New Guy here, looking forward to be part of the community

Hey guys, new guy here.

I’ve been reading a lot in the forums and thinking about making my first purchase. Just want to decide the right way. I’m thinking emperor is a great point to start.

Right now I’ve been under a lot of stress and feel burn out, so I need to reignite the fire.

I’m thinking emperor or ascended mogul.

I feel emperor vibes more with me. I do have a question, I see everybody talking about ultima, but I also read somewhere (think in FAQs) that ultima is quick act short term. So isn’t it better to have the slower long term? Or maybe mix the Ultima with the other version?

Well anyway happy to be here,

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Welcome @AlfaX
Can you share more info so that others can help better.

  • did you ever run subliminals before? If u did from another vendor dont mention that vendor name here.

Hi @pacman, yes I did long time ago. Multi stage sub for alpha-ness, I guess most people will know what I’m talking about. didn’t feel much of it. I also ran the subs (and I do mention because I see no direct competition but feel free to edit) included in Tony’s Get the edge program, but don’t think that even counts lol

I’m always on the hunt for a more alpha dominant vibe, no a*hole, just alpha. I would say I’m more alpha than most but not too dominant. I do command authority, I stand my ground, I would say (sorry if this sounds too arrogant) I’m pretty smart. But I do lack that feeling of awe, and true leadership. People will do what I say most of the time, I am the center of attention and take the lead.

BUT let’s put it this way with an analogy if I want to go somewhere, people will go with me if I tell them to, but they won’t just follow me there. I lose my temper easily and don’t have much tolerance, still people will “accept me”, people who I work with a long time, know I only act this way when it is work related, with personal stuff they will open to me be supportive, caring, and will always put their personal life above work, they know I get crazy, will even make fun with me of the fact that I get crazy, but will open up to me with their personal lives and trust my advice.

this is something I’d love to change, be cool and control my temper. If I could choose an avatar for the sub or stack that I’m looking would be either Harvey Specter from suits or Chili Palmer from Get shorty

I’d think emperor would give me that.

Lol sorry for the long reply, but hey you asked…

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I hear you mate…
Emperor! Great choice.
One thing thats different with these subs is that you are required to take action. More action more results. Start slow. Take rest days.
Eat well and hydrate.


thanks bro

Hello there and Welcome!

Both are great choices. However be warned that Emperor is a heavy-weighter sub, but definitely worth it as it is an all encompassing title that also contains Ascended-Mogul. Follow Pacman’s advice and take it slow, stick to the Manual’s usage recommendations. Reading some Emperor Journals would give you an inner insight about what to expect behavioral wise.

About Ultima, well, it depends on which ultima you’re using. Its a ground-breaking technology that they’ve invented that delivers quick effect and it is possible to use Ultimas as a Major program instead. That being said, Ultimas are great for those that already underwent the journey of a Q-title, as the teachings would have been embedded in your mind and Ultima would be more a refresher and as-needed usage. For this example, I will use Sex Mastery X2 vs Sex Mastery Ultima, the latter is more narrow acting and to do so, they removed some parts of the scripts such as healing. So now, you’d have a performance enhancer that acts on a quicker bases. All in all, they do have a long term effect for its not a consumable that is deposited after use. A mixture of Ultima and Major titles are actually recommended. For example, Beyond Limitless, The Executive, or Limitless Executive Ultimas, all of which never hurt being added to one’s stack for extra motivation and rapid learning, they quickly get you in the zone. Or Sanguine Ultima, which can help alleviate Reconcilliation, Or Paragon which has been proven to heal physical symptoms Medical Disclaimer. There is also the new RICH ultima which can work great with Emperor, Khan, Stark and Ecstacy of Gold - a wealth generation ultima of the new caliber.

Thinking of Ultimas as a Booster will definitely help. Got a hot date? Primal Seduction Iron Throne U could be that social lubricant that gets you to score. Want a home run? Diamond Ultima and ya’ll be floating in ecstacy.

I hope this helped :slight_smile: have no hesitation to ask more

Awesome @Phoermes sounds like great advice. I will def take your advice. Will probably choose emperor and give it a try. If it is heavy hitting then it is better for me, since I can see for myself if it is working or not, and decide.