New here and looking for program/stack suggestions


Hi all,

I’ve been a lurker here for awhile and have finally decided to get the ball rolling and dive deeper into subs. I only have a few weeks background with some subs from YT which convinced me that they do work, but I never committed because of the controversy with people putting negative shit in their subs. I’m looking for suggestions on which programs/stack to pick.

So my background:
I’ve started my journey into self-development about 2 and a half years ago, and I can say that I am a completely different person and that I’ve improved in many, many areas. However, I’m still not where I want to be (I don’t think we ever reach that ideal image which can be good because complacency kills and if you aren’t improving you’re losing). I feel like I can continue my journey without subs and was pretty reluctant to get back into subs because I never want to feel dependent on external factors for my own success which the YT subs were making me feel. I felt like I had to listen to them so I stopped. Reading the stuff on here and people’s results made me feel subclub is different and legit so I’ll give this a go. I’ve progressed a lot over the past couple years but I’m still dealing with negative programming from when I was younger and the insecurities that come along with it (self-esteem, caring about what other people think about me, etc.). I’ve gotten better because of mindfulness and meditation but I could always improve on that front.

My goals/interests:
Over the years, my success with women has gone from practically nonexistent to pretty good. I’m more confident, relaxed, better/healthier mindset, and I just know what works and what doesn’t now. Ironically, the more the success I’ve had the less I’ve been interested I realized. I’ve wasted so much money, time, and effort trying to chase girls over the years and while the validation is nice for a little, it always left me wanting more and never truly content with myself. I always had to get that other girl or maintain this girl and if I fail or can’t keep them, I’ve regressed blah blah blah. It’s tiring. I still want to keep my skills with women sharp but I don’t want it to be some sort of goal in life. I don’t want to neglect them completely, but I need to stop chasing them and start focusing on my purpose and mission in life. I also need to get way better at managing my money especially since I have quite a bit of debt I’ll need to start paying off soon. I also want to be better with money so I can live comfortable and retire relatively early. I’m a pretty laid back guy in general so I don’t want to become a hothead all of a sudden although I realize that being aggressive is necessary in situations. I’d like to improve my social skills and charisma and charm especially since I’m currently looking for jobs (or maybe I should just start my own business?). And finally, although I don’t think there’s a specific sub for it, but I’d like to stop watching porn. I’ve greatly reduced it over the years but it’s definitely caused a lot of my problems in life. It’s self-sabotage and feel like it sets me back although I always come back from it. It’s like 3 steps forward, 2 steps back. Porn is my biggest external issue, and then probably binge drinking. I was a big party guy in college but it’s time to get my life in order now. I’m started to feel more negative effects from drinking recently, even from a social aspect.

I know that was probably a lot, but if you read all that, thank you! I’m excited to start this journey.


Welcoem to SubClub! Thanks for giving us a chance. Check out page 17 of our eBook: Subliminals That Work. It has stack recommendations for multiple life situations.


Thanks for the reply. It definitely helped me understand the nuances of subliminals better. I’m still trying to decide between Khan, Emperor, or Ascended Mogul for my major program. Any insight to this, @SaintSovereign ? From what I’ve read, people say Khan is slower, but more long-lasting whereas AM is quick but more short-term. Not sure how true that is. I would assume if you ran AM long enough the changes would be more long lasting and wouldn’t just dissipate, no?


I wouldn’t say Khan is “slower,” it’s just more expansive and deals with more issues, hence why it takes longer for some people to see results. But rest assured, the changes are occurring immediately. Ascended Mogul is a smaller script, so you may see results faster because there’s less to process. Both immediately goes to work challenging your subconscious, and both will last as long as the other. The permanency of results largely relies on how much action you took while running the title.


Hmm interesting. Action is the most important thing with or without subs so glad to see you are advocating that. Do you think that if I did AM first and then Khan later that Khan (especially ST1 and ST2) would overwrite or I guess negate some of the effects of AM? Is it even worth doing AM? Because I feel like Khan is just a way more powerful AM


Khan would expand upon Ascended Mogul’s script. Any results you received would remain.


Thanks man, really appreciate the insight. Excited to see what all the hype’s about!


Im not part of subliminal club. Just my sincerety, you came to the right place if your seeking self empowerment and success with all aspects of life. Congratulations :+1:t3:


Thank you man, I really appreciate that. I can already tell that this is an awesome community that lines up with my views of the world. Lurking around on the emperor’s lounge, some of the more obscure and “out there” things people were discussing are stuff that I really resonate with. Things that I can’t really discuss with IRL friends cause they’d think I’m crazy or something. And the fact there’s a Muay Thai sub is crazy cause I just started my MT journey relatively recently and have ambition in taking that art seriously. You truly do attract and find people who are like you in the universe.


Your welcome. I felt the same way when I found subliminal club. I knew it was the right thing. Gut feeling.

I totally resonate with that.