New Here. Thinking about QL and Emperor


I’m a sophomore CS student in college and my goal is to ultimately make money. I definitely want QL because it sounds like I’ll be able to learn a lot of things faster. I have read through some reports on it already, but I’m curious. Is the intended affect similar to NZT from the movie “Limitless”?

However, I’m not sure if should go with Emperor or Ascended Mogul for the wealth affirmations. While money is more important to me than status and relationships, I think somewhere down the line, I would prioritize my relationships with women higher than money (once I start raking in the cash). I intend to to go all in with the sub, so I’ll listen to them on loop for as long as I can. And I’ll stick with it for 3 years until I graduate college at the very least.

However, at what point are the results permanent and you can stop listening to the subs. I’m willing to devote at least 3 years to the subs and self-improvement, but at some point, I want to stop and simply relax. I would like to be able to not worry about having to listen to the sub on loop.

Also any advice on how I could make more money in CS? I’m self-teaching myself web development, so that will give me a low 6-figure salary, but I was kind of hoping to retire when I’m 30. The only way I see how right now is if I save most of my money working the software engineer job.


Welcome. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be a good idea to stop listening to subs after the alloted 3 years. It would be like stopping going to the gym after 3 years. What you can do though is lower the amount of hours you listen to it if you listened to it for a long time. Just like maintaining your body is easier and needs less effort after you have reached your ideal body.

Emperor is a good choice. But if you want quick results, I would recommend Limitless instead of Quantum Limitless. Unless you are really commited to QL.

Ascended Mogul is also a good subliminal but since Emperor is the one which is regularly updated, you cannot go wrong with it.

So my advice is Emperor + Limitless OR Emperor + Quantum Limitless OR just Emperor

PS: Emperor does have Limitless in it but adding a separate sub for learning will surely boost your learning prowess.

PPS: regarding the making money part, I would recommend you freelance. Am not an expert on the topic though so do consult youtube videos on this. Or just search for “making money through coding/programming”.

All the best!