New Lease; The Journey Begins


Truth be told, my journey with Emperor began July 21st and I have been using it every day. My reasons are for choosing Emperor are because I don’t love or respect who I am now, but I do acknowledge who I can be. The guy who gets the girl or the girls if that is what I choose. The guy who can be hugely successful and self-sufficient. The guy who doesn’t get pushed around or used or manipulated. A guy who isn’t lazy, who doesn’t give up so easily, who can take risks. The son that my parents can be proud of and my sister can look up to. I stumbled across Sub Club by simply browsing google and from there I was in.

As for the signs of improvements, I think my voice has gotten deeper than what it was, I have been having dreams but can’t really make sense of them and I forget what happened in them. I did have a short presentation that I did in class which went better than expected where I didn’t get lost or stumble and the girls seemed to like my voice.

Reconciliation is something I believe I am experiencing which I think comes in the form of impatience. A few days ago I was down and felt lonely and thought maybe this wasn’t for me or maybe this wasn’t the right product, but I stuck with it and got past it. I listen to ultrasonic on a loop from my phone the masked track with headphones once before I go to sleep. When I wake up ultrasonic is still playing. Still early days, I’ll let keep posting to let you all now my progress. One thing though, when using the masked track areas on my face start feeling itchy. What is that exactly?


Maybe it’s the physical headphones themselves or the wires rubbing on your face? May also be something about the water-noises, who knows.

I ran Emperor for 4 months, and it can be difficult to run at times. Anytime I’d have the thought of wanting to switch, or that the sub “wasn’t doing anything”, I’d take these as signs that the sub is working. Remember that the script is huge and that it can take several months for all of the effects to manifest. Best wishes on Emperor!


Thanks for the encouraging words. Lets give it some time then.


I am feeling anxiety right now, like a whole lot of energy. I’m kinda worried, any suggestions?


I don’t know how to describe it right now. I feel like I’m in the zone accept I’m not really doing anything at the moment. I just feel ready lol.


I get it! That’s exactly how I feel 3 weeks into ST1 of EoG. You put it perfectly.


I’m running for the last 3 months if not a little longer. I was running with rebirth up till a few weeks ago. Now just emperor 24/7. I have better days,I have anxiety days. Always changes. I just keep running running regardless though. But if you experience too much anxiety maybe less loops. If you take magnesium citrate but not every day that will chill you out. I do that when I get a lot of anxiety. But not much lately. But don’t worry it’ll change keep with it.


Should I use a supercharger or should I give Emperor more time by itself?


Well how’s it going now? How are you listening. Still anxiety or it’s changed? You can try one. Seems like people are doing good with the true social one. That could help you with all the social stuff.


Today I felt kinda lazy and I was procrastinating. I’ll keep True Social in mind, decided to focus only on Emperor until the end of August. I’ll decide what next after that.


I went to the movies last night by myself and felt angry. Not furious anger just the more annoyed kind and got more annoyed when the movie started and people were just walking in my view. Felt better when the movie finally got going but never been that way at the movies before. By the way it was Hobbs and Shaw, it was dope and you should all see it :+1:


I think most of us running emperor get that.


When it comes to patience, I am a mess. Started listening to Primal again yesterday, bought Aura yesterday, started listening all three, took Emperor out and started listening to Primal and Aura on set and forget for more than 3 hours for sure (not sure how long) and now its only Emperor V3 again. I’m a mess.


See it from the positive side. You acknowledge that you are impatience, so now you can fix it. It’s quite normal for people who are new to these subs to be impatient. Only running Emperor is a good choice and should be quite potent.


I appreciate that thanks.


So far I feel like something is happening in my head. That’s all I have for now. Will try posting daily.


Just stick with emperor for now. You just started it. Wait a few months then look back and see the difference. Hopefully in a month you’ll start feeling more in control of your patience. Emperor has a whole bunch in it. The script is so darn huge so results will take time. Imagine reading a Hanes car repair manual for your car front to back. You won’t learn much if anything until you’ve became a mechanic out of it. But when the results come you’ll feel rewarded and will have more dedication and determination.

I remember some years ago when I first tried out subs and after a week I was like this is wack and stopped, then went back to it. Once I got my first tangible result that was it and it took if from there. And I was in real low shit hole pushover me nice guy type. If you knew me back then and haven’t seen me fast forward 3 years now, you wouldn’t even recognize me. I’ve completely changed. I’m Stern, assertive, won’t let people push me around, won’t take shit from nobody kind of guy. I’ll assert my boundaries and let someone know when when they cross them.

You will also change yourself but you might not really notice in the moment when your encompassed in your cloud until time passes and you look back at your self when you are no longer in that state! That’s the turning point.


Thanks, I need that.


I’ve always been the quiet guy but yesterday was the first time I ever got complimented for it. I work with my father and yesterday he and his partner had a meeting with there lawyer (a cool guy). The 4 of us were there and he looked at me and said more or less that it is impressive how calm I am and that I keep my father grounded. Then my father looked at me with pride. Choking up a little but I’m fine.


Yesterday I felt so so good. I felt like everything was going to work out and I was going to be just fine. Started feeling this way after typing up my last message. Today I feel something happening not sure what. Think I feel more in control probably. I like it though. Post again after work.