New to SC - My proposed stack

Hi guys.

I’m new to Subliminal Club but I’ve used various products and practices in the past including subliminal, brainwave entrainment, meditation, esoteric practices etc, with mostly positive results, and I’m keen to give Subliminal Club a shot.

I’ve been reading a fair bit on the forum to get an idea of the stacks people are using, and there’s a lot of info on the whole power/wealth/sex dynamic, but less on what I’m aiming for so I thought I’d post my proposed stack and see what people think.

I’m in my mid 40’s, successful career, good income, never married but whatever, that’s the path I chose. So I’m pretty satisfied with those. I’m looking to focus on developing myself physically, mentally and emotionally purely to see where my potential is rather than for any specific or material goal. Ok so I probably left it a little late for the physical part, but fuck it.

So I was thinking about a stack involving Spartan, Regeneration and Limitless. Probably start with just Spartan first, and add Regeneration and Limitless later. Maybe something like this eventually:

Spartan 4x
Regeneration 4x
Limitless 2x

Is using 3 main subs in this combination too much? If only 2 is recommended I’d probably go Spartan & Regeneration. Maybe throw in a stacker like Rebirth.

Anyone tried a stack like this and can offer an opinion on its effectiveness?

As an aside, the proposed Alchemist product sounds fascinating. Looking forward to that


I’m curious as to why you’re running Regeneration.

Do you have any emotional pain or traumas you’d like to overcome?

If I were in your shoes I’d likely do Emperor + Spartan.

Emperor is the definitive subliminal for growth and already contains Limitless. This way you’d see every aspect of your life change.

I’d add in Spartan as well to really hone in on the physical aspects.

The only thing I’d advise you on is that the more subliminals you run, the more dispersed their power will be. You’ll see the fastest results running just one subliminal vs 2 or 3. If time isn’t an issue for you at all then run up to 3.

If I was starting over though I’d pick just one subliminal and run it for 30-60 days then add another. What we found in testing and I’m still noticing now with new subliminals is that something happens after approx. 30 days where you “level up” for lack of a better word.


Unless you feel that your limits are imposed by some sort of past trauma, Regeneration doesn’t seem like an appropriate choice. If you’re going for a physical push, run Spartan. If you’re going for a mental push, run Limitless. You can also choose to run both. Then feel free to add a stack module (Rebirth, Aura) or supercharger (Beyond Limitless) for an extra boost.


Thanks for that. Actually yeah there in some past trauma there, it’s always been a fight to work around it so I’m hoping Regeneration can help deal with it once and for all.


From what I’ve read about Emperor it can stir things up quite a bit, and for certain reasons that’s not what I want right now. In about a year that will change and I’ll look at running Emperor then.

The suggestion of running one sub for 30-60 days then adding another is basically what I was planning, first Spartan for the physical aspects, then Regeneration to start working on the past traumas. I’m a bit on the fence about whether I need Limitless but I’m curious about it, so want it add it at some point. I’m happy to wait though.


All of the major programs have some form of healing in them to work toward the subliminal’s overarching goal. That being said, if you’re running subliminals just to enhance your potential, focus more on the target goals and less on the generalized healing. This means more of the major programs, less of Regeneration.

Spartan x 3
Limitless x 3
Regeneration x 2


Ok, the consensus and expert opinion seems to be less, if any, Regeneration. :slight_smile:

So I’ll start with Spartan for now, then mix in Limitless when I’m ready. I’ll re-evaluate whether to add Regeneration later.

Thanks for the feedback guys.



It’s been a couple of months now using Spartan so figured I’d give a quick update.

I thought maybe I’d develop a greater focus on working out, and maybe better results from those or something similar. Instead I became more conscious of my diet and an awareness of the kinds of food I was putting in my body. This has definitely been an issue for me for years, due to a very busy schedule I rarely cook on weekdays and grab quick foods instead, which probably isn’t healthy over the long term. Anyway almost straight away I started making changes with no resistance or difficulty, and as a result lost 20 pounds over the last couple of months with virtually zero effort. It was really easy. I have to attribute this to Spartan since nothing else changed. So not what I was expecting, but very welcome.

So now I’m thinking of trying one of the major subs. Despite what I said earlier I’m mostly looking at Emperor and Khan. I’m just really curious now about what changes they’ll bring. The early reports on Khan are interesting so I’m leaning towards that but haven’t decided yet.

@Fire and @SaintSovereign - Really great work on these subs guys. Thanks.