New here, introducing myself!


I am new here but not new to subliminals. I was quite fascinated by the amount of effort put into Subliminal Club’s work and decided to give it a go now that I have some free cash. I’m 22 years old, male.

I’ve previously used YouTube subliminals as well as “energy audios” and “morphic fields.” None of them produced any tangible results; however, I am still open-minded to the effectiveness of well-made subliminals and am intrigued by the scientific study that was made by Subliminal Club.

I decided to go for Quintessence Custom subliminal, with these modules:

I decided to go for Quintessence Custom subliminal. The modules I chose are as follows:

Male Enhancement
Beast Within Ultima Core
Emperor Fitness Height Inducer
Facial Morphing
Physicality Shifter – Sexiness
Prevent Premature Ejaculation
SPS: Muscular System
Voice Master
Ascended Mogul Q Core
Emperor Q Core
Financial Success Reality Shifter

Build options:

Solace [A]

Little did I know at the time of the purchase that there was a limit of six modules for Ultima subliminals. I requested that the support excuse my mistake and either make it into two Ultima subliminals or a Q Terninus Squared instead. Now, in hindsight, I realize that one of my modules is an Ultima-only module.

Would you please advise me on a) what you think about my stack in general for achieving various physical and material objectives; b) how you see this unfolding in terms of getting the subliminal arranged in a way that works?

Thank you & nice to be here and discuss our journeys together!


This is your first experience with subclub?

Yes, it is, but I certainly want the strongest and most powerful I can get. If it turns out to be too much, or exceed expectations, I will cut back on my use. I plan to use this one subliminal for life as it entails all I wish to achieve.

Welcome to Subclub

I would go with Emperor or AM not both… plus AM is actually in Emperor

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Thanks. I did not see the Quick Start guide before I had made the purchase. And I know so little about what the various modules contain. Do you think the support will help me get everything right?

Yeah, I would also suggest to start with Emperor :slight_smile:

@manifest Yeah, they should be able to help you, just be careful with that custom, it’s gonna hit like a truck! Also, right now it’s holiday time so the answering time could be longer.

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Thanks, I’ll add that in ticket to the support!

Glad to hear it. Yes, I’ll be careful.

Thanks for easing my mind, I’ll wait for their reply then. :slight_smile:

Would you recommend splitting it up into two Ultima, or putting the whole thing into a Terminus Squared?

(I want it to hit like a truck.)

Don’t do terminus squared hahaha :rofl: highly experimental, very few people tryed it and we can’t predict what will happened.

I think ultima would work better, even if my first suggestion would be to run a basic program.

Ultima will definitly hit hard.

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Thanks. I told Support I want them split up to two Ultima tracks and will pay whatever is necessary to get this done. I appreciate the help!

Welcome! Subliminal Club is not your run-of-the-mill sub company. These subs are different. As a newbie, if you jump on the strongest sub first, you’d be setting yourself up for unpleasant experiences.

Emperor is no joke! Maybe start with Ascended Mogul first for a few months to build your foundations then you can try your hand at Emperor.

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I understand, I’m happy to hear they are powerful. At this point I’m investing in a subliminal that will surely cause significant effect on my mind, whether it be too powerful, or not. Having used too many products of similar kind before from other creators, I finally want to be able to tell without a shred of doubt that something is happening, you know? If it becomes too powerful I will cut back and do a washout period. I’d rather have it too strong and use it rarely than too weak and use it often.

I’ll stick with Emperor, but I appreciate the suggestion. Maybe this decision will come back to haunt me, we’ll see.

Have a great day :slight_smile:


We saw your ticket and I think Support already responded. Just get another build, let us know which modules to split into which Ultima. You can also get a Qv2 custom instead and avoid having to buy another build since that format supports more modules.

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Thanks, I did the former, bought another build and stated which modules to split into which Ultima. :slight_smile:

Hello @SaintSovereign

I still haven’t received the order to my email. I worry that I am not receiving emails from the Quintessence SMTP server. I receive your Discourse emails and newsletters just fine, but was never sent any order confirmation or password to log in with to Resetting the password doesn’t send any email either; I’ve checked all folders. I just want to make sure I’ll not miss the order when it arrives. Happy New Year!

Send me a PM with your order number and I’ll check it on now.
EDIT: Actually, I’m about to PM you. Not sure if the system will let you yet.

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Received and replied.

.@SaintSovereign took care of it well, I’ve received both builds, thanks very much. Already listening to one of them and loving it!


Damn, it seems powerful.
I honestly didn’t expect this.
I’ve used so many tools before. So many. Ranging from magnetic brain stimulation to EEG neurofeedback and various “energy audios” (i.e. “charged” frequencies, which I now very much doubt are legitimate), and subliminals from other creators.
Needless to say I listened with an open mind but mediocre expectations. I certainly felt that these subliminals had an astonishing amount of work behind it, so I was really excited to try it.

@GoldenTiger, sir, you were right! It hit and it hit hard. I’m feeling it. For the first time in my life I’m feeling it. I listened to my two customs, one hour each, last night – and about to listen to the 2nd custom now. I don’t feel tired, like sleep deprivation; no, this is more of a signal from my mind that I should be taking it easy. It’s not unpleasant. I’ve felt somewhat lightheaded and nauseous, but not to an unpleasant degree. I can feel my mind being occupied, say, akin to the mental effects of a fever, but again – not to an unpleasant extent.

So far, my experience with this is promising. For the sake of clarification I will mention that I bought two customs, using Ultima and Solace A, each containing 5 modules of those mentioned in my first post (I split it up).

If I get results from this I will not hesitate to buy one for my girlfriend also.

Have a good weekend.