New on the forum

Hi everyone!

I been using Subs since December
Right now I’m on Dragon Reborn V2 Stage one, I started from Zero after V2 came out but I was already on stage 2 which gave me lots of recon at that time.
I’m using a custom based on love and Beauty, I called it Love and Beauty Shock since June.
The ultima I chose to use along my two V2 subs is is Rebirth to skyrocket DR success.

I bought some other titles from the store but these are the ones I’m using right now.

My listening pattern is

1 day Love and Beauty Shock and Rebirth at night
Next day off
1 day Dragon Reborn and Rebirth at night
Next day off


Dragon Reborn was my first SC sub, I was really depressed back on December and was more than willing to give it a try, at v1 it gave lots of recon but now I’m doing a lot better.

Happy to finally join the forum after being lurking here for a long time.


Which cores/modules are in Love and Beauty Shock?

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Hi Palpatine!

Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
Facial Morphing
Divine Will
Chosen of Venus
Instant Spark
Long-Range Seduction
Sensuality & Handsomeness Improver
Seducer’s Gaze
SPS: Fat Burn
Aura of Craving
Master’s Coordination
Love Without Attachment
Physicality Shifter - Sexiness

I’m staying loyal to my three titles right now but in the past I tried a bit of other titles but for now healing is my priority as well as improving my looks which has given me good results, can’t tell what’s different but I feel a lot better within my own skin.


Cool modules! How often do you sense specific modules at work in the moment?

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I don’t think actually experienced that yet
Maybe when I have more time using it.
I’m not taking much action meeting new people because of Covid.

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Remember this stuff will work even in online interaction to a degree

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Thanks Palpatine

I’ll remember that

Hi Dandelion,

Welcome, happy to see more people joining.

Sounds like December was a real though for you, glad that you picked dragon reborn, it has helped a lot of forum members.

I myself am running Ascension to work on my nice guy syndrome and to advance romantically and at work. Want to get my own place so bad.

Anyway… I hope to read more of your journey! Thnx for sharing!

Ps interesting name Dandelion, reminds me of orange is the new black


Small update

I’ve been using the new listening pattern suggested.

Four subs and a day off but I think I can also listen to a single loop of the booster by itself every other day (processing day)

Day off

Dragon Reborn
Custom Love and Beauty Shock
Rebirth Ultima as a booster
Ultimate Artist

Day off


I’m keeping this playlist until the end of the year, then I can move on to Dragon Reborn 3 and switch ultimate artist with Reinassance Man, also tempted to purchase Limit Removal (I believe it’s the right name) to use it instead of Rebirth.


Hey what results have not noticed from that module?

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It’s hard for me to notice changes on particular modules but I feel much more confidence in my appearance.

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