New journal new me


Starting a new journal after a long hiatus from keeping one. I’ve been on EoG/Social King for the last few months. Most recently I was on EoG ST3 but didn’t take any action so I feel as though the program didn’t take hold the way that it should/was meant to. Being that I got few results from EoG I switched to just straight Emperor V3. This journal will report my progress as I find a job and build my network marketing business essentially from scratch. On top of my professional aspirations, I will report on my personal goals which will include personal relationships (both platonic and romantic), getting into peak physical condition, and improving my knowledge base in a wide array of interests. On top of everything else for the month of November, at minimum, I’m embarking on the nofap challenge (no nut November).

I listened to masked version all throughout last night. I woke up feeling very exhausted this morning. After catching up on a bit of news I ended up going back to sleep for extra rest. When I woke up I did my workout routine. I was originally only planning on “showing up” for 1 round of my HIIT training but ended up pushing through 2 rounds. I got a bunch of other tasks knocked off my to-do list today but still didn’t go out networking for my business. I did apply to some jobs. It’s just past 7pm my time and I’ve successfully abstained from porn so I’ll consider today a success in that regard. More to come soon.


@Neurokinetic - Real cool. Is your stack right now Emperor along with supercharger True Social?


It is very weird why people are reporting such a lack of results with eog. fire wrote that eog should deal with utter laziness


Last night I was reading on the forum about “heavy” programs and decided to throw AM into my stack for more concentrated effect. Right now my stack is Emperor V3, AM x3, Emperor V3 (in essence a sort of Emperor Sandwich). When I get myself out networking I will use True Social as a mindset framer but as of yet have not


I haven’t yet read up much on anyone else’s results, a few updates here and there but everyone has been different. It is weird that EoG has not had the same “push” as other subs such as Iron Throne or Khan. Perhaps @Fire and @SaintSovereign still need to perfect it in the program to get it to the same level as the others.


I think it’s because the foundation in which you need to establish with Emperor isn’t there.


That was my belief as well, hence moving to my current stack. My hope is that after doing a solid run of AM/Emperor that when I do revisit the program it will take effect


I believe it will. Right now, my goal is run Emperor for 3 months, anytime before the 3 months end I’ll add Daredevil. Afterwards it’s EOG then Khan.


Nice! That’s very similar to my plan, but due to the social nature of my long term goals (network marketing company) my plan was to run Emperor, then Khan, then EoG again :slight_smile: (possibly throw Daredevil in there as well)


EoG is a title primarily for people who are very serious about building financial independence. You can’t be on the fence, or wait for a “push.” You have to start planning, building and working to see results. The “push” that people feel from subliminals is a side effect of the subconscious agreeing with and fully accepting the scripting. The lack of a push is basically a form of reconciliation / fear / risk aversion. Given the fact that the very heart of entrepreneurship is risk, it’s easy to see how waiting for a “push” can be detrimental to progress.

What’s the easiest way to overcome this reconciliation/ fear? Showing the mind that there’s nothing to be afraid of by moving forward. THEN the push kicks in, as the subconscious begins to integrate the scripting.


That makes a lot of sense and gives me hope for the future when my habits around taking action have been built already. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Today was exhausting, I could barely get the stuff I had to get done let alone anything extra. I woke up incredibly tired. Had to go to breakfast with my mom, her partner, and soon-to-be step siblings because my mom and her partner got engaged last weekend. During the casual conversation I felt in control of and a certain sense commanding energy. There were moments of unease and discomfort but they were also balanced with moments of an almost extreme sense of control.

After breakfast I had a conference call/training with my network marketing upline. This was mostly just a listening thing where I took notes. At one point I was asked to roleplay handling a typical objection that might come up during a sales meeting and was told I handled it well. Others who handled other objections got much more critical feedback so I felt good about that.

Since I was so tired when I woke up I didn’t have time to eat anything until after the call with my upline (breakfast was at a coffee shop, all I had was a hot chocolate). After eating some food I went back to sleep. I am unsure why I have been so fatigued lately but will just have to take it day by day. Day 2 of nofap went great, resisted some minor urges and made it through (currently around 8:15pm so going to deem today a success).

So all in all not much to report in terms of extra productivity or moving forward toward my goals. Got some basic chores done, and meditated - that’s it. Planning on doing some reading tonight before bed. Tomorrow is a brand new day.


Even though i agree and i think we should always take action and not waiting a magic subliminal, dont you think it would be better if you ‘‘forced’’ a person to take action?


I woke up pretty early today and in all honesty probably could’ve gotten up fine at the time I woke up (~6am) but instead went back to sleep for a few more hours. When I did wake up this time though I felt quite energized. I did my HIIT routine for 2 rounds this morning which felt good. Had a phone call with my mom’s accountant and we discussed a business plan in which he offered to help me out professionally (my network marketing business is in the financial field so he has a lot of contacts). I was also able to secure a large investment deal which, when the deal goes through, will result in about a $10,000 commission.

Still no activity in going out and networking. I’ve been reading the book Psycho-Cybernetics yesterday and today. It’s been motivating me to take action. Tomorrow I will do my best to get out and network with strangers a bit. I have some errands to run so I will make it a point to talk to people while I’m out of the house. Nofap challenge is still going strong. A few minor urges but they have been minimal and I’ve found the strength to resist quite easily. I am feeling quite certain in my ability to abstain and am proud of myself. My current longest streak is 4 or 5 days (I think, I honestly can’t remember) so when I get to a full week I know I’m going to feel proud of myself. I will use that sense of pride to ride the wave until the end of the November, at least.

I was reading through the forum about the new listening guidelines, where it is mentioned that not listening while sleeping produced greater results for many testers so I’ll be sleeping tonight without anything playing. Will note my results on that as well.

That’s it for today. Cheers


I had two interesting dreams last night which I can remember. One where I, for whatever reason, found myself scrolling through porn online. However, to the best of my recollection, even in my dream I didn’t succumb. I can only interpret this as a sign that my resilience is cementing, which was further backed up events which happened today. The second dream is hazier. I was with my first girlfriend, she had purple hair (which she never had while we dated, or ever as far as I know) and we had to give a pitch to a nonprofit using a joke that I knew, but couldn’t remember in the dream (or after waking up :stuck_out_tongue: ). While we were delivering the pitch, the person we were pitching to was on the phone with my old store manager from Walmart. He is someone that I always recognized as an alpha type. He is tall, good looking, successful, charming, and seemingly always in control. Not sure if that’s wholly relevant but it’s worth mentioning. The person he was on the phone with (the one we were pitching) was telling him that he messed up and she wasn’t going to help him get out of the situation he caused.

When I woke up to my alarm I, again, went back to sleep for another few hours. I did my HIIT routine for 2 rounds again, but doing 2 rounds felt not as tiresome as usual. I was able to take less time in between each of the 6 exercises which is contained in one round. I was supposed to go and run some errands but didn’t end up getting anything done outside the house. Yesterday I was having some trouble logging into the account which I use to manage/monitor my client’s investments so I called them today and after about a half hour on the phone with them managed to get it all sorted out. This will help for doing business later in the week.

I finished reading Psycho-Cybernetics which gave me real good insight on how and why I should go out and start taking action. As long as I can hold onto the concepts from the book and feeling of wanting to improve myself then I know that I will be able to go out tomorrow and take action. I’m also proud of myself for finishing the book as that means I read a 300 page book in 3 days. If I can continue this pace of reading/absorbing knowledge I will be quite pleased.

A girl I’ve been friends with for awhile messaged me at random today asking me if I was free at all this week. We’ve flirted a bit in the past and went on one date together where things went pretty well: lots of dancing, groping, making out - but no sex. She’s been pretty dodgy/hard to make plans with so it was interesting to have her contact me. I told her I was free tomorrow night and Friday night but never got a response back. Going to message her tomorrow morning and see if we can make plans for tomorrow night.

I had strong urge to relapse and watch porn while I was at home today but managed to stick to my guns and get through day 4. Proud of myself for managing to conquer my demons when I could have easily given in to weakness. Tomorrow I should be out of the house most of the day so that will help if urges persist.

Also decided that I’m going to start setting time aside every day or every other day to work on music production again and get into making tunes. A few months back a girl I was seeing challenged me to write a song in C minor. I was looking up songs that are already in that key today with the idea of remixing an existing song. I decided to go with Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. I think I’ll have a lot of fun with that.

All in all a pretty decent day, despite not having gone out to network, But the push to get it done is building. It is now no longer a matter of if, but a matter of when.


Does khan Take Care of this? Or any other Product that takes care of this? @SaintSovereign


many users reported a push for flirting with women on khan. if you mean business related push i didnt read anyone on khan to have this push


@rising ill Mogul push me to take action towards business?


Users reported increased productivity in their journals but i dont know if mogul amplified their motivation or it pushed them while the were not motivated


Weird dream last night, I was in a secret base with a bunch of superheroes. We all had to work as a team together defend our HQ. Woke up in the middle of the night (around 3:30) and couldn’t get back to sleep. Looking back I should’ve used the time to do something more productive but instead I laid in bed and looked up various programs to plan out the next few months of my subliminal use. I’m going to stick to my current stack (Emperor v3 x2, AM x3) for November. Then in December I’m going to switch to Emperor v3 x3 and Primal Seduction x2. Two reasons for this. One, AM is old tech and probably won’t be updated any time soon. The extra time on the US version of the tracks seems wasteful so I’m just going to put in 6 hours a day of AM (2 full loops of my stack) so that when I switch to a heavier Emperor focus I’ll have a decent foundation and then be able to give more time to another program. The other reason is that New Years is at the end of December and I have been single/dateless for the last few years. I would be great to have a date (or two :wink: ) to kiss at midnight.

I managed to get back to sleep for a bit more around 7ish, then I woke up and got out of bed around 9:30. I did manage to get out of the house today but because of being awake half the night I felt like trash. Also one of the errands I had to run was blood work that my doctor requisitioned, and for those specific tests I had to fast for 12 hours. Between not eating and not sleeping I didn’t feel great. So while I did go out for a bit, I didn’t network at all. I will say that while I was out I felt I was getting a lot of attention. A sort of “all eyes on me” feeling. I also was able to make sustained eye contact with anyone who made contact with me rather than sheepishly look away like most people do. There was definitely more confidence in my stride as I walked and in my body language as I sat in the blood lab waiting room.

I didn’t do my HIIT workout today because of the exhaustion/fasting. I did do my Psycho-Cybernetic exercises after I got home from errands. There were some urges to watch porn but my no fap streak continues. Starting to believe in my ability to be resilient more and more.

Despite not really having the funds for it I caved and bought Inner Circle. As someone who is building a network marketing company it would be a dream to manifest key players for my team, or other meaningful connections for building my business. Originally I was going to wait for testimonials/results from others but I decided F it and pulled the trigger. So it is running x1 in my stack now as well.

I think that’s all I have for today.