New here + Questions

It is nice to be here as I can tell that these are REAL subliminal products and I am very excited to experience them after months of trying free and other paid subliminals that had little effect.

I am currently on RICH and EoG, 15 minutes each every other day. I REALLY feel that the tracks are powerful and mind altering while listening to them, but I haven’t noticed anything in my life or felt any different at all with regards to money or anything else.

So I decided to break the rules and use the Love Bomb to Humanity on my last “off” day (yesterday) and after that I felt a little tired for a few hours but then felt great. And have noticed a difference in how I feel and being more caring and considerate for others and feeling happier and lighter in general.

It is hard for me to only do one 15 minute of RICH and EoG every other day, especially feeling nothing. With what I have read of reconciliation should I not listen more until I feel some kind of reconciliation and then back off slightly? I know it was said “less is more” but logically I don’t understand that with regards to subliminals. Maybe I don’t understand the ZP technology well enough. Wouldn’t I be feeling something if I was doing too much? I bet you guys get these kind of posts a lot.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to learning here!


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A warm welcome to SubClub!

Which stage of EoG are you using? If it is the first stage, it is for removing limiting beliefs about money so it isn’t exactly an action oriented title rather it is a heaiing one. Plus do let us know how long you have run RICH and EoG.

This is not breaking the rules since you can run 3 titles in a stack. Not all 3 on the same day though.

Be careful to not hand-wave away your results. You had felt something first and then you say you don’t feel anything. This will tell your subconscious mind to ignore the audio programming which will lead to decrease in results

Please journal and take the necessary actions for the subliminal to work better.

That’s excellent. This is proof that SC subliminals work. Make a separate journal and write down what you feel, what actions you have taken and over time the results will be better.

Here is the support article for listening instructions:


Thank you so much Lion! I appreciate your input! :slight_smile: