New person here. I need help


Hello eveybody, i am a new person to subliminal club. I have a friend that has made a bundle of subclub audios. He is helping me out with my problems by letting me use the same bundle as him. I have read some threads on the community of subclub, and i come across new terms like “stacking subs”, “ultima”, “superchargers”, “major program”, “multistage”, etc which i have no idea about. It would be really helpful for someone to help clear up some of these terms for me.

Also i am a new user to sublimial club, and i have never ever gotten a single result from any subliminal i ever listened to (from youtube). I think because of this i dont have that belief in subs in order for it to work. Could someone help me out with this and give me some suggestiion?

i found the right section now to post this.


What are your goals?


Extreme confidence
Alpha Male
Power seeking individual
Toughness, courage, bravery

Btw, i have a few weeks left before i return to school so i want to at least see some changes in myself before that, especially to become a alpha male.
i am that introverted person, “nice guy”, person that has always let people walk over him, not speaking up for myself, (things related to this) etc. My self-esteem and confidence has been damaged over the years becuase of the kind of environment & society i live in.

  1. Use Ascension. It’s a very good starting point.

  2. Do not use your friend’s bundle. Buy your own copy. You only need this one title for now.

  3. Don’t run anything else first. Buy your own copy of Ascension and commit to running it for 6-8 weeks. You will get an influx of energy and willpower. That’s what will start you off on the rest of your journey.

  4. As you go through that 6-8 weeks, journal about how you feel, how your life seems to you. Imagine what you might want to feel, to attain, to have. Create your own version of a Vision Board.

  5. Identify the most realistic, achievable, specific first step that you can take in this journey of a thousand steps. (e.g. reading a book about growth or healing; visiting a support group/counselor; learning from a video; exercising; or something else)

  6. Do that step. If it doesn’t work, try again or choose an easier or more appropriate one first and then come back to it later.

  7. Read by yourself through the program descriptions and let yourself think about what might help the most, and continue to ask questions and share experiences here.


@Malkuth Thanks for the tips. Is it possible though that i dont take any step but just let the subliminal do its thing? Becuase i read in another post, some guy didnt take massive action but still got good results.

This is it:


Welcome @SubliminalM16 to Subliminal Club.

@Malkuth has given you excellent advice.

Avoid using any kind of bundles of our programs - they will be completely ineffective at best.

Ascension will be perfect for your goals. Not only does it cover all of the points you desire, but it will be a great subliminal to start with.

Q is at a point where it simply works, it is not based on belief. Belief is a great tool, but unnecessary for our subliminals. It can be used, however, as a component for conscious guidance, or to divert your attention when you are experiencing reconciliation.

The subliminals are always working - taking action helps you open the pathways of manifestation and assist you in embracing the change. If you notice yourself ending up in situations where you are being challenged, and know that you are in the right, and know that you must speak up - but you do not - you aren’t embracing the new you and are making the process harder.

Eventually the subliminal will work on you enough so that you take the correct action either way, but things will be much easier if you take action towards your goals.

Do not simply wait for things to happen - you need to take action and be the hero of your story.

Make sure to read the manual that you receive when you purchase, or here: New Instruction Manual Now Available!

Listen properly, take action, journal - and you will see yourself achieving greatness.


@Fire thank you also for your advice. So buying the Q version of ascension or any sub from subliminal club better than the regular?


Q is the regular version.


oh i see.

  1. Is it something to worry about if other people who use it get results way faster than me? Since that is something that discourages me as well.
  2. Will using ascension also fix my low esteem and confidence issues?
  3. What about if i dont feel the same effects as other people?


Are you other people, or are you - you? :wink:

If you are you, then you will have your own experiences and your own adventure of becoming the man you desire to be. No one can walk the journey for you or go through the same exact trials.

You really do not need to worry about that. Each person has their own issues and their own awareness of their inner processes. Even with awful inner-awareness, with proper journaling you will see yourself evolving in the ways you need to.


Okay I understand now, thank you


@Fire I forgot to ask. Should i add a ultima?


Not yet. Start off with just one title.


Whos that other guy?
Whats his name ?


I started getting great results when I listened to only one sub for an extended time. I also just assumed that it works. I do not feel the subs at all, I just notice the changes later.


Subliminals don’t take belief. The act of constantly tapping parts of your brain with certain messages over extended periods of time is what’s carving the real change. If the subliminal requires you to live in a fantasy land of pure belief and constantly affirming that it’s working and always smiling at every comment section, just to work, then it’s a terrible subliminal. YouTube subs are basic in scripting and their general population are kids who sponge up even the most basic of scripting.



His name is pacman


Okay what about law of assumption? What about mrntal diet? Alot of submakers from yt say to use law of assumption and believe that the sub is going to work.


This is typically an effective to convince users that the fault lies within their minds for not thinking the sub is going to work. A strategy employed heavily by a certain maker that shall not be named…

Some interesting terminology from Neville Goddard here. These are good for manifesting but good subs don’t need one to engage in these activities for the sub to execute.


Could i listen to as many subliminals as i want?