New here and starting with limitless


Have new here and I think limitless is the right way for me to go. I have my eyes on emperor next once I see the results from limitless. I grew up with a lot of limiting beliefs being hammered into me and I am hoping limitless will help me get those out of my mind and open me up for what I want to accomplish. I will try and follow up with a journal but work keeps me busy. Hope to read about everyone’s continued success and to join you guys with my success as well.

A couple quick questions: do you guys think an anker soundcore reproduces sound loud enough for it to be successful? Frequensee says ~60db where I sleep…


Yes, -60db is enough to see results for most people. If that’s not working, simply play the ultrasonic subliminal from your phone. I play subliminals off my iPhone XR, which I’ll usually leave on the headboard just above my head.


Does Limitless do this?

I thought it is about learning specifically. Not also letting go of all limiting beliefs related to achievements, accomplishments, and goals.


I’m on a similar path as you someairforcedude, I plan on running the program starting tonight. I’ll probably go the Ascended Mogul route first before Emperor so I can be fully ready for that and future programs.

On the instructions it says that volume from speakers shouldn’t be over ~20db but you listen to it at ~60db, wouldn’t that be damaging to the ears ?


On frequensee, - 60 is perfectly safe AFAIK.

Also on limiting beliefs that I am talking about… It’s more like, ohh you can learn this or that, never anything you want or everything you want. That is what I want to condition myself for. To want to never stop learning, learn quicker, remember more, etc… When it’s been hammered in your head that your father did this, grandfather did this, etc… You should do this and just groomed for that, it tends to close a lot of doors. I am just here to open those doors. I think limitless will definitely help with that.


No – in this case, the closer you get to 0, the louder.


11-10-18 @ 6:40 PM:
I use the same model, but I recommend you use it wired to your computer or phone, as I’ve read in another forum that the bluetooth compression format does affect subliminals in a negative way.


Good to know. Will grab an mp3 player just for that. Since Google decided that I don’t need an audio jack.


Is it the sound core 1 or 2 ??