New to forum and requesting advice please


Hello, I am new to the forum but not new to subs.

I am looking to create a more rounded life. I am currently listening to Ascension for Women, been listening to that for about a week and I added Seductress three days ago. Went through the headaches with Ascension but continued listening, seems all good now.

Would I be able to add Ultimate Artist to these two ? Not sure if too much to start with as I understand these subs are more powerful than I have been used to.

Thanks for any help.


Welcome @jude
Stick with ascension and seductress for atleast 3 months and assess how you feel. Learn how you react to these two subs first before adding. Remember the smaller the stack the faster and more pronounce the results.


Thank you, very much appreciated, will do as advised.


Pro tip drink electrolyte drinks and headaches go away.


Thank you.


Also you can add artist in there if you’re brave but you have to listen to your body and find the sweet spot . Could be a loop a day of each or if your mind feels overwhelmed take a day off


Thank you again for your help, I will listen to Ascension and Seductress for the next three months and then as I become accustomed to them will look at introducing artist as you suggest above. Very much appreciate your advice. Take care.