New to subliminals but very familiar with the unconscious


Hello there guys! I’m a hypnotist/magician out Canada and unconscious change is a huge part of my life. I heard through a few people that this was THE place to go for subliminal tracks. I have a few questions.
I haven’t picked up any tracks just yet and looking for maybe some suggestions. I’m mainly interested in the sexual/seduction products or just looking to be more assertive and calm in social situations.

Anyone suggestions on where i should start.
Also would listening to a cycle under hypnotic trance amplify/speed up results?

Ad Astra


It is really hard to tell, everybody react differently to different products. If you want sexual/seduction you should run Primal Seduction, which is a seduction subliminal. As for the calmness (and assertiveness) in social situation, personally emperor did the biggest change for me but it also makes me anti-social (in the sense I don’t really want to talk to people or engage them, I am cold). Ascension also gave me a certain calm and assertiveness.

I never tried daredevil for social situation, and right now I am running Khan because it covers such a large spectrum!


Let’s see. Assuming that you self-hypnotized your issues away and just want to go for the seduction/social area, I’d say go for equal measures of Primal Seduction and DareDevil, while starting your day off with two loops of Libertine (which is a guided session). I wonder if Libertine is better placed before going out though, you could test.

And yes, being in a suggestive state like hypnosis or meditation is very likely to help ease the way into the subconscious, just like (theoretically) being asleep would help. Although how noticeable the effects are if you only do one loop I wouldn’t be able to tell you.

That said, I’m still in my own orientation phase and don’t actually own any of the products yet, so I’m speaking only from several years of using the competition’s products and everything I’ve read on this site so far.

As for Khan, it’s more a wide-net weapon of mass reprogramming. Less targeted towards one single thing.