate with 1 play period of Regeneration. Or you may choose to alternate 1 play-period AM to 1 play-period Regen. I’d use 2 on Ascended Mogul right now, though. You need a bunch of strengthening and you could use some encouragement. AM will help with that. Regeneration will help from the other direction. It will open up your heart and begin reminding you what you care about and that you are a feeling human being.

Gradually those two programs will meet in the middle. Your opportunities will grow and your heart will be a bit more whole. You’ll also feel a bit tougher, more resilient, and able to cope with a bit more. That will help you to get out there and find some activities that feed your soul and others that feed your wallet. It might be slow, but it’ll happen.

In the meantime, as you get enough money to buy a third subliminal, I’d recommend that you invest in RICH. RICH is, essentially, a free money subliminal. I know. Crazy. Anyway, that’s what it is. Now that your situation is improving, you’ll benefit from having a bit more money flowing in. In addition, RICH can be your Free Subliminal Plan because you can use the money it attracts for you to buy all of your future programs. :slight_smile:

Once you get to that point, it may be somewhere from October or November 2022 to January or February 2023. You’re feeling a bit better, still frustrated, but the anger goes outward more often than being directed at yourself all the time. You’ve found that you can create some opportunities for yourself. You’ve realized that no damn letters can tell you who you are better than your own heart and mind can. Not ADD, not PhD, not ASD, not HSP, not DSM-5. Fuck those letters. Only listen to them if they help you to live your life in some way. Otherwise, who cares. Every single one of those letters describes some people who are doing great and some other people who are doing terribly.

As your strength grows, so will your ability to transcend some of these categories. But don’t worry about that. In the meantime, keep learning to fight smart. You can do that even before you are able to fight strong.

Everybody has needs. When they’re not met, we get tired and uncomfortable. And then we go numb. All your past experiences mean is that you’re freaking human. And that same humanity is going to help get you out of this mess.

Okay. Back to the point.

So, 4-6 months in, you’re feeling strong and frustrated-but-cooler than you were before. Now, it’s time to turn to something like Emperor. I’d give Emperor a couple of months to keep that growth going, and that’s when shock time comes; because you’ll start to not recognize who you were 8 months before :wink: . No biggie. Happens all the time here.

Throughout all of this, there’ll be a bunch of confusion, desperation, hope, discouragement, and some nice little bank change rolling in. Your intuition about the subliminals will be growing until one day you’ll look up out of your front door and see this:


and that’s when you’ll know…

:sunglasses: It’s time.

And we’ll see you then.

Next chapter of the adventure.

In the meantime, journal online and offline through the whole process. Complain. Brag. Celebrate. Mourn. It’s all good. But stay engaged.

You will get there. It will happen.


Woorrd. Well done @Malkuth always giving the best advice.


Thanks a lot for the comment. Wanted to ask, is ascension in asc mogul is diluted?


Not diluted; integrated.

Think of it like combining two storylines together to weave a more complex tale.

The resultant story takes slightly longer to read, but you get more content.

The simpler a program is, the faster it can be assimilated by your mind. So Ascension can be integrated into your mind slightly faster than Ascended Mogul. But in your case, you definitely want the benefits of both Ascension and Mogul.

Ascended Mogul integrates the two but is still light enough that you’ll start seeing results quickly.



Listen to the great people here, JOURNAL, take action, and obsessively learn the signs of recon so you stay on the path and you will transform. If you put in the work, transformation is just the natural outcome, you can’t stop it.


Bro I deeeeeeply understand you
I was DEFINITELY like you
Like DEFINITELY, believe me first I thought someone wrote it to mock me
Even the ADHD thing, exactly, toxic family and everything
Run ascended mogul instead of ascension, cuz it have both ascension and mogul

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If one day you decide to create a custom, check out the following:

Joie de Vivre

There are about 20 more that I’d also recommend, but I was just re-reading the description of Joie de Vivre and remembered you.


Thank you

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Welcome @robocop (good movie) im a week new here so hope you get success here as I hope I do too.

this sounds similar to me. My motivation runs out with me pushing to make changes.


Definitely what im wanting to improve and its what im working on.

Again sounds similar to me and my childhood actually though looking back I know it wasnt true I was very much loved as Im sure were you but we seem to have experienced it as so.

The sub I was recommended to start with was Ascension. Im on day 9 of it. Its supposed to work on confidence, procrastination, doubt, motivation.

It doesnt help with money though. I will read your journal but wanted to say hi and welcome you. If you’ve already made a choice on a sub to start then no worries good luck!

Edit: ok so youve been here from 20days ago so oops lol I just jumped in as I thought you were new buddy. lol