New Member And Experimenting


Hi to all the board members. I have been using Ascension for about 4 days now haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary as of yet but from what I’ve read it takes about two weeks to 30 days to see results depending on the individual.

My routine is 30 to 45 minutes on headphones using my smartphone at work in the mornings, then an hour or more on my computer speakers twice a day. I haven’t run the program for a whole night while sleeping but that’s coming soon.

The only question I have is what is the experimental subliminal “Ascension: Ex-Machina” and what exactly does it do? Can’t seem to find any information about it on the website.

Any helpful tips would be appreciated, if I start seeing results I’ll make a journal.


Thanks for purchasing Ascension and commenting!

Everyone’s minds are different. Some are more susceptible to subliminal mind programming than others. Those of us that have been running subliminals for years already have our minds “primed” for it, meaning our subconscious’ are used to the scripting and everything that goes along with it. That being said, you may need to use the “Set and Forget” method and leave the subliminal running as much as possible (it’s not gonna hurt you), and also turn up the volume. More time + more volume = better and more profound results. I literally have some subliminal all day, 24/7. Since I listen to all my music in Spotify, I let iTunes run a playlist of selected subliminals ALL DAY. You’ll know you hit your “sweet spot” when you start having dreams, or as others have stated, issues “relaxing.”

To answer your question, Ascension Ex Machina is a prototype version of Ascension. It’s the same script, but a different build method that’s designed to be more powerful. Tests with the build method have been positive, and most of our future subliminals, as well as some of those already built (Muay Thai Mastery X, for example) were built with the Ex Machina format.



Thank you for the recommendations. I read it’s not recommended to hear the program with volume all the way up on headphones maybe you can clarify that?

I plan to buy a Bluetooth speaker to run the program overnight while I’m sleeping just waiting to get paid.

Thanks again.


Welcome friend :smile:

The first thing you will start to notice is how you act around people. You will start seeing people less intimidating and the reverse will be equally true. You will start to realize your value and that corresponds to ” less trying ” to impress them in any way subtle or not.

Also your voice and manner of speech will improve. I find that i am speaking slower, my voice is projecting and i dont have to try to impress people. No need to.


Do you have to purchase Ascention by itself to get a copy of Ascention Ex Machina ? I would love to try that .


Seems that’s the only way to get AEX-M is to purchase Ascention, unless you know a guy that knows a guy. lol I haven’t tried it yet since I just started Ascention by itself so the program can do its magic. After a month I’ll use both.


Ascension Ex Machina is only available with purchases of Ascension. If you’ve purchased Ascended Mogul, however, you won’t need to go back and get Ex Machina. Ascended Mogul was built with the Ex Machina build method.

Regular Ascension, however, was built with the “Mk” build method, which, while still powerful, is a bit antiquated. Hence, the rebuild in Ex Machina.


PLEASE put this on the product page, or have a custom PDF for this sub! I just purchased Ascension today and came here looking for the answer. Would have been helpful to know what the subliminal bonus contains, because you know, I’ve been sold silence. :wink:


Does Ex Machina = MorningStar @SaintSovereign?