New to the forum, joining to thank you guys ☺

Hi Together,

After half a year of lurking and reading on this forum, as well as listening to my ZP stack, I have finally decided to join the forum officially, but mainly so for thanking @Luther24 for all of his amazing posts and the tons of infintely good stuff that I was able to learn from him.

Thank you very much @Luther24 :pray: :white_heart:

You are a source of very rare and extremely deep knowledge and your posts have helped me a lot of sticking to my KHAN / WANTED / LBFH stack and understanding the whole process of change, becoming more congruent, trauma free, manifesting reality etc. (I come from a deep esoteric background)

Also of course, a huge Thank You to @SaintSovereign and Fire for creating the best subliminals on the market! They are worth every cent in its weight in gold :pray: :white_heart:

I am looking forward to the amazing times ahead and how I am changing day by day, journaling and doing my best to increase the amount of action I am taking :relieved:

And finally, thanks to all the other forum members for their shared wisdom and inspirational field reports.


Welcome buddy

May your journey ahead be positive and fruitful!


Thank you Nemesis.

I think I also forgot to thank @NinjaGazin – your reports on WANTED are so dope! Thanks a lot bro! :blush:


Thanks man, I appreciate it.
Your in the right place for some serious positive growth.
I have experienced just as many positive benefits from reading and rereading inspiring, wise and informative posts by other members here on the forum(and saint and fire) as I get from listening to the subs and taking action.
All about immersing yourself in the correct programming to take you closer to the life you desire and this is a very positive environment which is rare online lol.


Welcome welcome welcome!

Good to see new faces on the forum. Especially ones that do the work to get the results.

Please make yourself at home, @JCDenton.


Welcome Seeker!

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lol preciate the kind words

Welcome to subclub forum :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Welcome wish you the best of luck!

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Sorry for pinging you here @Lion , but I do not have the “message” button in my profile to send other users a private message. Do you please know how I can activate this function? Thank you.

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Please use the forum for your initial interactions. After a certain number of days/posts, you will see the Message button appear on other users’ profiles.