New here + need help with some instructions


Hey all, lurked lots here and decided to purchase Ascension + Regeneration and Sanguine looks are all Q

I have questions regarding
1 - which is better masked or ultrasonic? Like which will give faster results or it doesn’t matter?
2 - what volume should masked ones be listened to?
3 - for newbie it’s ok to listen to 3 at once? I’m using muscolet and run them one by one. That should be good? From what I’ve gathered is listening during day is better since at night the mind processes everything plus I ran subs overnight before and did not get a deep sleep.

  1. In theory it doesnt matter because they contain the exact script/built. But, you never want to expose others around you to these subs w/o their consent, so if you’re gonna listen to them in a work environment, use masked. Beyond that, some people prefer one over the other. Try both and see which you prefer.

  2. loud enough for you to hear the sound effects throughout, but not so loud your ears start hurting.

  3. 3 subs playing all at once is generally not recommended, but you’re welcome to experiment. Most people run them one after another. If you dont get a good sleep, at night, try listening during the day.