New to Subliminal Club -- Need Guidance


Hi Guys,
I have been scouting SubClub for a while and reading journals, comments, feedbacks. After much deliberation I signed up for 4 subliminal programs : Limitless, Limit Destroyer (Stack Module), Emperor, and Rebirth (Stack Module).

My motivations for these subliminals
I have entrepreneurial ambitions, and have tried to start a business earlier which did not succeed. Soon after I met with an accident and the last four years have been rather difficult. The one thing the pain did for me was change my perception of life and about my potential – made me realize I had placed these mental barriers and boxed myself. And when the floor dropped from underneath me, I still survived. I am more fearless, less emotional, more certain of myself now. And I have realised there is a lot of subconscious negative learning that has happened-- The No-s that I have heard for the past 30 years have accumulated and made me operate at a quarter of my abilities. I want to change that : Slowly but surely.

Hence the choice of these subs.

  1. Limitless, Limit Destroyer, Rebirth : To re-learn how to learn and see beyond the box.
  2. Emperor : To think and act like an entrepreneur, not an employee (No offense to working professionals. It’s a matter of personal choice.)

@SaintSovereign @Fire @Yardbird

Can you help me prepare an efficient program with these subs. I do not know how to blend them optimally. Will appreciate the help.



Welcome to SubClub – thanks for giving us a shot. I too have a similar background as you. I was involved in a terrible car accident in high school that almost proved fatal. It changed my whole outlook on life. You only have one, and there’s no use spending time doing something you’re not interested in. I’m making active strides to be a full time entrepreneur and creative within the next year.

Its hard for me to recommend how you should configure your stack without knowing more about you, so I would recommend doing equal hours of Limitless and Emperor, and a few loops of Rebirth. For example, you make a playlist in your preferred audio player, like the following:

3x Loops Limitless
3x Loops Emperor
4x Loops Limit Destroyer (since they’re thirty minutes)

Then, the most important thing – TAKE ACTION. You won’t see results unless you’re actively moving forward. Action can be as simple as registering a domain name for your business, or sitting down and writing a basic business plan. That’s how the subliminal works and motivates you. You won’t get anything from “just listening.”


Thank you for the counsel @SaintSovereign. I am working on some short-term goals, which fit into my long term aspirations.

Accidents are tragic, but sometimes great hope emerges from great tragedy. Glad that you remodelled your life early on which reflects not just in the successful business you are running but also in the way you interact with the SubClub members.

May I know what personal/behavioral aspects you would have to know to offer a more precise recommendation?

In the meanwhile, I’ll follow the program you have suggested.

Thanks again.


I’m a huge believer in Emperor but I had over 20 years of experience using subliminals when I started using it and others have warned that it can be overwhelming to new subliminal users, so based on what what you mentioned of 30 years of negative programming, I would start heavy on Limit Destroyer and Rebirth and light on Emperor. That should ease you into Emperor to prepare you for it. I don’t know how much listening time you can commit to, but I would say start with 80% Limit Destroyer & Rebirth and 20% Emperor for at least 30 days, longer if you feel you need it, then gradually increase your Emperor time and add Limitless to the mix while reducing Limit Destroyer and Rebirth. Just my opinion. I hope it helps, but @Fire and @SaintSovereign are the true experts.

Be successful!


Thank you @Yardbird.
I have started with 2 loops of Limitless + Limit Destroyer + Rebirth and 1 loop of Emperor.

Can you guide me on the ultrasonics please ?

The comfortable sound level for Masked shows about -75 db (Frequensee app) for Ultrasonics. If the volume is raised to -60 db, the corresponding volume for Masked is pretty high (at least for me).
So, is -75 db an audible level for Ultrasonics ?
Will the comfortable sound level for Masked work for Ultrasonics as well ?


Any reason why you’re mixing masked and ultrasonics? Why not just use ultrasonic for all subliminals in your stack?


I am not always alone and would not like to expose others. Besides, the soundtrack of the Masked subs is calming and I like it. So, the past 2 days I have used the Masked during the day when people are around and Ultrasonics in eve and night time.


I use only masked when listening over headphones, which is rare. Almost all of my subliminal listening is ultrasonic over a bluetooth speaker (in my bedroom) or my iPhone speaker (at work) and I just play it on full volume since I’m never close enough to the phone or the speaker to risk hearing damage.


Okay. That seems like a good strategy. May I know the strength in db that you are exposed to at that distance ? I will calibrate the Ultrasonic volume level accordingly. Thanks.


I don’t know what the strength in db is at those distances. I just play it on maximum volume.


Okay @Yardbird. I am taking a similar approach. Playing ultrasonics from a corner in my room. Thanks.


Arent you afraid that the phone speaker will wear off? I play at 50% for that reason


No, not at all. It hasn’t happened yet after a year and I’m probably getting a new phone in a few months.