New here, question about a stack



I‘m new to SubliminalClub.

I‘ve used subliminals for a year now with decent results but not great and then a friend found this here and had great results so I bought Khan 2 days ago and I think it‘s working.
I was going to use Khan St1 for 30 days and then St2 for the next 30days and so on. I also wanted to use the boxing mastery because I‘m a boxer and I‘ve been looking for a good boxing sub. Then I‘ve seen Libertine Ultima this morning which is very tempting too.
So my question is can I listen to these 3 and still get the best results? I listen at night and during the day. If I can listen to these 3 which would be perfect because they are what I need the most, I would appreciate as to listen to which one for example at night: Khan 4x, Boxing 3x, Libertine 1x and then during the day the same if I have time otherwise a little less but with priority on Khan then boxing and then Libertine.

My last question is these wouldn‘t interfere with morphic fields from Sapien Medicine or frequencies from Quadible Integrity?

Thanks in advance for any help!


I know nothing about pairing up subs with the stuff you mentioned but if you haven’t had any problems pairing it up with the aforementioned subs you used for one year you shouldn’t have any problems with SC subs either.

If it comes to stacking the subs you mentioned it’s perfectly fine as long as you don’t overload yourself and you’re ready to wait a bit longer since the denser your stack is the longer you have to wait for the results. Personally I would run Khan solely first and then I would go for the boxing stuff and Libertine. Of course you could use Liberrine from time to time just before going on the hunt.


Totally depends. SubClub’s technology is vastly different as far as I can tell, so almost like starting with a clean slate.

I’d definitely recommend that @Mitch start with the recommended 1 loop per day and work up to find the sweet spot for the different subs. Q is no joke. Neither is Ultima


@SaintSovereign or @Fire can you please reply to above question.

As for what to listen to and when, I’m guessing you have the Q format from the regular store. Q is dense. I would encourage you to think about starting with with 1 loop, and notice the results over a few days. Then decide if you might want to increase the number of loops in the same program or add another program.

I know it’s tempting to jump in with 100% of what you might want. I’d encourage a bit of caution.


Yes, that’s the best course of action for a beginner and of course because as you mentioned SC subs are different, much more potent than anything I’ve encountered so far.


Thank you all very much for your replies! Do you mean by 1 loop just to listen to Khan St1 once a day? I‘ve been listening to Khan all night and as much as I can during the day because it says to listen as much as possible for better results and had no issues so far. I listened to Libertine once yesterday. But now after reading your comments I didn‘t listen to any others than Khan. I will just listen to Muscle Growth from Quadible after training.
When could I start with adding Boxing Mastery and Libertine? Or should I completely finish the 4 month of Khan St1-4 before starting Libertine and Boxing?


Yes, we mean listening to Khan 1 loop/day. When I was listening 8 loops/day of KhanQ I was getting little to no results and only when I reduced the number of loops to 4 the magic started happening. Of course you can run 2 loops, the point is to calibrate it and find your sweet spot where you get satisfying results without getting overloaded or without getting reconciliation or stonewalling. Me, at 8 loops was stonewalling.

If it comes to Libertine you could use it only before going on hunt or if you wanted to use it on a daily basis when you’ve found your sweet spot for Khan. The same if it comes to Boxing Mastery, once you’ve found your sweet spot for Khan you can add one loop of that program and see how it goes and later on gradually increase the number of loops. Or you can finish doing Khan once you’ve got satisfied results and then switch to BM and Libertine. I would advise you to run Khan first and once satisfied with the results switch to BM unless you really have to start getting some results at a start.

Another thing is you may consider playing Khan for a longer time than 4 months. 4 months is only an outline but your judgment based on experience should be the ultimate measure.

The most common mistake people make on here is called “shiny objects syndrome”, not being patient and switching to another and another and another sub constantly. I would rather call it “subliminal results anxiety”.


Thanks a lot for your detailed response! That does help a lot, thank you! If you don‘t mind me asking another question. Is there anything I can look out for results wise with Khan st1 because it‘s just a breakdown of everything so it might be a bit difficult to know when you are seeing results? I listened to just 1 loop today so I‘ll try to find that sweet spot like you said. When I was looping it as much as possible I had strange dreams, one where I think I could see one of the things I fear, which was not being number 1 at everything I do. And similar toughts like that popped up once or twice during the day.
You said listening to Khan longer than 4 month, so when I listened to each stage for 1month which one should I listen to after the 4 months? Probably Khan Complete right?
Thanks again for your help, much appreciated!


The first stage is about clearing out your inner garbage and preparing the ground for building the foundations for the further development which comes with the next stages. It’s called BREAKDOWN because it’s when the detrimental and hindering beliefs are challenged. It includes a bit of emotional/mental healing too. Theoretically, there are no external results and you can only “feel” the healing and cleaning takes place. At least I noticed no external results while doing Stage 1 but it was back then when Khan was not in Q yet. The only thing I felt was a slight indifference and a feeling of being a bit soft.

I think you shouldn’t fix any periods of time for listening but only set the minimum as 30 days and after 30 days decide whether you should move to the next stage or you’re getting good results and you should do more solid work. I made that mistake when running Stage 3, I was getting excellent results but after 30 days I switched to Stage 4. It looked like and felt as if I hadn’t let the program finish its work. Of course we never can predict or even judge with complete certainty what will happen if we just switch but the feel was I should have stuck to Stage 3.

Stage 4 is the complete program and the former stages are to prepare you for it, lay foundations for it. And yes, you should run it longer, definitely longer than one month but again, it depends on the results you’re getting, your feel, your objectives… caprice?


Just be patient and observe your results adjusting your subs accordingly. Mind the shiny objects syndrome.


I‘m on week 6 of Khan Q st1, I‘ll switch to st 2 next week. I try to read trough the forum as much as I can to get more info. I read somewhere that Q is strong and you should listen to 1-2 loops a day. If I do 2 loops I‘m fine but there were some nights I fell asleep and listened to 5-6loops and I was extremely tired the next day, but I had extremely realistic sexual dreams which was nice.
The results are pretty good all the bad experiences that I had are gone, if I think about them I just don‘t care anymore. It even feels like I‘ve gotten rid of my bad habits in boxing and improved my boxing without listening to the Boxing Mastery. I only listened to Khan st1.
I read that Libertine Ultima is a supercharger does that mean it‘s something like a booster? That way I would start to listen to it with KhanQ st2 to get even better results with Khan. If not I‘ll keep focusing on Khan Q.


Yeap its a booster and when you buy it you get all the different version, current there is ultima version which is on version 2
You in for a treat with libertine


Thanks for your reply! What about Limit Destroyer Ultima is that a booster too? I‘ll start with Khan stage 2 tomorrow and just run St2 for a week and then the week after I‘ll start experimenting with either Limit Destroyer or Libertine version 2 Ultima to see if the results will be stronger.


All ultima products are boosters and they are strong enough that you can use them standalone. I recommend using them as booster