New on the forum

Hi everyone!

I been using Subs since December
Right now I’m on Dragon Reborn V2 Stage one, I started from Zero after V2 came out but I was already on stage 2 which gave me lots of recon at that time.
I’m using a custom based on love and Beauty, I called it Love and Beauty Shock since June.
The ultima I chose to use along my two V2 subs is is Rebirth to skyrocket DR success.

I bought some other titles from the store but these are the ones I’m using right now.

My listening pattern is

1 day Love and Beauty Shock and Rebirth at night
Next day off
1 day Dragon Reborn and Rebirth at night
Next day off


Dragon Reborn was my first SC sub, I was really depressed back on December and was more than willing to give it a try, at v1 it gave lots of recon but now I’m doing a lot better.

Happy to finally join the forum after being lurking here for a long time.


Which cores/modules are in Love and Beauty Shock?

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Hi Palpatine!

Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
Facial Morphing
Divine Will
Chosen of Venus
Instant Spark
Long-Range Seduction
Sensuality & Handsomeness Improver
Seducer’s Gaze
SPS: Fat Burn
Aura of Craving
Master’s Coordination
Love Without Attachment
Physicality Shifter - Sexiness

I’m staying loyal to my three titles right now but in the past I tried a bit of other titles but for now healing is my priority as well as improving my looks which has given me good results, can’t tell what’s different but I feel a lot better within my own skin.


Cool modules! How often do you sense specific modules at work in the moment?

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I don’t think actually experienced that yet
Maybe when I have more time using it.
I’m not taking much action meeting new people because of Covid.

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Remember this stuff will work even in online interaction to a degree

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Thanks Palpatine

I’ll remember that

Hi Dandelion,

Welcome, happy to see more people joining.

Sounds like December was a real though for you, glad that you picked dragon reborn, it has helped a lot of forum members.

I myself am running Ascension to work on my nice guy syndrome and to advance romantically and at work. Want to get my own place so bad.

Anyway… I hope to read more of your journey! Thnx for sharing!

Ps interesting name Dandelion, reminds me of orange is the new black

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