New guy, looking forward to my journey here


I found SC when googling a while back. I wanted to know if there was any noticeable subliminal maker I missed.
I have been using subliminals for about 2 years now.

At the beginning I was recording scripts and sleeping with them, it was kind of a self-hypnosis technique. It’s only later that I discovered subliminals, and I listened to some on youtube. Good old times.
After some time I moved on to what was known to be “the most advanced and powerful subliminal products on the market” (I think you know which maker I’m referring to).
However I quickly noticed that the products are WAY overpriced, don’t significantly give more results than other vendors, and on top of the that, the maker himself is an asshole that keeps on blaming his customers for not matching his disillusions. Oh and also, his refund policy is just fucked up. You need to listen to his products for 90 days. isn’t it ironic, aren’t these “most powerful subliminal” supposed to work in a few days?

So yeah, I moved on and regret spending hundreds there.
I’ve been lurking this forum and so far SC seems like a way more reasonable producer.
From my experience with various types of subliminal, I can say that “more complex”, “more powerful” or “more advanced tech” doesn’t necessarily mean more results.
I’ve had results since the first day with my primitive ass recorded scripts, as well as “lowballs” subliminals from youtube.
So yeah, I’ve been really wary of putting my faith into these “advanced technology”.

However, as I said, SC seems legit and reasonable, and I like the refund policy. It doesn’t make me feel trapped and this allows me to give SC products a go freely and honestly.

I’m interested in using Ascended Mogule and/or Emperor, however, right now I’m using a self-made subliminal for a specific problem I want to get rid off. I’ll try whatever I can to get rid of that problem, and once that’s done I’ll be able to give a shot a few products here.
I’m also looking forward to the “Alchemist” subliminal. I’m a LOA user, energy worker and occultist and with all my experience I think that magick (with k) is far more powerful than subliminals. However subliminals do help and they are great when mixed together :smile:.

Good luck to SC and please don’t repeat the same BS as that other maker. Have a good day all.


Welcome Orion, and good luck on your situation :slight_smile:

If you may share a bit of info on your goals or some hints on the situation, we might here recommend something that could help a lot in the growth process. We’re friendly around here.


Hey, thank you.
The problem I want to get rid off is my speech impediment. It started when I was 14 yo.
I never really tried to fix it before because I was okay-ish about it. I did various therapy because of my parents but that was all. However, the more I grow to adulthood, the more I feel it holding me back. So about a month ago I decided to 100% focus on that issue.

I feel that everything I’ve done is helping, but the results are a bit inconsistant.


Thank you, Orion. It takes a lot of courage to look at one’s limitations and decide that enough is enough, and go through the hard work of fixing things and getting rid of them.

Also, for you to be one of the few people who do that, rather than give in to life’s limitations says a lot about you. I am personally happy to have you here :slight_smile:

Just as a possible idea for you to consider: I think, in addition to your own subliminal, if you added Limitless + Rebirth + Limit Destroyer it will make your results much much better.

Limitless will help you learn faster how to speak without the impediment, plus you manifest resources and mentors that are perfect for your progress and results.

Rebirth will reframe all past experiences you had with your impediment into sources for growth and faster results.

Limit Destroyer will clear out any subconscious limitations you may have put on yourself because of experiences having your speech impediment.

So you might consider a stack like this:

Private Sub
Private Sub
Limit Destroyer

Letting it run as much as possible every day.

Of course, you’re the boss of your own life, and you know your situation much much better. This is just food for thought, to expand the solutions you might have considered.


Thank you I appreciate it. I see we’re like-minded :).

Yeah, actually that’s a very good suggestion. I’ll definitely think about it.
Thanks so much for your input.