New Lease; The Journey Begins


So there was an issue at school that resulted in me having to go up there to sort it out, and I felt anxiety. Thinking about it though it might have been worse if I wasn’t using Emperor. I will definitely have to stick with this for a while before I truly handle things like an Emperor.


Being running Emperor on set and forget and I think my mind is feeling a little fatigue. Decided to take a complete break for the weekend and start again Monday.


Not taking the break again, currently running EV3 on set and forget. Call me paranoid :man_shrugging:


I am getting horny and all i want to do is watch porn. Been this way for a while but really felt it yesterday and today. There I said it.


I was about to post something kinda depressing but I’m not going to. Its just reconciliation right now, I’ll get past it. Just impatience.


Something is happening in my mind. I don’t know if it is racing or getting beaten to a pulp but something is happening. Its like a headache without the pain, does that make sense?


Nevermind it’s just a headache


I feel like I just woke up after having a bad cold. Where you feel better, but you know you were definitely sick.


Last night I decided to take a 2 day break from Emperor Last night was the first that I went without the ultrasonic playing all night (did use it all day prior though) and now I feel amped! I think my mind is just trying to sort everthing out. I feel a lot of energy right now.


Decided to stack Iron Throne. I’ll get back to you all soon. Actually tomorrow. Both Emperor V3 and Iron Throne are playing on set and forget. Not taking any breaks.


Decided to go back to only Emperor. I’m being impatient and not giving it a fair chance. Will still keep posting on this journal daily the things that happen whether big or small. Been using others in addition to Emperor and all i want to do is drink.


Had a dream and actually remembered a bit of it. I have no idea what the dream meant but yeah :+1:


I want my own empire and I want to be able to take empires down (ya’ll get the reference :wink:) but what I want is to enjoy to have a dating and sex life that I can be proud of. So I am making a switch to Primal, just Primal. Emperor has made changes but not in ways that I can appreciate because of what I am lacking. This feels like the right decision and I’ll keep leaving updates with my progress.


Last night had a dream about a few things. Pro Wrestling was one and it was kinda funny and school was another and the girls were into me. There was also a talk show where strippers were on the stage. The host touched one of the the strippers and got in trouble. The producer walked on stage and thats it.


Had two dreams last night after finally falling asleep. First one involved Louis Litt from Suits; he was talking about finally letting go, can’t remember too well. I think it might be a metaphor for letting go of girls I missed my opportunity with.

The second one involved Ronda Rousey and I was definitely beta in that one. She and bunch of ppl where in an auditorium and something similar to the Gillette commercial (the cringy one) came on a silver screen. All the girls booed and hissed saying they want real men and Ronda screamed “I don’t even know what you are selling!”


Don’t take girls advice from Louis Litt :wink:



I don’t have control over my dreams dude :rofl: but I get what you are saying.


More dreams last night. From what I remember I was at a college type party except no one there was college age. Everyone was like late 20s to mid 30s and have a good time. I’m in my late 20s myself and I always felt like I should be doing more and probably making up for lost time.

Also in that dream a girl who I had a crush on for years was in it. In it I believed I just made up an excuse to see her. This is because when I reached her front, the excuse sounded stupid in my head.

Primal is trying to work something out in me.


The dreams got weird in a scary way last night. Giant hands came out of the ground of an island that I was on and started chasing me and everyone and the arms stretched and stretched and stretched. The boats were barely fast enough to get away. Also a weird one involving what I think MK Ultra mind control would look like. That was messed up. I don’t understand what any of that means.


I’ve decided to wipe the slate clean, so I’ve bought Khan. Just put Total Breakdown on set and forget.